Obama Reduced Taxes, Spending and Deficits – Romney Refuted By Facts

Via The Raw Story: “Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of doing nothing to douse a “prairie fire of debt” as he previewed a new economic message in a key swing state…”.* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur debunks the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate’s speech. Should Obama take most of the blame for the budget deficit and the economic recession? *Read more: www.rawstory.com CHART – Spending, Taxes, And Deficits Are All Lower Today Than When Obama Took Office: thinkprogress.org Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com


  1. Krugman: Gov’t spending has looked high recently because the recession shrank the economy & kicked safety net programs into gear. Measured as a share of the economy’s potential size, government spending has actually declined during the Obama administration. Gov’t spending hasn’t grown much under Obama on an absolute basis. As a share of real GDP, government spending has declined by 5%. According to Commerce Department data, the deficit peaked in 2009 & has been shrinking since then.

  2. There have been no terrorists executed inside the US. I too believe that you are ignorant and your opinion is based on what you have been told to believe and no real life experience. Live in your shell and be happy there. You live in a country the size of an average state here. You couldn’t possibly understand the dynamics of our situation and our role in the world.

  3. Maybe you have mistaken me? i meant execution as in capital punishment. I dont think you can advocate a world without killings while executing prisoners.

    And i love the last sentences you put in your text because i just then realised how pointless our discussion has been. Your ignorant and your opinion is biased and go for emotional appeal before considering any facts. I give up.

    I advice you to read something like: “Your Deceptive Mind” by steven novella

  4. We have not executed any prisoners. They kill Americans and we kill them back. Waterboarding is the fear of death, cutting someone’s head off is death. Just because we have a current president that is a joke, we are still the big dog in the yard. Don’t believe me find a Marine and ask him face to face. You obviously believe what you believe, so you live in your little world, but when the terrorists start killing your family, don’t cry or fight….just try to understand them.

  5. I do, i dont know why you believe otherwise. All im saying is that USA’s counteractions were irrational? Also, how can you tell people not to kill each other when you execute prisoners all the time. double standards. You bring up situations where an american got tortured, which is horrible, but you cant see that its the same thing when the US is using waterboarding? You arent the big dog anymore though, you were great like 40 years ago. but now your are indebted. China and india is growing,

  6. i do think 9/11 was a horrible attack. Havent said anything else. but the attack had nothing to do with iraq at all. And even though it was a very good thing husseins atrocities stopped. It was not USA’s call to do so. it was the UN’s decision. They did not want USA to invade. Something the US did not listen to. USA appeared like a big bully governmental bully.

    Of course they hated you. You have been there fucking up things since the 50’s. It is defined as torture wether you want it or not.

  7. Just out of curiosity, why do you not renounce them for what they do? Why is it ok for them to attack us, but it’s not ok for us to fight back? Why is it ok for them to cut the heads off of Civilians, but we can’t water board their leadership? It’s a simple case of the US is the big dog in the yard, you poke it with a stick and then get pissed when the big dog bites you and cry about it.

  8. I know 9/11/2001 and 2012 for that matter didn’t mean a lot to you, but it did to me. You, for one should be thankful when America gets involved in atrocities, otherwise you would be speaking German right now. You don’t get to attack us on our soil (at least you didn’t in the Bush administration) without a response. You can Google the “numbers” all day long. And they hated us LONG before we invaded. Waterboarding IS NOT torture and YES if you do something horrible to me, I’m going to do it back.

  9. So its basically numbers from nowhere. Its opinions based on the emotions you gone through. Sure they have, they fucking hate you guys. you invaded their country, they didnt invade you. Genital mutilation is a horrible thing indeed. They are primitive in comparision to our society and they could learn something.
    But so could we.

    But even though they do horrible things. that doesnt mean that we can do it back.
    Waterboarding is a horrible way of torture and i think you need to realise that.

  10. WOW….go back to living under your rock. I get my numbers from being there, in person. Their schools have American and Israeli flags on the floor, like tile, at every doorway. These people cut off female genitals so women can’t enjoy sex. They kill their daughters when they are raped because the daughter brought dishonor to the family. The cut living peoples’ heads off on camera. But having a glass of water poured over their face is torture? Grow up.

  11. where do you get your numbers from? They have not been taught to kill you, many of them havent even read their holy book, and even less are ready to kill for it.. Unless you invade their country and destroy their society, but hey, who wouldnt? I mean in some states in the US you shoot people for trespassing

    But believe me, we have alot of refugees from middleeastern countries here in sweden and are quite the opposite.

  12. You can say at your daughters funeral “the cops tried”. I’ll water board him, and happily accompany my LIVING daughter to therapy for what she went thru.

  13. 35% to 45% of “rehabilitated” murders and violent offenders become “repeat” offenders. 0% of executed murderers ever kill again. And we are not talking about Americans, we are talking about people that have been taught since birth to kill you, the infidel, because you don’t believe in their god, you’re an American, you must be killed. They don’t rehabilitate, they get loose and go right back to killing Americans.

