British Politics 1800s

british politics 1800s

world history final :/ need some help with study guide questions..?

1. In 1832 large towns and cities in great britain were able to send more reresentatives to Parliament as a result of..
2.Through reforms that took place in the late 1800s, Britain transformed itself into..
3.Which group supported the British Corn Laws?
4.What did Catholic Emancipation act do in ireland 1829?
5. What war brought an end to Frances second empire?
6.To reduce th epower of th eRoman Catholic Church in French Government, refprmers..
7.In 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, lucretia Mott and elizabeth cady stanton organized..
8.In the 1890’s American farmers joined city workers to support the..
9.Which of the following was an example of the rise of cultural nationalism in Mexico in the 1920’s and 1930s?
10. The mexican constitution of 1917..
11. Ataturks reforms in Turkey led him to..
12. What party dominated mexican politics from the 1930s through the free election of 200?
13.indian leader mohandas Gandhi….
part 2 is on another question..

It looks like you’ve posted your whole study guide for us to do! Way too much for Y!A — get real kid!
You need to find your textbook or Google these things for yourself! By using an index and/or Glossary, you can find these things in your book. If we do them, you learn nothing!

War Art 5: British Wars in the 1800s

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