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northern ireland politics today

A legacy of the Middle East to the presidential library

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is the likely site of George Bush (43) Presidential Library. The library will have the most expensive presidential library ever built, costing an estimated $ 500 million. The library project will join the Bush presidential library of all our presidents in recent years. Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush (41) Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and maintain records of documents and files in one.

In fact, twelve presidential libraries can be found across America. Some input prices to the public for viewing photos, movies, letters, documents and former presidents and first ladies. Like the ancient tombs of the pharaohs, these presidential libraries are monuments to past presidents of the United States.

Course The problem for many of these massive collections is what to put inside. A huge monument to a man needs a historic achievement. We have to show impressive success a domestic or foreign policy or significant achievements which covers the world. In fact, the Presidential Library needs political achievements and his legacy to be property of great importance.

In the last year of the second term of four years in office that the meeting Commander began considering the use of the word "ex" of his presidential term in office. The choice of next president the United States is underway. Congress States United States expect even less common for the upcoming presidential elections and new leadership. In fact, the term "lame duck" is often used to describe the last year of the Administration in the Oval Office.

For all these reasons that the president makes foreign policy during his senior year to find some relevance final. Often success Presidency during the last year of second term abroad is not any duck lame national program. In the spectrum of foreign policy, attention the President in his final year in office ends rotating in Israel and the Middle East. The last two governments have sought to become the agent of power to the troubled region world peace event difficult to achieve in his final year in office. Indeed, peace in the Middle East will be a lasting legacy for all state presidents USA.

The last major peace initiative sponsored by the United States between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs has been in the last year of the second term the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton (2000). Clinton tried to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Who has not negotiated peace formula was an Israeli "Exchange of lands occupied" by the peace agreement. The peace negotiations in 2000 was sponsored by Clinton between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.

The ramifications of this latest initiative Paz minutes questionable Clinton described in the book, "The Great Too Promised Land." The book's author and scholar, Aaron David Miller writes about his experience as chief negotiator in the talks U.S. he described as "the temptation to watch. Aaron David Miller writes: "When you move too fast and too far, the Clinton administration eventually undermine the prospects of hope." History teaches that the distribution of this peace initiative last minute led to an escalation of violence in Israel. In fact, eight years later, the prospects for peace in the Middle East are as elusive as ever. Of course, this failure of foreign policy in his final year in office will not be revealed in the archives of the Presidential Library Clinton.

George Bush began his final year in office in 2008 in the same way that William Jefferson Clinton did in 2000. After seven years as president United States, George W. Bush just made his first trip to Jerusalem. Bush recently predicted that the peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs "can happen" in 2008. Bush also used the word "occupation" to describe Israeli control in the West Bank. It is obvious that the same diplomatic formula has failed, an exchange of lands controlled by Israel of the promise of peace in 2000, be tried again in 2008.

However, the conditions of peace for Israel in 2008 there. Today things are much worse for Israel 2000. Iranian-backed terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah rockets into Israel every day. Iran said that Israel should be "wiped off the map." Palestinian Authority President and partner of Israel in apparent peace, Mahmoud Abbas, has a control over his own position of power that is tentative at best.

It is very obvious that peace in the Middle East appear legacy is not in the archives of the Bush administration (43) Presidential Library. Not surprisingly, the other U.S. administration which has ruled for eight years may not impose peace in the Middle East as an achievement. The fact is that it took the Prime Minister Tony Blair, ten and thirty-seven of peacekeeping missions to bring peace to Northern Ireland. The problems in the Middle East involving several different countries lasting peace and a more difficult and more complex than in Northern Ireland.

The fact is that it takes time, dedication, time diplomatic plain and the opportunity to make progress on complex global issues as peace in the Middle East. It requires persistence and a multi-year initiative that includes several months of last-minute diplomatic efforts by the end of a president was.

The reality is that progress Diplomatic lasting peace in Israel and the Middle East should be a goal made through a presidential term. Unfortunately, the last two administrations, seems to have become nothing more than an initiative last year looking for a foreign policy legacy of the files in a library expected.

