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Carrie Prejean – an Unlikely Heroine

It’s easy to think about Captain Robert Phillips of the Maersk Alabama as a hero… and he is. Despite his denials, he fits our normal perception of heroic behavior. A contestant in a beauty pageant is usually not in a position to do much more than look pretty and give verbal encouragement to world peace. Carrie Prejean’s situation was different. Everyone picked her to be the next Miss USA – she led in all the components. Her big opportunity came… answer the question properly and she would be home free.

Her question came from a judge whose agenda outweighed a desire to pick the best Miss USA… although, in his puny but prejudiced mind, Perez Hilton thought he was helping to pick the best Miss USA… one who would not be so stupid as to actually believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. To this openly homosexual gossip hound, having a different opinion made this woman, who was qualified in every other respect, completely unsuitable to hold the title. Whatever made the pageant organizers think this person of questionable lifestyle and non-productive profession could “judge” a good woman is totally beyond me.

To Carrie, the question from a judge who publicly advocates a different set of values than the ones she grew up with, as did most of us, stood between her and the goal she worked so hard to gain. She could have rolled over and given the politically correct answer… and most likely won the contest. Instead, she gave an answer straight from her heart. Her ingrained beliefs came out just as ours should when challenged, publicly or privately.

This time it cost her. This should be no surprise as nowhere is it written that standing by Christian values would not carry a price. In view of what it cost Jesus, it should be considered normal that we would have obstacles and challenges. As Ms. Prejean commented later “God was testing my faith.” She passed with flying colors as she came up against a secular society populated by those with an ever increasing hostility to traditional values and the one behind them.

As expected, Hilton threw a hissy fit on his blog. He wanted a politically correct answer. Even though she was from the left coast, Miss California had no time for such nonsense. He asked a question, fishing for a PC answer that would further his agenda. She gave a straight (pun intended) answer and left poor Perez squealing like a stuck pig. She had her victory and he got his revenge when the scores were tallied. But, that’s OK. I’m sure there are things coming her way far beyond the lost Miss USA title… they may or may not be as public, but whenever we give up something of value in the name of righteousness, there is something of greater value awaiting us.

People inside the beltway and capitols throughout our land, and the world, will most likely look at this and tell us this is what happens when you stand for principles. Only, like the late Paul Harvey, we need to wait for the “rest of the story”. Perhaps she feels like Joseph when he was sold into Egypt… but that wasn’t the end for him either.

It’s unfortunate that we have such short time horizons when we view the impact of these actions. We miss out on much of the good and fail to appreciate much of reward for our sacrifices. Often politicians talk of plans that reach ten or fifteen years into the future when the only time frame they really care about is up to the next election.

They, and we, need to set aside immediate consequences and do the right thing… and not be surprised if there is a price to be paid. Stephen did the right thing and he was pelted with stones until he died. John the Baptist did the right thing and his head was presented to the queen on a platter. While we’d like to think these things won’t happen to us, nothing should be too surprising in view of the growing hostility in some quarters to Christians and the teachings of the Bible. I’ve looked, but can’t find anywhere where we are given a pass on doing the right thing just because it isn’t easy.

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After far too many years of working in IT and involvement in political activity, Larry Miller now designs business and political websites at and recently began the web site and blog as a resource for Christians in the public arena.

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