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Barack Obama Tax Cuts Workers

barack obama tax cuts workers
Obama Agrees to Extend Tax Cuts for 2 Years

Obama, Congress reach $38B deal to avert shutdown
President Barack Obama talks Friday in the Blue Room at the White House regarding the budget and averted government shutdown. / Charles Dharapak/The Associated Press
barack obama tax cuts workers
that will help the middle class taxes?

''Wayne, Pennsylvania (June 14) – Barack Obama, Sen. Obama said voters on Saturday will push an aggressive economic agenda as president: cutting taxes for the middle class, raising taxes on the rich, pouring money into "green energy" and requiring employers to establish plans for retirement savings its workers.''What do you think you of that?

I am 100% with it. Note the title of today? The presidents of large corporations to Bush, McCain, and the cult followers are heir record collecting "compensation", while the rest of us pay $ 4.00 for gas and watch our jobs disappear overseas. What Where are the CEOs get their bonuses? bu pension plans cut, health insurance, etc. As for the "green power." The right wants Americans go bankrupt for the sake of oil companies – whenwe could drive using half the amount of gas. We could have public transport decent (which can operate profitably in a private company and that in many cities around the world.) We could have nuclear power plants in place to protect companies thoe coal, which pollute our country and our planet – but the right wants to keep its monopoly intact. We could invest in solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy. But the right wants to continue losing money on technologies that were developed in the late 1800's. OBAMA 2008

Barack Obama Tax Voting Record

barack obama tax voting record
Issa to House Democrats: Vote on Tax Relief or Resign from Congress

Rubio Requires Signal Tea Party can not bend on increasing the debt of the United States to limit the application does not so much for a vote to increase the limit the debt of the United States as Tea Party Preferred Marco Rubio.
How important are the issues of veterans in this election?

John McCain's service to this country is unquestionable. He is a hero and I respect his sacrifice. However, when it comes to the face for the veterans of this country has failed to stand up for veterans since 2005. This includes health and fiscal benefits for veterans. What am I missing? John McCain's voting record on veterans issues: Barack Obama voting record on veterans issues:

You do not need anything. You're doing your research and for many Americans choose not to do, and discover the truth. Good for you! Too bad all the world is like you.

Barack Obama Tax Statement

barack obama tax statement
barack obama tax statement
Former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro Geraldine Ferraro least 75 Dead, a former congressman from New York, died Saturday, her family said in a statement.
Joe Biden discusses the McCain/Palin Healthcare Tax

What prominent politician made ​​this statement?

I'm not talking about a "quickie" or a temporary tax cut, it would be more appropriate that a recession is imminent. Nor am I talking about giving the economy a mere shot in the arm, to ease some temporary complaint. Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson

John F. Kennedy addresses the Economic Club of New York issued December 14, 1962 Please answer mine:? ; _ylt = AujqnntVXqPw8.aFcSp2iEEazKIX; _ylv four times a day = 3 = 20091002133429AAQMNCh

Snopes Barack Obama Tax Proposals

snopes barack obama tax proposals
Obama Budget Cuts Visualization

Barack Obama Tax On Ammunition

barack obama tax on ammunition
barack obama tax on ammunition

Reid signals Congress May Miss Deadline for health-bill

The U.S. Senate Majority Harry Reid said Congress can not not send the legislation the president's health Barack Obama this year, fueling concern among some Democrats that the debate will continue in the election year of 2010.

"No we are bound by any deadlines," Reid said yesterday in Washington after a closed meeting of all Senate Democrats.

With elections coming next year, some Democrats are risk because the opponents of health plan they have more time to mobilize and lawmakers should put more emphasis on obtaining reelected.

"This is a battle against time," said Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon. "When you are in an election year, everything is seen through a different prism. "

The bill, Obama national priority, has been affected by delays in Congress by Republican opposition and lack of unity among Democrats.

The leading Republican Senate, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said he wanted at least four weeks of floor debate the measure, which marks the largest expansion of health care since the creation of 1965's Medicare system for seniors.

The review is intended to extend coverage to Medicare to tens of millions of Americans, while containing costs. Democrats are seeking a radical expansion of the Medicaid program for poor and the creation of a government plan to compete with insurance companies as Hartford, Conn. Aetna Inc.

