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NOIR | S5 E6 Segment: “Activism vs. Action”

NOIR | S5 E6 Segment: “Activism vs. Action”

Colion Noir calls out those who use guns as empty artistic platitudes.

‘Showing up is continuous’: U M students gather to fight racism, urge activism

‘Showing up is continuous’: U M students gather to fight racism, urge activism

‘Showing up is continuous’: U M students gather to fight racism, urge activism
‪‪Donald Trump‬, ‪University of Michigan‬, ‪Ann Arbor‬‬

Morning Star – Building local Activism & a local Voice

Morning Star – Building local Activism & a local Voice

Readers and Supporters Groups
Tony Kierney and Sandra Trotter reported from Dumfries RSG.

The group had been established in February 2014 and had now secured a Saturday readership of between eight and ten copies through a regular sale in the town centre. In at least one case these casual readers had been converted into regular daily readers. The group had produced promotional leaflets, held meetings on topical issues such as the Easter Rising and developed links with the Trades Union Council and the Film Centre. They had won both the local RMT branch and Unison to take out shares and taken the paper on to EIS and RMT picket lines. They had also had some excitement.

Recently they had secured the very speedy exit from Dumfries of the Conservative Scottish Secretary David Mundell by surrounding him with Morning Star sellers. Their proudest claim, however, was that of raising £1002 since their formation for the Star’s Fighting Fund.

Arthur West reported from Ayrshire RSG
Arthur stressed the importance of regular activity. The Ayrshire group been active for over five years and held regular monthly meetings. They sought to make these as attractive and accessible as possible and had found film shows particularly useful. Over 50 has attended the Tony Benn Life and Legacy showing earlier in the year in Irvine and sixteen come to the meeting with Esther Clark on Sanny Sloan MP earlier that week in Auchinleck. They also moved their paper sales around Ayrshire from Irvine to Kilmarnock.

Reporting: a Voice for the Movement
Zoe Streatfield, Morning Star Scottish Reporter
Zoe stressed that it was an exciting time to be a reporter for the Star in Scotland with increasing activity on the Left and with sections of the movement, Unite, RMT, EIS, all taking a far more proactive stance on issues. She had been allocated to the Corbyn campaign by the Star and was building up contacts. However, the bulk of Corbyn supporters still did not make the connection between their own politics and the readership of the Star and this remained a challenge for us.
Zoe appealed for details of Labour Movement events.

Ucsc Politics Major

Priya’s UCSC 20P project De-Snobbing

Politics Green Party

politics green party
What are good websites about Canadian politics?

I have a research project for next week in political ideologies Canada To my class, and I hope to learn information about the Liberals, NDP, Green Party, the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois and their policies and ideas. What are good places to find information about it? . org / en / publications-english.asp

Green Party Political Broadcast 2008

Aladdin and Jasmine - Disney's Aladdin - Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup

Aladdin and Jasmine – Disney’s Aladdin – Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup


This life-size cardboard standup of Aladdin and Jasmine stands at a size of 70″ x 35″. Aladdin is a very cute Disney movie set in Agrabah. Jasmine is a princess, the daughter of the Sultan, and Aladdin is a poor commoner. The two fall in love when Aladdin uses his wishes from Genie to become a prince. This Disney movie is loved by many little children and also adults and teenagers! It is fun movie…

Non Bias Politics

non bias politics
Bon-unbiased books about politics?

I have 16 years trying to learn about the election Obama and McCain. I wondered what book I have read that it's fair if I can get a better idea of what to think / believe. Ideas?

There is no such thing. You have to read and see and then decide for yourself. Add C-SPAN, showing the Senate and House of Representatives meeting. Check the Library of Congress of legislation and laws on the two candidates. primary regulator is the closest you can get unbiased information. is the main source of information who or what is, for example, a written report on Barack Obama Obama is the primary authority. Bottom line, there is no easy or a book that will do for you. You do it for you and that takes time.

nick griffin egged

Media Bias?: A Comparative Study of Time, Newsweek, the National Review, and the Progressive, 1975-2000 (Lexington Studies in Political Communication)

Media Bias?: A Comparative Study of Time, Newsweek, the National Review, and the Progressive, 1975-2000 (Lexington Studies in Political Communication)


Media Bias? addresses the question: To what extent can mainstream news media be characterized as ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’? The study involves a systematic comparative analysis of the coverage given to major domestic social issues from 1975 to 2000 by two mainstream newsmagazines, Newsweek and Time, and two explicitly partisan publications, the conservative National Review and the liberal Progre…

