Biography of Barack Obama: Life and Accomplishments

He is the United States’ first black president. learns more about the life and accomplishments of Barack Obama.

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  1. Amazing, how we Americans continue to be duped by this dictator. Since this video, his birth certificate has been deemed a fraud, he tramples over the Constitution, And he has divided the country like no other President has in my lifetime.

  2. Oh, sorry. But you know, there´s that law of the internet that says that everyone´s mostly crazy. Sorry.

  3. I don´t know, are people racist simply because they dislike a president who happens to be black? Isn´t it more likely that they disagree with his politics?

  4. its was a fucking joke if you cant handle it then take ur bum ass to some other site n dont call me kid cuz ur the one who mis spelled lesson

  5. lission kid just cuz you dont like obama douse not mean that your racist, i hate this fucking cock sucker obama, and my friend is black. ignorant little fuck

  6. Its not just white people, its the black too. Last night, over 75% of african american citizens voted for Obama.

  7. Obama is not a bad President, despite what the critics think of him. The President before him, though…

  8. you know WatchMojo should also do biography of writers and philosophers ,
    like Stephen King,Philip K. Dick , Nietzsche, and Kurt Vonnegut and even weird scientists like Alan Turing and Kurt Gödel . they got a really good life story’s that are much more interesting then most of celebrity’s

  9. Black People have been waiting so long for a Black President.. and when it finally happens.. it’s an EPIC fail..

  10. I honestly wanted Clinton to become president instead of Obama. But noooo. Now the US is gonna have to put up with him for another 4 years when he gets re-elected. Oh joy