About the Author

James William Smith has worked in Senior management positions for some of the largest Financial Services firms in the United States for the last twenty five years. He has also provided business consulting support for insurance organizations and start up businesses. He has always been interested in writing and listening to different viewpoints on interesting topics.
Visit his website at

Northern Ireland Green Party Westminster Election Broadcast 2010

The Uncivil Wars: Ireland Today

The Uncivil Wars: Ireland Today


The Uncivil Wars, first published in 1983, continues to stand as the most thorough and balanced account of the troubles in Northern Ireland available. This new edition covers recent developments, including the prospects for peace….

Bbc Northwest Politics

40 bloggers actually David Byrne Few professionals in the arts maintain a blog with so much love like David Byrne or long position on issues real interest rate (a recent entry into the recontextualization of performance art, mark breaks 6,000 words).
BBC North West Politics Show AD-1

Northwest Colorado Socioeconomic Analysis and Forecasts: Socioeconomic Forecasts, Fiscal Projections, Model Documentation

Northwest Colorado Socioeconomic Analysis and Forecasts: Socioeconomic Forecasts, Fiscal Projections, Model Documentation


The Colorado State Publications Library (CoSPL) was established by the General Assembly in 1980 as a part of the Colorado State Library and the Colorado Department of Education. The mission of the library is to provide Colorado residents with permanent public access to information produced by state government. The state publicatio…

Politics Today Bbc

politics today bbc
Conservative Cameron takes the reins in Britain old rival David Cameron and Nick Clegg welcomed the new coalition government that the emergence of a new era in British policy on Wednesday hide policy differences, but with the promise to fight the problem as pressing the country – the deficit balloons aerostatic.
Part TWO verdict Breaking News: Gordon brown Saves the World!! Todays PMQs Brown and Cameron clash on the Economy.10th December 2008 veridct from Nick robinson Andrew Neil Anita anand and guests ant the BBC’s Daily Politics TODAY.

Today: 40 Years of the News Programme That Sets the Nation's Agenda (BBC Radio Collection)

Today: 40 Years of the News Programme That Sets the Nation’s Agenda (BBC Radio Collection)

With linking narration by Peter Donaldson and an introduction by John Humphrys, this celebration of 40 years of BBC Radio’s “Today” programme includes items such as Mrs Thatcher’s phone call direct from No 10, and Nigel Lawson’s accusation that Brian Redhead voted Labour….

Bbc Politics Opinion Polls

Would you notice if Brown was unpopular in the short term, do not now unpopular according to opinion polls?

Oh Goodyear expects more misery to come, do you agree or have another opinion?

Let's give it a try, I still remember the last batch, which can not be worse.

Opinion Polls: Getting the results you want

Bbc Politics Show London

bbc politics show london

BBC Politics Show: social rented housing – part 1

Bbc Politics East

bbc politics east
noble causes and wars … I've never been much of an expert on world history or politics. No wonder that when the results came from my university last week, I was much better on the economy and marketing the other two.
BBC the politics show East offshore wind farms

Fifty Years War Tie In: Israel And The Arabs (BBC Books)

Fifty Years War Tie In: Israel And The Arabs (BBC Books)


Since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, the region has been the scene of fierce power struggles, injustice and tragic events – a situation which persists to this day. Now for the first time, an Israeli-Arab author collaboration is tackling one of the world’s most controversial situations. Published to accompany a six-part BBC television series by the makers of the award-winning DEATH OF…

Politics Bbc News

politics bbc news

Top Sports News Popularity Exceeds Political Events

Sports news

The sports news business has become one of the most awaited yet needed services ever offered by the internet; thanks to the speed of broadcasting and of online expansion, the sports news are able to reach any corner of the world within minutes.

The most popular sports websites in the world have also stretched their geographical existence by signing sports news reporters from all over the world, at least, in major countries where popular sports are being hosted. For example, the South Africa World Cup 2010 will urge the sports sites to cover the event directly from where it’s held and hosted.