United Methodist Church Politics

united methodist church politics
Around Town: Waiting in the Wings
LOOK FOR A HIGHLY POPULAR retired Cobb elected official – a proven vote-getter – to seek a seat on the embattled Cobb EMC board if the courts ever allow board elections. AT has learned the potentia…
Pass It On — The people of The United Methodist Church

Operation Breadbasket: An Untold Story of Civil Rights in Chicago, 1966–1971

Operation Breadbasket: An Untold Story of Civil Rights in Chicago, 1966–1971


This is the first full history of Operation Breadbasket, the interfaith economic justice program that transformed into Jesse Jackson’s Operation PUSH (now the Rainbow PUSH Coalition). Begun by Martin Luther King Jr. during the 1966 Chicago Freedom Movement, Breadbasket was directed by Jackson. Author Martin L. Deppe was one of Breadbasket’s founding pastors. He digs deeply into the program’s…

Politics Summer Internships

politics summer internships

How to choose an appropriate study abroad program

It is important that students choose an appropriate study abroad program make the best of international experience. Because there are a variety of types of programs, structures, places and requirements … worth the time and effort needed to find a curriculum that meets your individual needs and personal study.

Study abroad programs have distinctive characteristics, such as students, and therefore it is important to find the "match" between student and program. Your friend or sister, or a teacher may have participated in a program that has been "absolutely fantastic" for them, but can not be a good fit for you. Therefore, a recommendation of someone who lights a program was not necessarily the best approach for choosing a program.

• Understand your needs and characteristics before choose a program of study abroad
• Explore the options and compare various features of the program
• Choosing a program Study abroad that meets their needs and characteristics

Their needs and characteristics

Let these questions, and get a friend or family member to speak on these topics.

  1. What type of course Do I need take (the main requirements, important decisions, the General Education requirements or lower division courses, at your option)?
  2. What academic subjects Need (and want) to study (only the director, or a mixture of academic disciplines)?
  3. Is your home institution approved courses by the experience (ie, internships, field study, independent study, independent research, learning Service on tour)?
  4. Can I take courses in another language / comfortable enough?
  5. Are you beginning or intermediate language skills of Foreign Affairs?
  6. Is your home institution have requirements on the number of weeks and / or hours Contact must complete courses for transfer credits?
  7. Would you like to live well in a fast paced, urban city, where it is difficult make friends and interact with people living in a city?
  8. Are you using public transportation (buses, taxis, trains)?
  9. Would you rather live in a community where you can navigate your way, and meet local people?
  10. Is it time to annoy you? Did you know common type of climate which is under consideration?
  11. Are you a self-starter, outgoing and motivated, with experience in exploration new / different situations?
  12. Prefers operation in a group with leaders and / or guides to make decisions for you and being surrounded by others like you?
  13. Do you have food, medical needs or mental health?
  14. Want to become a "specialist" in one place (the language and culture and the history and current events) or you want a comparative perspective from various places and different perspectives?
  15. Ask your friends or your family never called "high maintenance"? Do you have a high level of attention to comfort, appearance personal, DCP new type of activities?
  16. Do you like camping, hiking, "he sketches?
  17. Does a good sense of how (and if) the consumption of alcohol in a mature? Have you ever had a detrimental effect on others or their well-being at risk with alcohol?
  18. Have you ever flown before? Outside the U.S.? If so, how long where?
  19. How long have you been turn away from "home" front, away from family and friends?
  20. What type of leisure activities you like? What to do with their "Free time"?

Program Types

Direct registration
Explore colleges and universities in other countries, and directly enroll in a study abroad program that allows "temporary" or "international" of students.

Using an established relationship with your school to exchange students with other college or university designated.

Provider Program
Participate in a program administered by an organization that provides research overseas support services.

Participate in a program administered by a U.S. university or college and taught by an American professor.


Location, geography, language, population, economic and industrial development, the cost of living, nutrition, health and safety conditions, climate, easy transportation, etc.

Are you a beginner, intermediate skills, advanced language in the host country language? What is the domain English language of the local population?

