Biography of Barack Obama –

A brief biography of Barack Obama, courtesy of the website of his exploratory committee.


  1. assalamualaikum my name rosyadul ibad… saya mendengar dari pers barack obama adlah seorang persiden yang berani membela keadilan meskipun thp orang nono muslim… sy terjebak dalm permsalahn yang sangt rumit dan hampir tdak mungkin mendapat keadilan

  2. Barack Obama is a member of the Council on Foreign relations. A group of globalist elites striving to enslave humanity through deception.

  3. Obama is a loser and a liar…it is only a matter of time before the “true” story comes out about this chicago politician…only a matter of time! He surrounds himself with criminals and RADICAL TERRORIST. Check out how Barry got into Harvard…start with that! LMFAO!(Barry Sotorro is his real name)

  4. It’s just so amazing that he’s going to be the President of the United States now! This video shows how far both he, and the country, have moved.

  5. BARACK OBAMA IS THE Best Choice We As Americans Could Get To VOTE For, For The Position of OUR President.
    He is NOT ONLY a VERY INTELLIGENT, HIGHLY EDUCATED person with a STABLE and CALM Disposition, NEEDED To Handle, Help Solve &
    Ameliorate Our Nation’s Issues, AND Deal With International Leaders & Global Issues, BUT, In ADDITION To All The Requisite Qualities & Qualifications To BE An Effective President, Barack,IMHO IS ALSO One ADORABLE, HUMOROUS, HANDSOME, CARING, SWEET HUMAN
    BEING. Ritu

  6. !!Obama represents that long tireles invision dream of what America should become, must become to continue holding firm to its ideal of a goverment for the people by all its people at last! for He is an instrument forged from that original dream that so many payed so dearly,-I’am a proud Latin American, proudly suporting Borack Obama!A dream taking a GIANT step closer to reality!.Amen.

  7. Senator Obama is running on the audacious theme of change! WHY did you,his image shapers, craft the Senator’s compelling story in THE MOST TRADITIONAL STORY TELLING FORMAT?aaargh!this slow, lazy roll of a mini-doc bored me to disappointment. Glad I already knew most of the facts,had seen most of the speeches because, but not4 wanting to consume yet more things Obama,I wouldnt have watched this plodding 5:45 to its end. Come on,time to get on your A++ game! I’ll consider this your “rough cut.”

  8. Barack is the least evil of the “leading candidates”. But with a guy like Zbigniew Brzezinski advising him, he’s not too far off.

    This Brzezinski guy is CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg. Meaning… they support and promote the dissolution of the Our National Sovereignty and a drive towards a one world government and the end of individual state and country.

    Read up. Obama is just as bad as the rest.

  9. barack obama, is the leadership we deserve as a nation young and developing (in comparison to the rest of the world) he can restore, and transcend so many issues that his empowerment of us and his inspiration can be a light once again globally. i believe in his vision.

  10. you are talking about the Congresman from Minnesota Keith Ellison not Barak, and it’s the Koran or Quran and its not a bible.

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