The ESPN sports news, NBC Sports news, sports news will not be live or accurate unless they are cultivated from the right spot through reporters and sports experts; compare it to the fact of watching NBA live games from the basketball arena… do you think it feels the same like being seen on TV?

Watching a Premier League fixture on TV will allow you to follow every replay and repeat of a football trick or skill while focusing on advertising and marketing affiliates; however, being in the football stadium of the Old Trafford (Manchester United) will grant you a brand new experience that’s characterized by the ultimate thrill, adrenaline rush, anger, joy, excitement and many more of the football fans feelings.

Sports news are not always accurate, since the posting of some news can be specified as rumors or non-official reports which aim to create a certain ambience or prepare the NBA fans or football fans to an upcoming decision, often made by the club’s administration. The sports news are not always limited to reporting the action as it happens, but plunge deeper in analysis and explanation for the purpose of predicting the future results and the consequences of certain behaviors.

Among sports news reporters, the most successful are the experts who succeed in grabbing a scoop and turn it into some kind of football rumors or golf rumors as was the case with Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Maradona, Osain Bolt, Lance Armstrong, Michael Schumacher and the list never ends. Almost every athlete has once been a subject to sports rumors, regardless of his sport and regardless of the fact of being on or off the sport’s club or field. Once sports news believe that they can gather traffic or readers through selling more newspapers or sports magazines, it would not matter no more if ethical behavior is a must or not…  what matters at that moment, is the increase of readers, viewers or users in case of an internet sports news website.

Among the leaders of sports news, we name ESPN sports center that’s broadcasted on a daily basis via ESPN live TV as well as through sports live streaming online. Skysports also offers the same services but apply a different strategy that consists on following the leader by transmitting sports on TV live as well on the internet through online TV channels. BBC sports ranks 1st in the UK and Great Britain as it tackles the most popular sports in England such as the live cricket matches, Premier League games, Premiership fixtures, Rugby, Polo…

The and ( are also serious competitors for ESPN and Skysports on the worldwide scale; with fierce battles going on to grab the leading spot in sports news live, the websites are trying to focus on all aspects of sports instead of being specialized in 1 kind of sports or 2. For instance, focusing on soccer news only or onto NFL news, cricket news, NBA news, Boxing news or football news as a unique entity, is a way to lose track of other websites that are totally dedicated to report every single event in details with photos, videos and reports.

About the Author

BBC News – News reader is possessed by ghost while live on air.

The Battle for Iraq: BBC News Correspondents on the War against Saddam

The Battle for Iraq: BBC News Correspondents on the War against Saddam


During the war in Iraq, the BBC deployed an unrivaled group of correspondents to cover every aspect of the controversial conflict: the issues behind the decision to go to war, world opinion, and the front-line experiences of coalition forces and Iraqi civilians. The quality, fairness, and accuracy of their dispatches attracted a huge worldwide audience and once again confirmed the BBC’s reputation…

Latest Barack Obama News Results

latest barack obama news results
latest barack obama news results

Disgust And Disapppointment With Our Political Class…And Free Hugs

I recently came across an April 19, 2010 Associated Press article that reported on a Pew Research Center opinion poll. The poll reported that about 80% of Americans say that they do not trust the Federal government and that they have little faith that the government can solve America’s ills. My first thought was that Americans are just being mad at politicans like they have always typically been. But I think it goes deeper this time than just being mad. I think that America is not just mad with our politicians but on so many issues are both disgusted and disappointed in the performance of the political class:

– We are disappointed in the inability of politicians to understand the concept of “conflict of interest” especially when Senator Dodd, chairman of the Senate committee that oversees the financial industry in this country, accepts very favorable mortgage considerations from a business (Countrywide Mortgages) in that industry (Earthlink News – 7/27/2009), when that same Senator Dodd receives substantial campaign donations from Federal mortgage agencies he is overseeing and regulating (Fannie and Freddie), when Senator Hilary Clinton gets substantial tax relief for a mall developer in New York after that mall developer makes a $100,000 to Bill Clinton’s foundation (New York Times – 1/3/2009), or when Senator Baucus nominates his girlfriend for a U.S. attorney general position in Montana (New York Times/St. Pete Times – 12/6/09).

