Attempt To Kill Arizona’s President Obama Eligibility Bill

Facts on the attempt to kill Barack Obama’s eligibility bill on his fake birth certificate

March 27th, 2011 Press Conference Video:

As can be expected from the main stream media there has been no attempt to cover the facts of Barack Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate.  Behind the scenes there is an attempt to kill the Arizona Obama Eligibility Bill Issue.

PHOENIX – Arizona’s state legislature is presently pushing via a “Candidate Certification Bill” which will directly address the problem of President Obama’s eligibility to hold elected federal workplace, and ultimately figure out his location on the state election ballot come November.

But there exists an work underway behinds the scenes, which threatens to stall – and ultimately kill the legislation.

The bill will need any candidate to sign an affidavit confirming their eligibility documentation, and would impose a penalty for perjury if they were later identified to be ineligible.

The bill was presented at a press conference which took location on Tuesday inside the state’s historic capitol court room. Amidst an virtually full national media black-out on the problem, AZ Bill HB2480, spearheaded by State Representative Carl Seel(R), has because passed the Senate Government Reform Committee, but has grow to be stuck within a senate committee.

In addition to members in the state legislature, the bill has received the full backing of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had assembled a Cold Case Posse some six months ago so that you can investigate evidence that Barack Obama’s electronic birth certificate. The document was released final year by the White Property and posted on their web site in PDF form, but Arpaio’s own law enforcement investigation has so far concluded that the President’s document indicates each forgery and fraud. It was these extremely issues which prompted Rep. Seel to draft this most up-to-date eligibility bill.

Based on Seel, “It provides the typical citizen the capacity… to challenge any candidate appearing on the Arizona ballot, whether they’re effectively qualified to become on the stated ballot… along with the capacity to preserve, defend and shield their Constitution.”

Despite the truth that the bill has the support of both the state’s house and senate, it’s nevertheless being held up by Senate President Steve Pierce (R) who has however to clear the way to get a floor debate on the bill.

Pierce claims that he won’t clear the way for HB 2480 until Sen. Nancy Barto (R) who chairs the Committee on Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform, exactly where the bill is assigned – and is currently getting stalled, will allow its passage by way of.

Dirty tricks behind the scenes?

Based on Seel, the cause the bill has been stalled is as a result of a rather unreasonable request by Sen. Barto. In an unprecedented move, Sen. Barto has solicited from Rep. Seel a “laundry list” – a totally initialed, complete list of names of all Arizona Senators who have committed to vote in assistance the controversial bill.

This request for a ‘laundry list’ flies within the face from the standard honor’s program practice, whereby law makers generally give their bond within the form of a verbal commitment for assistance of a bill.

Critics of this unorthodox move may well rightly suspect that by possessing the names of every legislator beforehand, Sen. Barto – or possibly yet another third party, could then get to each and every with the bills’ supporters ahead of a vote reaches the floor – as a way to modify the natural outcome of a vote. If the bill was voted down in this way, it would efficiently kill off any future attempts to revive such legislation.

Also, such an outcome would also take Arizona Governor Jan Brewer(R) out of this controversial spotlight, as she was the individual who vetoed a nearly identical bill which was passed in April 2011 by the state legislature.

Brewer claimed in her veto letter that she was worried that the bill empowered Arizona’s secretary of state to judge the qualifications of not merely President Obama, but all candidates who would file to run for workplace.

If the bill doesn’t clear the Guidelines Committee by Monday is could very well die there.

As WND’s Jerome Corsi has already reported, there are actually other states who’ve mounted similar challenges towards the President’s claim of eligibility for workplace, most notably efforts in Georgia.

Corsi explains this week:

“There exists virtually no mechanism within the U.S. for investigating no matter if or not a presidential candidate meets the Constitution’s Post 2, Section 1, “natural-born citizen” requirement.

Earlier, New Hampshire became the only state to successfully sign into law a bill clarifying eligibility requirements.

But New Hampshire’s H.B. 1245, signed by Democratic Gov. John Lynch, merely requires a statement beneath penalty of perjury that a candidate meets the qualification specifications from the U.S. Constitution, equivalent to what the political parties currently send to states concerning their candidates.”

While nonetheless investigating the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate, at the same time as the President’s Selective Service Registration card which is also believed to be forged, Sheriff Arpaio nonetheless expects to unearth however extra further new evidence more than the coming weeks.

Arpaio adds, “This investigation is not going away. It really is an ongoing investigation.”

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