Jesse Ventura and Howard Stern 2016 presidential ticket gains momentum
Obama's Birth Certificate
Civil Disobedience Is Not Our Problem
CLOSER LOOK at FBI Boston - False Flag
Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists
DHS to meet with Lance about why feds are stockpiling lots of ammo

Obama ‘Seething’ NYT Leak Shows WH Worried Ebola Will Hurt Them In Midterms

Obama ‘Seething’ NYT Leak Shows WH Worried Ebola Will Hurt Them In Midterms (October 19, 2014)

Hromadske International. The Sunday Show

October 19 20:00 Kyiv, 18:00 GMT, 1:00 PM ET Ukraine At The Center Of Global Geopolitical Storm, Explained. Is Ukrainian Ceasefire Spiraling Out of Control? Ukraine Votes 2014: All at Stake…

The New Establishment – Judd Apatow, Nick Kroll, Whitney Cummings and More Comics at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit

Watch what happens when comedians consider modern technology.

Funny Political Parties Names

funny political parties names Do These Political Gifts Go to Far? Do These Political Gifts Go To Far? Does the popularity of the George Bush and Hillary Clinton toilet bowl brushes show a true dissatisfaction with politics on both sides of the isle? Or are these products just good clean fun? Some people are loosing…

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Obama Cancels Trip, Summons Cabinet on Ebola

President Barack Obama cancelled his first major campaign trip of the fall to focus on the widening Ebola crisis. Following an urgent Cabinet meeting on the issue, Obama pledged his administration’…


October the 11th is the “International Day of the Girl Child”. The United Nations marked the day since 2012 to promote girls’ human rights and gender equalities. On the eve of the International day, our correspondents in India went to urban slums to find out what’s life there like for girls. Video provided by Xinhua…

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Cyclone Hudhud Expected to Make Landfall Around Noon

Cyclone Hudhud, a “very severe cyclonic storm” closing in on Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, will make landfall around noon. It is expected to hit near Visakhapatnam with a windspeed of around 180 kilometres per hour or kmph.Video provided by NDTV Producer : NDTV

Don’t miss Asar with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan at 8 pm; importance of sports will be the focus

Don’t miss Asar with Aamir Khan at 8 pm; importance of sports will be the focus For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: &