Michelle Malkin – Fact Checking Obama’s “War on Women” & The Debate – Sean Hannity – 10-17-12


  1. Ok I’ll try to use a metaphor, you bible thumpers like those, you seem to relate. If you have a house.It has ten rooms, and I start in one room and walk through each room twice, how many rooms have I been in? Not figuratively,which each room if it had a name would represent, how many actual rooms did I go through? 20. Because I have been in a room, although the same rooms more than once, 20 times. Are you really so stupid?

  2. “It is wonderful to be back in Oregon, Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states.”

    Your excuse is hilarious, in your opinion if someone went to a neighboring state three times and someone asked, How many states did you visit today?”, the answer, “three” would be completely appropriate.

    You amuse me, yes you do!

  3. You really have to be a completely fucktarded idiot to think a man who has a Jurist Doctorate in law, who graduated top of this fucking class would not know how many states are in the Union. You have to be an absolute fucking moron to make that sort of disconnect.

  4. I haven’t seen denial demonstrated with such bravado since Rosie O’Donnell said, and I quote, “I think I am a little overweight”.

  5. Keep trying,one day ur brain will kick start and you will have a thought. When talking about the “states” if you visit all of them more than once, you would have to say 50 states AND, it is perfectly acceptable to just say you visited 57 states, because you are speaking in general about all of them. Duuuuuuuuuur

  6. He misspelled potato, need anyone say more. You probably did not even know that, even I’m sure you were right up his ass listening to his barely cohesive speeches. Curious George, that’s what we called him, among other things. He looked like that guy from Cracked Magazine.

  7. You know the difference in Liberals and Conservatives, is that Liberals when they have a Republican president, complain, protest, but they still respect that he’s the President.You people on the other hand, talk about Obama, and I’ve seen posts were people about bringing on his demise, or over throwing the government. When you say Republican to me, you might as well be saying traitor.

  8. Name a single thing he has done that has destroyed the fabric of the nation. NAME IT.He won a Nobel Peace Prize for mending strained relations of other countries that Bush destroyed. I know a conservative that works in the White House voted for Obama.Still a conservative republican, but his reason was, and I quote: “He is the best foreign affairs president since Roosevelt.” Ever hear of the Republican Women for Obama? Apparently you are on the cusp, and firmly out of the loop.

  9. You represent what is wrong with this country.People who lie and conflate the truth based on your shit religious values.I perfectly well the difference between total national debt, and the budget for the feds.When Clinton left office the fed had 1trillion in surplus money.The national debt was near 5trillion. That surplus of fed money was given away to the wealth by Bush, he then doubles our national debt.Running two wars, and cutting taxes. Fuck you, you’re dishonest and lier.

  10. You are stupid beyond belief. You parrot things you heard without even knowing what they mean, and you certainly haven’t the intellect to do some research to see whether they’re true. I was completely shocked when Obama won again. There is so much evidence of his incompetence, deceit and obvious manipulation, not to mention the absolute destruction he is inflicting on America. I couldn’t believe people could be so blind, so stupid. After talking with you, I realize I gave people too much credit

  11. Well, as you may know, Obama has to spend money to stimulate the economy, this is what our government always does, and has done many times in the past, it works that’s why. It did not help that Bush signed into law near a trillion dollar bail out for banks,which Obama rescinded, and made into loans, that they then took much less than since they must pay it back in interest. One only need to look at the increase in spending between Clinton and Bush and Obama to see where the debts from.

  12. Meaning Bush: We had to borrow money from China to pay tax cuts to the wealthy that Bush signed into law.Never in the history of this country have ever borrowed money to pay back taxes to our citizens. You’re an alien from outer space, go back to your home planet, tell Scotty to beam you up

  13. The feds must borrow the money to run the government.They have a projected amount to be borrowed.The amount spent was REDUCED under Clinton,giving the federal government a surplus of income,which they used to pay down the national debt.Clinton raised the national debt by around 30% Bush raised it almost 90%.Obama has raised it by 35% You can’t graspy the differences? Of course Obama has raised the debt, he gave all the money used to fun the feds to the wealthy in tax cuts.

  14. God, you represent the kind of person who votes for Obama. You had better pray someone other than a liberal moron reads what you wrote, because not only are you incredibly wrong, you are completely arrogant in your incredible ignorance.

  15. The President’s term doesn’t end until he leaves office on January 21! What the hell do you mean Clinton’s term ended months prior? Are you really that dumb, comeon? It’s called lame duck, moron, but he is still in power. What the hell do you mean surplus? I am talking about the NATIONAL DEBT you damn idiot! Take a basic econ course before you pretend to know what the hell you’re talking about, please!

  16. I fear you’re ignorant of the terms: deficits are the yearly overspending, and debt is the accumulated deficits.

    2001–$5.728 trillion, 2009–$10.625 trillion. Eight years for Bush, $4.845 added to Nat. Debt.

    2009–$10.625 trillion, 2013–$16.441 trillion. Four years for Obama, $5.816 trillion added to Nat. Debt.