– We are disappointed when the government tells me that almost $100 billion of taxpayer dollars are wasted every year through fraud and incorrect payments (Earthlink News – 11/188/2009) and that number was up $26 billion or more than 36% from the year before, i.e. the fraud is getting worse at a very rapid pace.

– We are disgusted when that same article also quotes the government as claiming only .5% of the U.S. Defense budget is wasted, we simply do not believe that an entity that large and that far flung has that low of a waste factor.

– We are disappointed in the low level of esteem and high level of contempt Senator Reid displayed for the very taxpayers that pay his salary when he claimed back in December, 2008 that “in the summer time…you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol.”

– We are disgusted that several months after the major financial corporations (including AIG, Citigroup and Freddie Mac) made substantial donations to the bankrolling of the national conventions for both the Republicans and Democrats, these same corporations received untold billions of taxpayer dollars as a bailout for their poor management of their respective businesses (Associated Press article – “Troubled Firms Bankrolled Political Conventions”).

– We are disappointed that Senator Reid would resort to racial stereotypes when he described President Obama as “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” (Associated Press – 1/9/2010).

– We are disgusted when some in the Democratic Party liken some of us to the racists of the civil rights era because we expressed an honest opinion in disagreement with Obama Care while Senator Reid can refer to a persons’ skin color and stereotyped speech pattern and not get branded as a racist.

– We are disappointed that we continue to pay taxes to government safety agencies that are supposed to protect consumers from dangers when we have had three major heavy metal (lead and two cadmium product recalls) situations where these metals were involved in the production of children’s toys (Associated Press 1/11/2010).

– We are disgusted that when the country faces so many major issues that Congress would take time to wastefully debate and expend resources to draft and pass a bill aimed at forcing college football to set up a new playoff system (Associated Press – 12/09/10).

– We are disappointed that when one of the few decent folks in the Senate, Senator Bayh of Indiana, decides that the fight in Washington is so dysfunctional and so no longer worth the battle that he decides not to continue his political career (Businessweek – 3/1/2010).

– We are disgusted that while the country’s financial systems and economic base was falling apart in the lead up to the latest recession that at least two and a half dozen SEC employees, some at very high levels of responsibility, were spending most, if not all, of their work time surfing the Internet and downloading the pornographic images they found onto their government issued computers (Associated Press – 4/23/2010).

– We are disappointed it took so long for the government to figure out that the Federal Head Start program, which has already eaten up and wasted $150 billion in taxpayer money, has no long lasting positive effect on the children that go through the program, i.e. Head Start is no more than an expensive Federal day care program, as reported in a recently published Department of Health and Human Services study. This finding negates Obama’s 2009 claim that “for every dollar we invest in these programs (like Head Start), we get nearly $10 back in reduced welfare rolls, fewer health care costs, and less crime.” Why did it take so long to figure out the waste of the program? Very disappointing.

– We are disgusted that Department of Interior Minerals Management Service employees in the Gulf Of Mexico offices spent a lot of their work time downloading pornography to their government computers, did not do the required number of inspections of Gulf oil rigs, received free hunting and fishing trips from the companies they were supposed to be inspecting, negotiated job offers with the very companies whose rigs they were inspecting, and approved a safety and contingency plan for the ill-fated Deepwater Horizon well in 2009 that had absolutely no chance of working (Associated Press – 5/17/2010, 5/28/2010, and 6/9/2010).

– We are disappointed that the political class has not the faintest understanding of basic economics and this shallow understanding continually results in wasteful, expensive, and ineffective programs such as Cash For Clunkers, the New Home Buyers Credit program, Cash For Appliances, etc. that merely shift economic demand around in time, do not result in increased demand, and just give away taxpayer money to those that would have purchased a new car or new home anyway (Associated Press – 6/23/2010).

