Marshall’s Theory, Gameplay | Indie-Serious Game | 2017

Fusing the serious genre, hi-tech surrealism, and fundamental game design, this new game title tells a story of paranoia. The player will come to feel what it means to be in the deepest, darkest dreams of this nation’s figurehead. The tool at his arsenal: the image. Because it is far strong than his politics will ever be.

Lead Developer, Game Design, Game Art: 3D Sculpt-3D Animation-UV-Rig, C# (Unity, Maya, PS)
Benjamin Poynter

Audio Samples and Design
Nexus3Music (Overworld Track, “1969”), Freesound.Org, Live Recordings

Extra Special Thanks
My Wife, Danyang Chen
Looking Glass, Alex Hornstein, Shawn Frayne
Marshall McLuhan
Students and Colleagues


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