    Call me a liar all you want but these are US Dept of Treasury numbers.

  17. You do realize, that in Jan of 2001 Bush was in office. Clinton’s term had ended, months prior. When he left office there was a standing surplus of 1trillion. From 2001 to 2009 when 10trillion of debt was incurred, who was in office? Think about it. When Obama took over, he inherited that debt. You conflict your own fucking argument, right in the very same paragraph you quote me.Can you be so utterly stupid as to conflict yourself twice in one conversation and miss it?

  18. God, you’re a moron. Here are the US Treasury figs:
    Jan, 2001 National Debt was $5.728 trillion, Jan,2009  10.625 trillion
    Ok, now read slowly so you’ll understand this time, that is a difference of $4.845 trillion over Bush’s EIGHT years. Not 4.6 trillion–going by memory but not too far off.

    Jan, 2009, again National Debt was $10.625 trillion when Obama took office and Bush left. Today, $16,441 trillion, or $5.816 trillion over FOUR years under Obama!

  19. Im sorry i misquoted, you said 4.6 trillion was Bush’s contribution, which would be impossible, so you either are being deceitful or your math is really bad, probably both. One room school house education.

  20. I would say your full of shit. Because it would technically be impossible for Bush to have only added 10Trillion dollars over 8 since he inherited a 3trillion dollar surplus from Clinton. You’re a moron. LOL hahahaha

  21. Do you know anything, do you ever get anything right? I know the national debt when Bush left office in Jan, 2009. It was 10.6 trillion, and Bush added 4.6 trillion over EIGHT years. Obama started with the 10.6 and it is now 16.4 trillion or 5.8 trillion dollars added over only FOUR years!!! The last year in office, Bush had a record (then) deficit of $455 billion; Obama has had every year record TRILLION plus deficits!!  I present my buttocks for a smooch now.

  22. Most people on food-stamps work.They pay taxes, it’s working poor,mostly. I want you to go and Google what the deficit was when Bush left office, then come back here and kiss my ass.

  23. Oh, I am sorry, Amet, it isn’t 47%.
    “Some 76 million tax filers, or 46.4% of the total, will be exempt from federal income tax in 2011.”
    That’s from the liberal ragsite “The Huffiington Post.”
    If you make twice what a conservative makes, then no wonder so many of Obama’s liberal buds need a bailout. As for Bush and Medicare D, not Medicaid D, if it were bankrupting the country why didn’t we have trillion plus deficits under Bush? Most liberals are delusional by nature, you’re just stupid.

  24. 47% percent that dont pay income tax? Did you just pull that out of your ass? The average “liberal” earns DOUBLE the income of the average conservative. Double bro, and they tax on that income.It has to do with something called education, it dramatically affects your earning capacity.Social welfare was introduced by a republican president.Namely soc sec,food stamps and the last one, Bush medicaid part D,which is bankrupting the nation. You know what you’re talking about?

  25. Liberals do all the work? What, like the 47% who pay no income taxes? Like the public sector unions which demand more and more for less and less? Also the 47.7 million on foodstamps who vote overwhelming Democrat? The politicians like slimy Harry Reid who are too lazy to put forth a budget in over three years? The ever-expanding federal workforce who are a force but rarely work? All are Dem constituents, all. And, don’t forget our lazy-ass, moocher-in-chief as his whole clan of dependents

  26. Liberals do all the work, while you conservatards reap the benefits, and then bitch about having to participate in a society you could not run on your own even if you tried, and the hypocrisy is mind numbing. If we reverted back before progressives, you would be paying for your children’s schooling,for your fire dept,police,and to pave the road in front of your house.Can you imagine your world without liberals, you’d be broke you mooch.

  27. Are you advocating government regulation or condemning it? Your post is such a muddled mess, it is hard to tell. As for public schools, no, the feds do not pay the lion’s share, the local government does mainly through property taxes. And in fact, the people are the ones who truly pay, not the government. Yeah, I remember that great gumball finger-losing epidemic of 1925; thank you, thank you liberals for saving the children!

  28. Government regulates everything in your life, from the water you drink, to the car you drive, to the roads you drive on. You send your brats to public school don’t you? Who do you think pays for that? You’re state? No, the feds. There is NOTHING you do, that the government does not control, even a gumball dispenser has safety regulations, did you know that? Ya, they are set so kids cannot get their hands up inside them and get trapped.Used to, kids got trapped and lost fingers.You’ll be ok.

  29. Women choose professions that are affected by economic down turn such social liason type jobs. As the economy gets screwed, businesses just cut the unnecessary “flab” to make profit. Besides… these feminist always like to make everything a female issue and forget that lots of men are out of jobs are probably sleeping on streets or jumping off bridges….

  30. I know you, you’re one of the occupiers/nihilists/anarchists, someone we refered to much more simply in the old days as a bum. You’re extremely judgemental and cynical too, which isn’t too good for you, and is awful for those around you. Remember: capitalism with free markets are the only system that creates a decent life for people–imbrace it!

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