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Obama Proposes $3.8 Trillion Budget

Obama Proposes $3.8 Trillion Budget

The 65-day-late budget is taking criticism from every side.

Food Crisis In America 2012

Food Crisis In America 2012


Alex Jones interviews Steve Shenk the owner of efoods direct ( and explains the food crisis and why it’s so important for you to start storing your food today.  Food Stamps are being advertised everywhere today and why do you think that is and what does that mean to you?  Well just watch this interview and it will answer these questions and more.

This are just a few quotes from the interview with Steve Shenk

  1. “Everything leads to food”
  2. “When people are looking at their gas pumps and seeing 10% ethanol that’s your food going into the gas tank because right now we lost 70% of our corn crop”
  3. “Food is becoming the currency of the present”
  4. “50% of the population of this country is needing subsidization for there food budget”

Factoid:  In 1959 the United States was able to produce enough food to feed the world population 5 times over.

World food prices jumped 10 percent in July as drought parched crop lands in the United States and Eastern Europe, the World Bank said in a statement urging governments to shore up programs that protect their most vulnerable populations. (

CNN Headline: “Long, hot summer sends food prices soaring” (

US News Headline:  “US poverty rate unchanged; record numbers persist” ()

Barack Obama Tax Bracket

barack obama tax bracket
barack obama tax bracket
Obama's latest proposal to reduce charitable deductions Would Crowd Out Civil Society Summary: Barack Obama exercise 2012 the President's budget proposal would harm charitable organizations by increasing the tax rate on high income individuals and families and reduce their tax deduction for charitable donations.
Obama’s Tax Bracket Slipping

If small business owners really going to fall into the same tax brackets that large corporations?

The last time I checked Obama wanted to provide tax relief for small businesses and create businesses: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will eliminate all capital gains taxes in setting up and small businesses to encourage innovation and job creation. This has nothing to do with making more than $ 250k or not.

the start-up companies and small do not pay capital gains taxes. The last time I checked they were lying.

New Federal Taxes 2011

new federal taxes 2011
new federal taxes 2011
Trooper ago Elma stop cocaine shortly before 14:30 on Monday, February 28, New York State Trooper Thomas Hathaway stopped a vehicle in the streets Gaza Elma. When you register the vehicle, police allegedly found an electronic scale and a coffee spoon with cocaine residue behind Board of Directors. He stopped the driver, a man Elma 33-years.

option of leasing solar Sungevity expand to new states in 2011

The Solar-Leasing Option for homeowners in California by Sungevity began in April 2010 saw the huge demand. The company has sold or leased more than 4.7 megawatts systems Solar Energy in 2010. Ninety percent of the company's business comes from leases, "said CEO Danny Kennedy. Sungevity recently announced that their lease option of $ 0 on a 10-20 years for residential roofs in Arizona and Colorado State. We are pleased to announce Sungevity 2011-12, so that it is expanding its offering for business owners to solar energy in several countries, including the East Coast.

Sungevity – three years Oakland installer of solar energy start-ups now have the funding boost to expand operations and the target was the East Coast states. raised at the end of 2010, the Company has an additional $ 15 million to finance this expansion. More owners that the U.S. will soon see to reduce head Sungevity offer its electricity bills by Going Solar by lease or purchase option.

Danny Kennedy and his team to run the process as easy as solar control to Netflix. Homeowners can use a free offer for photovoltaic modules to receive their roof, and estimated savings for their address and details of their electricity consumption. Society uses satellite and aerial images on a virtual instance, look at what the plates will be and the estimated costs and savings, all within 24 hours and free. Sungevity software automatically analyzes the slope of the roof, year-round sunshine, shadows obstacles and offers excellent customization options for solar panels on a roof in particular. In addition, an owner rents, where estimates for a walk with $ 0 over a solar or for a final purchase.

Sungevity approach makes preliminary visit in person at a solar contractor as unnecessary and questionable. By cutting the sales calls and through accurate estimates of the technology, "said Kennedy, two things happen: The company saves money for the client, and it attracts People who are interested in solar energy, but tired of the complexity of the process. Sungevity software keeps track of all necessary permits and guide the consumer to get incentives and rebates at the local, state and federal levels. Once an order is placed pre-packaged solar power system to the customer with the installation team sent. The installation team is consistent Provisions for local solar systems and is bound and certified.

The success of the leasing solar Sungevity is complemented by the fact that the U.S. bank an equity fund owners to obtain permits obtained a solar system for no money down and monthly payments to be offset by savings on electricity bills can. When printing with solar-lease – the bank is 30 percent credit Federal investment tax take plants.

regime leasing solar was very popular with customers who were hungry bar. Sungevity offered people to move at ease in the form of green power.

