Barack Obama Father’s Day Speech

barack obama father’s day speech
barack obama father's day speech
When human life by Senator Obama?

In a speech on Father's Day June 15 at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Illinois Senator Barack Obama said: "We need fathers to recognize that responsibility does not just end at conception. "It's very interesting to me. If Senator Obama believes that the responsibility of a "parent begins before birth of a child, not necessarily recognize that human life human begins at conception (not birth)? This is implicit in the original term. It is not the parent of a group of cells, but a human being. However, the story of Senator Obama in the Illinois Senate and U.S. Senate shows that he has always voted using taxpayer money to end life after conception. Does anyone else see a contradiction in Sen. Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech on Father's Day, where he told black men they needed to strengthen and take responsibility for their actions. They said any fool can have a child, but child-rearing is a man. "We need fathers to recognize that responsibility does not stop with the design that will not become a father, Obama said to applause and cries of the faithful, "What makes a man is unable to have a child-any fool can have a son. That does not make you the father. It is the courage to raise a child of a father. "Not long ago CBS B. Hussein Obama defended the practice of killing children in the womb and said if one of his daughters fell pregnant do not want to fight with a child. If I understand correctly, Obama said that if Young wants to abort a baby to avoid punishment, but if a young child ignored (as to avoid punishment) is an idiot, not a man. Obambi is also used interesting choice of words when he said the responsibility does not end at conception. Why not? Obama and the rest of the murderers, life begins at conception and the product of conception is not only a "bubble" of cells. Where by the left, life begins at conception, how a young man who does everything well actually be a father. You can not be the father of a mass of cells responsible for what is Obama talking about? Why Why Obama should care first? Advocates of abortion. If we accept the argument that early abortion is not murder (no, but for the sake of argument) would then accept the child, the second birth, is a human being. Obama believes in abortion and partial birth premature end. Obama is support to enable a doctor to cut open the back of an unborn child head and suck out his brains. Obama even voted to allow babies to be born unwanted and left for dead. Because Obama is in favor of these barbaric methods of infanticide, why do we attention to what your views on parenting are? Who is he to warn young men? Who is he to say that any fool can have a child but it takes a man to raise the child? How can you tell a young pregnant woman is liable to a child, but that man should ask a? It does not take a man to raise a child and the parenting of children is properly a man a father. Promoting birth to death (and in some cases, just born) babies is against the idea that it takes courage to raise a child. If Obama calls for killing children, then we need courage and no moral authority to tell other men to be bold and raise their children. B. Hussein s little speech will have a great stake in the media (and will not be punished as a Cosby) and is treated as a man of the people who are so in touch with the problems facing the community Black, a visionary, a man of great vision, a man full of hope and change. The reality is that advocates infanticide and ignoring responsibility. Obama does not want his daughters punished. He prefers to punish an unborn child did not have to say about it. A society is measured by how it treats its weakest members. There is no weaker than an unborn child and we are failing miserably in the way they are treated.

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