  14. Thats still just your opinion. to appeal to my emotions is unfair.
    Waterboarding isnt ok under any circumstances. If i caught that rapist/killer i would probably “see red” and do anything to find out where she is. but thats why its a good thing we have professional law enforcers who would do all this for me, where they at the same time follows laws, human rights, and other things that our society has agreed upon. I believe in the rehabilitation of prisoners, not the destruction of them

  15. Any US solider that has been to SERE school knows what enhanced interrogation is, it is NOT torture. And the prisoners at abu ghraib don’t have a CLUE. Kids at a frat hell week know more about torture than they do! PLEASE. Let me ask you this, your daughter is taken by a serial rapist/killer. She has hours to live. We catch him, he won’t tell us where she is at, do you want him asked nice where she is at or water boarded?

  16. True, I was not aware of that. After some simple research, i also got aware of the failed assassination attempts on Bin laden that followed the 1998 bombings. U.S really were hunting him there for a period. Enhanced interrogation. ask mohammed al-qahtani about that. Prisoners of abu ghraib also know what torture is.

  17. Funny, he had been on the FBI 10 most wanted list since 1998 for other terrorist attacks against US interests in the world. Bin Laden was never charged with anything connected to 9/11. Enhanced interrogation is not torture. Ask Jessica Lynch what torture is.

  18. It doesnt matter since clinton didnt have anything other than conspiracies against Bin laden (early on). There were no evidence that he had done anything wrong yet. even though he had a hostile position against the US. But so do many others in the world also. (he was connected to bombings when clintons era was over)

    All im saying is that if they had continued the surveillance of bin laden after clintons mandate.. Then 9/11 possibly wouldnt have happened.
    Yeah?  Why would he support torture?

  19. Actually Clinton was offered Bin Laden not once but twice and did nothing. Everything that was done to find him was done in the Bush administration and was a direct result of Gitmo and enhanced interrogation. Things obama said he was going to do away with and did not support.

  20. Even though WTC attacks was a horrible thing, it did not give bush reason to invade iraq, Hussien wasnt even involved..
    Bill clinton was even researching Bin laden, seeing him as a real threat and even considered to send in a special forces team after Bin laden. Sadly his mandate period ended before he did anything of value in the matter, and Bush administration had no interest in pursuing what clinton started for some reason.
    Yeah, no shit. Of course you cant leave a war unfunded.

  21. Tell the victims of 9/11 those wars were not necessary. He voted to keep funding the wars and to NOT pull out of Iraq. And I don’t live in Sweden for a reason.

  22. yeah? well obama still have to pay for those 2 wars, where atleast one was unnescessary.

    cmon. he didnt vote yes for those wars… he wasnt fucking able to because he wasnt even in congress back then… get your facts straight

    the cheapest places take $7,01 a gallon here is sweden. so consider yourself lucky.

    im not what you would call a “obamazombie” so i dont really care alot about any of this.. im just annoyed when i see dumb arguments like yours.

  23. Only problem with this is MATH….CURRENT deficit as of today (Check Google) $15,874,365,457,260 YES that’s $15 Trillion And the EVIL George Bush fought 2 wars! (And before you obamazombies say ANYTHING Senator obama voted yes on both of those wars. spin, spin, spin the communist any way you like. Gas was $1.85 a gallon THE DAY HE TOOK OFFICE…spin that…

  24. i wish you knew what you were talking about animated man on youtube. first off recession has nothing to do with national debt so dont know why your comparing the two? second under george w bush the united states inherited 5 trillion dollars in debt in 8 years in 4 years under obama ie half the time we inherited 6 trillion in debt 1 trillion more than bush in half the time is this because of recession? no its because obama will not balance the budget you imbecile

  25. Hey there, did you hear about “BoxObama” (search on Google for it)? On their website you can actually engage in a simple boxing game plus gain an iPad. I like that it is absolutely free. Command Obama and box Mitt Romney or the other way around. Lots of others have played now, maybe you wish to become a part of the fun as well.

  26. I am convinced that romney is a liar, but why does my debate teacher say that fact checkers confirm that romney is telling the truth and obama is lying.

  27. Thanks for your valuable time to reply! I wish I was a lot smarter -lol. I will make time to look at your video and thank you for sharing and pointing me to it. I’ll get back to you once I’ve absorbed it. Be well. -keoni.

  28. You are a smart person. The economy was in the tank pre-2008, the new norm is 8% unemployment, all true. But please take 30 minutes, search on “hierarchy of needs maslow” and learn everything you need to know about human motivation. A job is just above food and water in priority of a person’s need. Without a job, you think of nothing else. Gaffes, debates, foreign policy, Sandra Fluke, tax policy, whose to blame, does not register with the unemployed.

    Romney claims he can do better.

  29. Okay, but why? How did it happen? If I built a faulty foundation and you buy it and build the house and it one day collapses, you “own” it. But you would have a valid argument saying the foundation the year before had cracks. The Republican ideology of less or no regulation for the big boys (it is human nature that when not watched, people will cheat) led to an unprecedented collapse. YouTube search Obama Deficit Debt Graph by Keoni Tyler

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