Obama's Challenge

Obama initially challenged Congress to pass a law in August and said he wants to sign a draft law before the end of the year.

Jim Manley, spokesman for Reid's later issued a statement saying that the objective of the Majority Leader of the action is complete this year and said the time is "unprecedented."

"There is no reason why we can not have an open and thorough debate in the Senate and even send a bill to the president for Christmas, "said Manley.

Reid Pending Congressional Budget Office estimated cost to complete its proposals as a struggle to win sufficient support among the 60 votes of Democratic-controlled Senate to open debate.

Senator Max Baucus, Montana Democrat, to head the finance committee, said this week he is an analysis of the CBO.

House starts soon

The House of Representatives is scheduled to launch the debate later this week on its version of the law. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said yesterday a final vote could be held and on November 7 and November 10.

House leaders put the finishing touches on legislation, the filing of an amendment yesterday afternoon that made last minute changes. Discussions were still ongoing on how to reassure members who oppose abortion that the law does not allow government funds to be used to interrupt pregnancy.

A spokesman for the White House has said the government was encouraged by progress.

"We are moving in the same timeline, "Dan Pfeiffer, deputy communications director, said." The House is to vote on the proposed reform in health a matter of days, and as Senator Reid said today, shares the commitment of the White House to pass meaningful reform Christmas. "

No. But the time is still limited to the legislative work this year. Senate Democratic leaders plan to suspend the week November 23 for Thanksgiving. Both devices will be in session for three days from November 11 Veterans Day.

Senate delays

Although legislation can move through the House in the day, the ability of opponents to delay Senate action is likely extend the discussion for weeks.

McConnell said that health is more important than many long discussions, including the law creating the Department of Homeland Security after the 2001 attacks. That the Senate for seven weeks.

"We are talking about restructuring sixth of our economy, "said McConnell told reporters.

Senator Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma known as "Dr. No" for his willingness to block the legislation, said Republicans have "hundreds of ideas" and requested changes to the bill of Democrats "a target rich environment."

Once the House and Senate to act, The most likely is a conference of House and Senate to resolve disputes will be extended, said Paul Heldman, a political analyst with Potomac Washington Research Group.


A big problem is how to pay for a patch that will cost $ 900 million to $ 1 billion, Heldman said. The House wants to impose a surtax on the rich that some Senate Democrats resist, while the Senate is considering a tax of 40 per cent excise duty the insurance premium is the opposition of House Democrats.

Heldman said the House and Senate negotiators more than four months to agree on a bill during the final debate of 2003, more than a Medicare benefit for prescription drugs. If the slip health care in 2010, Democrats can not deal with political risk if they agree before the end of March, he said.

"Although we are making progress and who can demonstrate that it is not necessarily an obstacle to get a bill done, "said Heldman.

The ammunition to opponents

Opponents could get some extra traction if you move the debate in January, "said Ross Baker, professor of political science at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Among other things, the CBO released a new projected federal budget deficit, which would give new ammunition to Republicans who say they cost too democratic legislation.

"This could change the debate," said Baker.

The CBO said the budget deficit last month for fiscal 2009 was $ 1.4 billion, the highest since 1945.

Senator Charles Schumer of New York, the No. 3 Democratic leader, said it was still possible in both houses could be completed before the end of the year.

"We will take a while it happens, even if that means nights and weekends," he said.

How pathetic is Barack Obama?

Come on, how is this guy even be considered a United States president? Do not even put hand on his chest during the Pledge of Allegiance, a Muslim freakin (has been all his life until he started running for president, but is now a Christian, for some reason Hmmmmmmmmm) increase taxes on ammunition by 33%. Come on, what happens to the U.S.? Who is really pulling for this guy to make? In defense of their country great value, and growth.

UPDATE: The poster of this question just send me an email saying that I am a lover — g N. I I would never have to use this function block. Very sick.