– We are disgusted that a candidate for Congress would stoop so low on the illegal immigration issue that he thinks “we should catch ’em, we should document ’em, make sure we know where they are and where they are going, I actually support micro-chipping them. I can micro-chip my dog so I can find it. Why can’t I micro-chip an illegal?” (Cedar Rapids Gazette – 4/27/2010).

– We are disappointed that the Obama administration sees fit to sue the state of Arizona for trying to control the illegal immigration flow over its borders rather than trying to solve the root cause of the problem, i.e. the overwhelming illegal flow of people, guns, and drugs across all of our borders, while not suing U.S. cities that actually welcome and service illegal aliens in violation of Federal law.

– We are disgusted that President Obama has remained silent while those that respectfully and legally disagree with his policies have been called racists, un-American, knuckle dragging Neanderthals, terrorists, and other names, resulting in a country more divided than ever against itself.

– We are disappointed that it took over 3,700 claims by an elderly Brooklyn woman before the Federal government finally decided there was some fraud going on, resulting in 94 arrests and busts of crime efforts that had bilked the Medicare program of about $250 million. The disappointment is why did it take so long to crack down when Medicare fraud has been a problem from Day One of the program (Associated Press – 7//16/2010).

– We are disgusted that the political class continues to pit one group of Americans against another, whether it is rich vs. poor, gay vs. straight, pro life vs. pro choice, resulting in Americans fighting each other rather than bringing heat to bear on the American political class to finally solve some real issues facing the country.

– We are disappointed that GM and the Obama administration thought the American public was too dumb to find out or too dumb to understand that when GM announced that it was paying back $4.7 billion in government loans, that it was not repayng the fund out of its own earnings but were drawing funds from another government fund to repay the government loan, i.e. taxpayers were paying taxpayers (The Week magazine – 5/7/2010).

– We are disgusted that in these tough economic times, politicians at all levels seem to ignore these hard times and the suffering of their constituents: 1) members of the Illinois Governor’s staff got substantial raises (some more than 20%) at the same time that the Governor was cutting the state budget by $1.4 billion (Associated Press – 7/2/2010), 2) three town administrators in a small town in California, where 17% of the town residents live in poverty, received $787,637 (city administrative officer), $376,288 (assistant city manager), and $457,000 (police chief) in salary in addition to outrageous pensions (Associated Press – 7/22/2010) and 3) the members of Congress that automatically raise their salaries every year regardless of how poorly they lead and perform and how poorly the economy and the nation is doing.

– We are disappointed that money still continues to pervert our elective system with a recent article reporting that a long time Democratic fund raiser, Hassan Nemazee, was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison for fraud, using some of the fraud money he gathered to donate to the campaign funds of Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Al Gore (Associated Press – 7/15/2010) and another recent article (Associated Press – 7/22/2010) that reported that Congressman Charles Rangel was recently charged with multiple ethics violations including using government resources to raise money for the Charles Rangel Center For Public Service, receiving improper advantage from New York City’s rent stabilization program, and his failure to report income on his disclosure forms.

– We are disgusted that so-called leaders of this country continue to have adultery problems including President Clinton, Governor Spitzer, Senator Ensign, Governor Sanford, Governor MacGreevey, and Senator Edwards, just to name a few. It is not the sex that we are disgusted with, it is the lies of adultery (if they lied in this area, can they be trusted in another area), it is the time it takes to cover up such affairs, time that could be better spent governing, and it is the potential for blackmail that would never result in the good of the taxpayer.

– We are disappointed in the inability of either party to solve any issue of consequence with the drug problem lingering over this country since the late 1960s, the inability to come up with a comprehensive and sane energy program hanging around since the mid-1970s, the continued failure of public schools despite the warnings of a national commission on education in the early 1980s and the failure to secure our borders from terrorists despite numerous terror attacks in the 1990s (USS Cole attack, African embassy bombings, first World Trade Center bombing), etc.