Community / Town size
cosmopolitan city community, urban, industrial city neighborhoods, towns, rural

Host Institution
Record size, the percentage of local students and international students urban campus or campus closed, the facilities available, education style, style, language, classification and evaluation, educational options academic rigor, the distance from home,

Living conditions
Family, living room, apartment, hotel, with all Americans, with all local, remote shopping, entertainment, schools, transport, shared or not, the cost of living, where to eat meals?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of different study abroad programs

Direct registration

– Authentic academic experience with the residents.
– Diving with local students
– May be less expensive.

– Administrative bureaucracy unfamiliar style of teaching, support services.
– Incidental expenses.


– Tuition costs are the same as you pay on your home campus.
– The campus is a contact person created in the host institution.

– Administrative bureaucracy unfamiliar style education, support services.
– Incidental expenses.

Supplier Program

– Support services in place for the needs of American students.
– You get what you pay for.

– You pay extra for support services.
– Sometimes isolated / marginalized people of the host country and culture.


– Most of the time, accompanied by a teacher you know and trust.
– Take courses that are familiar and similar what will take you on your home campus.
– In a group of American students, especially the home school.

– Take courses that are familiar and similar to what will take you on your home campus.
– In the majority of a group of American students, often from your local school.
– Power does not necessarily able to offer comprehensive support services and study abroad best practices and standards.


– A place that excites you.
– Break your "home."

– Is not that what you expect.
– Do not like the weather, or food or living conditions.
– Not comfortable with the state of underdevelopment, or a strategy for policy development or economic.


– The language barrier was less than expected.
– I want learn a new language now.

– The language barrier was greater than expected.
– I had no knowledge level languages than I thought.

Community / Town

– Love shopping, dining, activities.
– Just the right size.
– Experience of new activities that you would not know.
– The transportation was easy.
– Performing and / or comfortable.

– Too small or too big for my taste.
– It was hard to meet people and make friends with the locals.
– Transportation was not enough.
– City was ugly, dirty, noisy, annoying …

Host Institution

– The love that was much larger or smaller than my home university.
– Conducive to the achievement of local students and make friends
– Teachers and students were friendly, helpful and welcoming international students.
– Courses have been both rewarding and challenging and that motivated me to learn more.

– The hatred that was much larger or smaller than my home university.
– Encourage people not meeting or making friends.
– The local teachers who do not know how to deal with foreign students.
– Course too easy or too difficult.


– The love of my apartment.
close – He lived on campus.
– Cost of living was lower than U.S.
– Leading the achievement of local people and make new friends.
– I felt so comfortable, because it was similar what I'm used to, or because it is new and something that I liked.
– It is very easy to concentrate on academics.

– I hate my house.
– Lived far from campus.
– Cost of living was more than the U.S.
– Do not encouraging to meet people and make friends.
– I felt very uncomfortable because it was something they could not adapt.
– A big distraction at my university.

About the Author

Study Abroad – Global Learning Semesters offers study abroad programs for American and Canadian students. Our study abroad programs include courses in Belize, Cyprus, UK, France, Spain, Europe, Mexico, Argentina, India & China.

How to Find The Best Summer Internship For You – ABC News

Blinded by Desire - The Esquire Girls Series - Ruthie (Book 2)

Blinded by Desire – The Esquire Girls Series – Ruthie (Book 2)

“You’re special, Ruth. You’re everything that I didn’t even know I was looking for. Now that you’re here, I’m reevaluating my life, my goals.” Ruthie Salvador thought she had it all figured out. She’d long decided that she was damaged goods and that there were parts of herself that she could never share with anyone. She’d made peace with that…She’d accepted it.So, when a handsome, powe…

Funny Politics Sms

funny politics sms

Texting Your Way To Love: SuperNews!


International Politics Phd

international politics phd
How can I become a part time Academic whilst already in a career?

I am currently working within banking and financial services. My MA was in international Politics and Human Rights and for my dissertation I studied US-China relations. I am keen to keep pursuing my academic interest however not at the cost of my career within banking and financial services.

Please give me advice on how I can do this? I know that writing articles is one idea and doing a PhD is another idea. I was wondering, is it possible to be a part time academic?

What I wish to do is to carry on with my career in banking and finance but also be a part time academic so that I can carry on pursuing my studies in international politics.


work on the PhD, one course at a time

Shoe Bombers, crotch bombers, 9/11 and Israel

Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 7e (Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health)

Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 7e (Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health)


The first and most sustained resource of its kind, Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care, 7th Edition features analysis of healthcare issues and first-person stories to help you learn how to influence policy in today’s changing health care environment. Approximately 150 expert contributors present a wide range of topics in policies and politics, providing a more complete background than can…