Ammo Shortage: Americans Prep For Gun Bans, Chaos, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Economic Collapse 2

Barack Obama Tax Statements

barack obama tax statements
Obama on Presidential Signing Statements

Working to curb federal spending
By U.S. Rep. BILL FLORES The message the American people continue to receive from President Barack Obama and the Democrats is that more spending, taxing and borrowing are the only ways to grow our economy and create jobs. Yet after two years, ou …
barack obama tax statements
Why Barack Obama said this about Exxon and big oil?

"U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama called Exxon's profits" outrageous "and demanded an end to the" tyranny of oil. "Is a complete idiot?" I thought he was well educated. Do not know which industry oil has nothing to do with fuel prices? Oil is a commodity, and commodity companies do not set the prices! Wall speculators Street set the price of petrol and then state and federal taxes are added on top of it. That is the way to get your price of gasoline. OIL BIG has nothing to do with the price of fuel what so ever. How difficult is it to understand? They have "No" Say it. Speculators on Wall Street do. When people believe the Government should step in and fix things and control what companies do. You then receive a socialist and communist nation! So technically Obama is a socialist and communist. If Obama is so smart and well educated person, then why would say such ridiculous statements?


Barack Obama Tax Increases 2010

barack obama tax increases 2010
barack obama tax increases 2010
Obama uses a scalpel on the budget; Utah, Hatch says he is not quite WASHINGTON – Barack Obama President Barack presentation of the budget Monday will be a surgical approach to a deficit problem his Republican rivals say guarantees a meat ax. no read more
Taxes that ruin small farms By Barack Obama

If Americans increasingly tired of Obama calling Wolf Republicans for their own incompetence?

His most recent is to blame Republicans for small businesses – the same small businesses that now wants to raise taxes on what they have to lay off more workers …. President Barack Obama goes after Republican senators who have blocked his proposal to create a fund of 30 billion dollars to help thaw frozen lending for credit-starved small firms. His election-year push for additional employment action suffered a new setback last week when the Republican Party blocked the small business plan. The president used his weekly radio and the Internet address Saturday to accuse the Republicans of "small hostage U.S. companies to politics. "He said the bill has the support of business groups and contains many ideas for both sides. Jul/31/obama_blames_gop_on_small_business_lending_bill.html

Obviously so, their polls are in the toilet.

Barack Obama Tax On Seniors

barack obama tax on seniors
Barack Obama’s Hidden Agenda, More Taxes, Socialism….

5 Americans: How health care law affects them
A couple on Medicare got a rebate check to help with prescription drug costs. A Chicago man with diabetes got health insurance through a new government program. And a Philadelphia businessman is hoping his company will qualify for a tax credit.
barack obama tax on seniors
Obama's pledge from 2008 # 1: Obama will reverse Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans – KEEP or broken?

Sunday, 9 November 2008, 12:54 a.m. – For the rich, the party is over – as promised. Despite speculation to the contrary, the elected president, Barack Obama, acting on his campaign promise and roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, a senior adviser to Obama told The Daily News. Obama's team dismissed the analysis during the night by some experts speculated that the language in his first news conference on Friday suggested that President-elect are moving away from his tax plans.

Broken as expected. But if we listen to "true" liberals, who might have said 2 years ago that Obama is not a liberal. He is actually closer right is left.

Barack Obama Tax Rebate Calculator

barack obama tax rebate calculator

Health Reform hidden land mines

After all the controversy about the public option, people could think that each register immediately like what your business offers.

Think about it yet.

When it comes to the public option, for example, only about 1 in 10 Americans be subsidized, especially people who do not get the, insurance through work. Only about 6 million expected to enroll. for them.

President Barack Obama Democrats in Congress want to reap the political benefits if they can draw from health care reform by achieving nearly universal coverage, hardening rules to private insurers and changed the way health care is delivered.

But Democrats have niggling details like limits the scope of the reform would glossed over for some Americans. And if the voters find out, experts warn it could be a political backlash.

"These things can if expectations are wrong, then they start to become much less popular. "

Other hidden problems lurking in the plan. Cost reduction is based on each owner Days pay. A so-called millionaires tax in the House bill could finally snare more and more families.

When the law enters into force, Blendon said, the Campaign for maintaining its support for health care reform would just begin. "It's not really in the minds of the people," Option to enroll.

