Barack Obama Dreams From My Father Chapter Summaries

Where I can find a summary of each chapter of the biography of Barack Obama "Dreams From My Father?

I have to be able to take notes on this subject and be able to understand each section well enough to get the main points. You know enough information to keep a conversation in every chapter.

Here is a summary of the parties, which may be useful. You can ask your local library to order the book, if more detail. Cheers. "This 453 page book includes an introduction followed by nineteen chapters divided into three main untitled. Party 1, entitled "Origins" comprises the first six chapters of the book. It is here that Barack Obama offers the reader his family tree and the basis on which his life began. Born in Hawaii in 1961 to a white woman and a black man, young Barack spent his first days of life in a tropical paradise where he was raised by his mother and grandparents. Obama's father had to take the early exit of family life to return to Africa to complete their studies, understanding return. But soon after, the Obama's mother and father split and his mother quickly found someone to take his place. It took the family to Indonesia and introduced the young Obama still a new culture and new lifestyle. Part 2, entitled "Chicago" consists of eight chapters of the book. Obama has reached adulthood and after studies in Occidental College for two years, was transferred to Columbia University in New York. This is where Barack Obama has studied political science and has led to the political career it has today. From Chicago, Illinois, Obama took a position of organizer, addressing issues of importance to local people in the south side of Chicago and makes it can to improve the lives of people in this volatile part of the city. Part 3, "Kenya", includes the last part of the book and his last five chapters. Barack in Chicago when she learned her father had died in a car accident (which he reveals the beginning of the book) and decides to travel to Kenya in search of family roots and discover the other members of his extended family. He comes to meet many brothers and sisters, grandparents and other relatives who only knew by his voice or his name before. Obama The book ends with an epilogue and a copy of his speech to the Democratic National Convention in 2004. "

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