– We are disgusted when we see how poorly we are represented, as proven by the comments coming out of the Wisconsin county politician who believes that Arizona is not a border state with Mexico, the comments from a Georgia Congressman who spoke at a Congressional hearing of his fear that the island of Guam could tip over in the ocean, and the Speaker of the House who believes that unemployment is the best way to create jobs in this country (all of these outrageous claims can be found on YouTube).

It does get overwhelming so lets stop now. However, just when you start to lose all hope, you often stumble across something that reinvigorates that hope. For me, it was an uplifting YouTube video. To view it go to the YouTube site and search for “Free Hugs In Sondrio, Italy.” Apparently this movement has been going on for a while. In a nutshell, people go to public places and hold up signs offering free hugs. The results are amazing. Total strangers going up to each other and giving each other a hug. No one accusing another of being a racist or a Neanderthal or a terrorist or unpatriotic or too rich or too white or too pro choice or too pro life or too anything. Just humans connecting on a very personal and enjoyable level. No politicians around to point out our differences, just individuals making some good, simple memories.

Thus, this video should give us  hope, that all of us are basically good people and  we can overcome our differences, our disappointments, and our disgust. If we can go up to and hug a total stranger, than just about anything can be overcome. This proves there is a disconnect somewhere and the cause of that disconnect is the political class. They need us to hate each other and defend our “tribe,” it allows them to divert attention from their failings and nonperformance. This video proved to me that term limits are needed more than ever. We need to continually replenish Congress with people that believe in hugs and not divisiveness. Getting them out of office before they lose the free hugs aspect is critical to working together and solving our problems going forward.

Bp Oil Spill Size Map

bp oil spill size map

bp oil spill size map

BP Oil – Thanks For The Memories..

Bp Oil Spill On Google Earth

bp oil spill on google earth
bp oil spill on google earth

A culture of global citizenship is an essential aspect of developing a peaceful and prosperous civilization of man. An assortment of Civilization old and over are converging towards a universal civilization and divine.

Our economy is increasingly globalized and now. The Internet is a phenomenon world national borders are almost nothing to do with the Internet. I heard a member of the Peace Corps have a history of Kyrgyzstan, the other day, she says it is not uncommon to see people talking on a cell phone while a horse or donkey.

The United Nations Millennium development goals report mentions that we progress to the nets treated with insecticide, medicines against AIDS and mobile cell for the peoples of Africa.

Grameen Bank has dedicated in providing microcredit to women in Bangladesh and other countries. They for women because women are more likely to invest the money in the family.

Grameen Bank is also working on a joint venture with society Danon of France to offer highly nutritious yogurt at affordable prices in poor countries. Also the manufacture of yoghurt in local factories, creating jobs for people living in poor countries.

The fact is that everyone, including bloggers and entrepreneurs should be aware of progress in the development of the global economy and civilization. This is the context in which we participate.

The U.S. stock market deflated by 50% over the last two years. When this economic turmoil is over and begin to recover, the global economy have a much more equitable. The position of the industrialized countries continue to have a considerable advantage, but with the United Nations, Internet, cell phones and the global flow of goods, services and information in the global economy are raised together.

For us to move towards a universal civilization more peaceful and prosperous, we must acknowledge the importance of unity in world. All must unite, not just another way to create peace and prosperity for all peoples of the world.

We can no longer tolerate a small minority of humanity hoarding of land resources for their own benefit and selfish at the expense of others. Oppression is the lack of justice. True freedom, which is legal, not outside the law, and equality of opportunity and justice for all peoples is everywhere absolutely essential to advancing the cause of peace and prosperity.

Universal education, including teaching a universal language Another important aspect of developing a global culture peaceful and prosperous. Unity in diversity, not uniformity, is the nature and view of world culture and world civilization as we develop in the earth today.

Our global culture is mixed, and the spiritual aspects Economics of human nature with a holistic approach to social and economic development. We must practice the moral and spiritual principles of our activities economic cycles to replace the devastating economic and social inequalities, with a sustainable economy and peace and prosperity, which is an inherent universal civilization where there is divine.

To be honest, kind, friendly and generous.

BP Oil Spill – Skandi ROV1 – COREXIT