But that will not happen, at least not at the beginning. The reality is that only about 30 million Americans – 10 percent of the population – would be even eligible.

"People think they will get it – and they do not," said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), for the changes has pushed to offer consumers more choices. "This is what they will freak out about."

The public option could only be a new insurance marketplace as an exchange where consumers could shop for plans known to be accessed. Only certain categories of people could exchange: Prevention.

This means that the vast majority of Americans – about 170 million euros – the insurance through their employers do not get new coverage areas Options, say the analysis of the Congressional Budget Office and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services actuary.

It is a by-product of Obama's desire to keep to myself only if there is a steady stream of new customers, so insurance companies to spread costs and trim premiums for all. Therefore there is an "individual mandate" to buy insurance, to comply with sanctions.

But the penalty for not buying insurance? Zero in the first year, 2013, in the Senate Finance Committee Account.

The fine points at 750 $ in 2017, but no real enforcement mechanism.

And with the cost of the property insurance, that's a pittance compared. For example, a 25 year-old who earns $ 30,000 one year, could as much as $ 2,500 in annual premiums under of the Senate Finance bill paying, a computer on the Kaiser Family Foundation website. A family of four earning $ 70,000 could be looking at $ 8,400 bonuses.

There is an added twist. Even if families do not insurance, it can be if someone gets sick – because of the new bans would have the company prevent it, reporting on a cash pre-existing condition. Over 18 million people would prefer that the fines rather than fork over thousands for the insurance pay the invoice to a CMS study of the house.

The premiums could rise even more for most Americans

The calculations are to downward pressure on the rise in total health expenditure, place, would lower premiums. But a stew of the proposed changes to the insurance market, – How much you would save the average family size.

Insurance industry studies concluded the bill would increase premiums. Government officials are confident of failed savings for the people on the line.

But the lawmakers are eagerly awaiting the nonpartisan CBO, the examination of the impact on the premiums.

Grandma and Grandpa could lose out – and they vote

Obama insists Congress proposals for more than 400 billion U.S. dollars from the Medicare system trim houses, they stop Medicare patients. Congress could dial back the cuts, but such a step would the savings in the bill reduce promised.
And as the government reduced Medicare rebates Advantage, a program that seniors Medicare coverage private insurers would be able to buy, enrollment by 64 percent plunge.

Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform, said POLITICO on Sunday that in 1997 enacted the Balanced Budget Amendment nor Medicare cuts, but "it was not what I would call a break in service to the beneficiaries. "

"We make sure insurance companies do not sock older Americans with higher premiums – so the legislature in provisions that the differences in costs between the young and old limit.

The House bill prevents insurance companies from charging customers more than double the earlier to pay as much as younger people. The Senate Finance bill allows a 4-to-1 differential.

The insurers argue that the limitation of the differential it means the cost must, by the premiums to cover young people – because older people to cover so much more expensive.

This could prevent younger seven times more because the industry is generally not a game, another political headache for the Democrats of possibly creating outrage elderly. "It is very difficult for someone to describe himself as a champion for older Americans … if at the same time they are willing to openly support discriminatory practices are based on age, "said Jim Dau, a spokesman for AARP, abolished the old shares or the differential will closed at no more than 2 to 1

Get You ready for the AMT, Part II?

As early as 1969, when reports of the super rich pay zero taxes were widespread, Congress created the alternative minimum tax to ensure that the rich pay their share. A small problem: Congress does not the tax to inflation, so now the "super rich" Getting Started the tax would have been the concerns of the rich do not keep up with the government to increase spending on health care costs – with good reason. A study by experts given the Peter G. Peterson Foundation commissioned recently predicted the House bill would exceed $ 1000000000000 to add the deficit over the next 20 years. But without indexation of the tax, they are leaving behind a ticking time bomb in the bill.

Better be patient: The most important advantages not kick in until 2013

and people had to wait for the emergency aid will be missing next.

"People would normally expect only if you pass a law, it would be
The Earned Income Tax Credit Obamas Stimulus Welfare Scam

Snopes Barack Obama Tax Hikes

Snopes Barack Obama Tax Hikes

CNN Fact Checks Democrats’ Energy Tax Hike