To learn more about lease of the solar system option, see .

New Federal Tax Breaks for 2010, 2011

Obama New Taxes 2011

obama new taxes 2011
Please No New Taxes January 2011

Feb. 20: Durbin, Graham, Rice, roundtable
Transcript of the February 20, 2011 broadcast of NBC’s Meet the Press, featuring Susan Rice, Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham, Jennifer Granholm, Harold Ford, Ed Gillespie amd Rick Santelli.
obama new taxes 2011
President Obama: Why is it detrimental to the working poor?

Obama's plan: "increase the minimum wage to $ 9.50 per hour by 2011: Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that people who work full time should not live in poverty. Although the minimum wage will rise to $ 7.25 per hour in 2009, the lowest purchasing power in real wages will still be below what it was in 1968. President Obama continue to increase the minimum wage to $ 9.50 per hour in 2011, the rate of inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to ensure that workers full-time can earn a living wage that allows them to keep their families and pay for basic needs like food, transportation and housing – things that many people give for granted, "What about the working poor and made their way to be paid $ 9.50 an hour. Some of the new hires comes and gives what worked hard to get. Few people understand when the minimum wage rises so does the price Why is Obama hurt the working poor?

Because live and work and earn a living is not looking down on other people who earn less than you or have not been employed in a job, as long as you have. No base these things in the ego of those who want others to have less than them. These are not people living in poverty until he has earned. No one should NEVER live in poverty.

Barack Obama Tax Proposal

barack obama tax proposal
RBS’ take on Barack Obama’s bank tax proposal

Barack Obama proposal for entry fee on Canadians creates uproar
By Gurmukh Singh, Toronto, Feb 18 : President Barack Obama’s proposal to charge an entry fee from Canadians entering the US has infuriated political and business leaders in this country.
barack obama tax proposal
Why is Obama pushing for tax cuts for business?

I thought this was one of the Democrats had problems with Bush ….. I well remember the rhetoric, "tax breaks for the rich" and "tax cuts do not create jobs." Officials are to announce that President Barack Obama proposes to make permanent the elimination of taxes on capital gains on principal investments in small businesses a White House official. This provision was approved in September as part of a temporary measure. Obama's fiscal 2012 budget to be released in two weeks intends to make the provision permanent. # Cantanke ……. what you is admitting the left was wrong about Bush,,, thanks.

Obama has to do something to temporarily help businesses, so it is not a survey cons for the unemployment numbers. It could give a frogs flying behind, actually, because it helps companies not part of his agenda, not get people jobs Working … its program is purely allowing its friends in big government and big business takeover of the economy and control the rest of us. Infrastructure is in place … they are ready to move on … Americans are not soon going to be able to recognize his country … I just do not know it yet.

Barack Obama Tax Cuts Chart

barack obama tax cuts chart
barack obama tax cuts chart
Both functions can complicate the life of Paul Ryan star turn last week that Paul "Republican response" Barack Obama President of the State of the Union marked another milestone in her rise to fame. But in the months to come, the role Ryan will be more consistent complex and difficult.
Our very progressive tax system?

1% had 22% of declared income. But also pays a portion of taxes not far from doubling their participation in income. In other words, the tax code and is very progressive. The graph shows that near the top 1% of taxpayers, those earning above $ 388,806, paid 40% of all income taxes in 2006, the highest proportion of at least 40 years. 10% of income, those earning more than $ 108,904, 71% paid. Barack Obama says he will cut taxes for those below, but will also be a challenge because Americans with an income below average paid a record low of 2.9% of all income taxes, while 50% paid 97.1%. Maybe she thinks half the country should pay all taxes to support the other half.

You hit the nail on the head. Certainly, it is estimated that half of country should support the other half. This was chosen. The poor have voted for him.

More Fox News Bias for Rich on Bush Tax Cuts?

Barack Obama Tax Proposal 2009

barack obama tax proposal 2009
barack obama tax proposal 2009
FACT CHECK: Obama and his book The Big Book of balance does not seem to be adding Tuesday night when President Barack Obama urged more spending on the one hand and a spending freeze on the other.
President Obama’s Deferral Proposal: Hamstringing American Companies, Reducing American Jobs

OBAMA (low-/ + increase) Avg. Bill revenue?

