Obama’s Complete Victory Speech: Obama Wins the 2012 Election

Obama’s 2012 Presidential Acceptance Speech.


  1. When things go wrong … its Obama’s fault. When things go right …. it’s not because of Obama. The country is going downhill cause people refuse to support our president just because they didn’t vote for him. I personally voted for him. He is for all people.

  2. Dumb ass liberals will CONTINUE to blame Bush and the republicans.. EVEN THOUGH the Democrats have had TOTAL control for 2 of Obama’s 4 years and this year(2013) 2/3rd of govt is Democrat controlled.

  3. And what exactly is the democratic economic plan? Tax all business into failure so there are absolutely no private jobs and zero tax revenue? So we can collapse? Youre one stupid mother fucker.

  4. Shorty you and teabaggers agree somewhat on the firearms and basic principlals and have all the knowledge in the world so why do you disagree on so much? Have to ask

  5. George Jefferso:
    Don’t want to go to hell? If it exists you’re going there. You’re a sick fuck. Doesn’t matter if you’re trolling and making it up or not. Right after you choke on your vomit in this world, you’ll be one of the guys with his head immersed in shit while demons gnaw your bones.

  6. I’ve got more money from Obama!
    Stocks are at an all time record high!
    I lost $150,000 under GOP Bush and made $300,000 with Obama.
    Obama for the best economy in 12 years!
    Great job!!!
    The GOP economic plan was only for millionaires and was a total failure.

  7. Take a look at your own damn party. I hate both reps and dems. Both are super corrupt and both always want to blame the other party. Wake Up!

    Are you happy that bush pushed the patriot act? Are you happy that obama pushed the NDAA (Indefinate Detention of American citizens)?

    Are you happy that you are being taxed more and have less on your paychecks now? “Executive orders”, it sure seems like obozo is playing dictator, doesn’t it? Get outta the left/right paradigm, jeez!

  8. How are you obama supporters liking having less money on your paychecks now? Is this the “change” you bargained for?

    Im glad it’s hitting you people too. Less money for all of us, yet, the govt gave themselves a raise. Ohhhh, the hypocrisy.

    Just like how it’s a “Bad Idea” for there to be armed guards or police at our kids’ schools, yet, obamas and other politicians’ kids go to schools that have armed guards. Hypocrisy in this country is at an all time high.

  9. What would Fox News, the NRA, and the GOP report if 2 black men with assault rifles, wearing black berets, stood guard in the street in front of a school?
    Or, what if it was two Tea Party pukes, dresses in camoflauge , with assault rifles standing in front of the school?
    The Tea Party, scums would be reported as 2 patriot volunteers, protecting the kids. The blacks would be reported as two suspected Muslims, in police custody.
    The GOP and Fox only want no gun control for whites

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