Dinner with Barack and Michelle

Here’s your chance to meet the President: my.barackobama.com In this latest installment of “Dinner with Barack” the three winners brought a special guest with them. Cathy and Judy brought their loving husbands and Regina proudly brought her dad. The President brought a very special guest too: the First Lady. In Michelle’s first “Dinner With Barack” she talked about her first date with the President and the best thing about being the First Lady. Over dinner the four couples shared stories about taking care of their families, health care, and the grassroots. We’ll be selecting the final guest for our next “Dinner with Barack”, so don’t wait to enter. Make a donation today to be automatically entered to win dinner with President Obama and three other supporters. Click here now: my.barackobama.com


  1. He has added trillions to our deficit, median family income has gone down by thousands, and the unemployment rate has gone up since his time in office. You are not from here and have no idea please do your research before you make statements like that.

  2. Mr.Obama is a great leader, it would be crazy to vote him out of office now, he deserves more time to get more done. We could do with his style and flair here in the UK, where our political leaders are sadly, a bit stuck up and reserved. All power to his elbow

  3. if we had a prime minister in the uk like obama
    maybe id be more engaged in politics
    fed up of being represented by rich white men

  4. I think everyone who posts here works for obama since I dont see any different view points.
    anyone who trys to post anything negitive about the president gets blocked. Cant we have a civil debate about the president?

  5. That is awesome. This has got to be the coolest President of all time. I believe he genuinely is working for this nation and a better future.

  6. I am sure that all the Greek Americans will vote Barack Obama for president!!!Keep going Barack!!!You are the hope of the world!!!!

  7. 21-28 What about 18-28 instead. Lets see also how even more younger generation feel about the President or how everything is going. Talk about the educational system.

  8. You Americans are incredibly lucky… Barack Obama is a great president. Enen our President isn’t that good!1 [Iam an Australian]
    Your president is AMAZING!!!

  9. When I look at Barack Obama, I see that he is known not for hate of other party but love of his country and country man….Remember at 2004 Democratic Nomination when he said that this is not Red America or Blue America but it is United States of America…Barrack is a visionary who never lashes out at Republican, but bring hope and love for every one…So much has been said against this man, but he never complains…his heart is full of compassion and love..

  10. Higher Gas Prices+Higher Utility Prices+Higher Inflation+Higher Unemployment+An Increasing Deficit+Higher Taxes+More Unfunded Liabilities = A lower quality of life for all. Thank You Obama for everything you have done, now gtfo.

  11. Maravilhoso a simplicidade do Sr.Presindente Obama e sua esposa Michelle,parabéns aos dois,é adoravél velos,obrigado por serem assim,a América ganhou muito com a sua Presidência,e faço votos para que seja reeleito novamente,a América so tem a ganhar.
    Vidal Castro (vidalde) en France

  12. Mr. President you are a wonderful human being. And Michelle you are the back bone that makes it ALL possible. I love you dearly.

  13. I am very proud that this man is our President and that he is leading this country in the right direction. OBAMA 2012!!!!

  14. Love how the president is and his wife michelle they are really giod presidents they take there time to spend time with those familys my God bless the presidencial family I pround of them.

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