This is how the average tax bill could change in 2009, while John McCain or Barack Obama's tax proposals were fully in place. OBAMA (low-/ + increase) Avg. Bill of tax revenue: More than $ 2.9 M + $ 701,885 and up to $ 603K + $ 227K-$ 115.974 $ 603K + $ 12 $ 161K-$ 227K – $ 2,789 USD 112K-$ 161K – $ 2,204 USD 66K-$ 112K – $ 1,290 $ 38K-$ 66K – $ 19K-$ 1,042 $ 38K – $ 892 less than $ 19K – $ 567 Source: Tax Policy Center

It looks good for the average man, at first sight but I have some problems with this formula. First, we can not always expect people to do well to take the rest of us. If you're on the road success and know that government is going to take 40 or 50% of what they do, where is the incentive to achieve. Of course, if you have money, Hurst less when you have pay the tax, but still disagree with the concept of being forced to pay for welfare programs. Also, what is not explained here is the little "Sly" taxes to be built in the code. The numbers above are only averages stadium. People who make $ 100,000 a year will have to contribute more social security system and Medicare taxes. However, they receive no greater benefit at retirement. Returning to the tax tables to pre-Bush error, every dollar that from the first dollar earned is taxed at 15%. At this point, the first $ 6,000 is taxed at 10%. In addition, there will be changes to the numbers phase and things the average person is unfamiliar with. Again, clever tatics.

Barack Obama Tax Increases

barack obama tax increases

barack obama tax increases
Obama's education push is running at an alarming $ 1.5 trillion deficit Barack Obama on his way Wednesday to campaign for his State of the Union plan by spending more on Education and innovation.
Steve Schmidt Repeats Obama Tax Increase Lie

Barack Obama National Debt

barack obama national debt
barack obama national debt

The United States has had several presidents, including those who have done something noteworthy to consider one of the greatest leaders and best in the country has had. Those who offer the same exceptional sacrifice and helped renovate the country's history that the top 10.

1. George Washington: President George Washington is certainly the first step in this list. Born in 1732 in Virginia, became the pioneer Chairman of the American April 30, 1789. He was elected president after leading a constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787. He remained neutral during the Franco-British. It was a great advocate the rights of the American people.

2. Thomas Jefferson: He was the second president of the "rule of God" and it was a voice against tyranny. Born in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1743. He was a lawyer by profession.

Among his achievements was drafting the Declaration of Independence of the age of 33 years as a "silent member" of Congress. He also wrote a draft bill establishing religious freedom, issued in 1786. He managed to reduce the national debt during his time in third countries.

3. James Madison: Born in 1751 in Orange County, Virginia. He was popularly called "Father of the Constitution" due account of the roles he played in large changes in the Constitution of the United States. He was a lawyer by profession, served in the Bill of Rights and to enforce the revenue laws to the first time when he was in Congress.

Eventually became the fourth president of the United States in 1808. He resisted oppression by the British government, which eventually led to war between the two nations.

4. John Quincy Adams: He became the first child of a president States to govern together, like himself president in 1824. He was a lawyer and son of President John Adams. As the president launched the movement for the construction of canals and roads to link the various sections, and the development and preservation of the public domain, with funds from the sale of public lands.

5. Theodore Roosevelt: A 43 years old, became president on 26 and the youngest person to govern the United States in 1901. Governor Born New York in 1858 and became a state 1898. He has made the U.S. the global center of political attention and believes that the President as Manager population should take the necessary measures for the public good.

He built the Panama Canal, preserved forests of America, important forest lands and lands reserved for public use. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his role to put end to the Russo-Japanese War. He was popular for his proverb "Speak softly and carry a big stick …"

6. Woodrow Wilson: A teacher political science, born in 1856 in Virginia, Woodrow Wilson became the 28th president of the United States in 1912 after being the first governor of New Jersey in 1910. Fought for the rights of individuals and states, and helped push the adoption of several laws, including "Act Underwood, the antitrust laws, among others. He also designed the law banning child labor.

It was the Germans and France sign the Treaty of Versailles which contained the covenant of the League of Nations.

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York in 1882 and elected the 32nd President in 1932 after serving as governor of New York in 1928.

Without doubt one of the most influential presidents who led the U.S. government, Franklin Roosevelt helped give hope to the American people during the Great Depression. It was a great mind, had polio at the age 39, but was able to regain use of his legs by swimming exercises.

He dreamed of a "United Nations" to contribute to world peace but died before the dream materialized. He was the oldest U.S. president (he served for four terms)

8. Dwight D. Eisenhower: Born in 1890 in Texas, became the 34th chief of the U.S. in 1952. It is remarkable to achieve school desegregation and the military. He believes it should not be second class citizens in America. He pleaded for peace and has been in the forefront in the search for world peace. Even in other countries are allowed American uranium for peaceful purposes.

9. Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III, August 19, 1946, became the 42nd president of the United States in 1992. His administration saw the unemployment rate the lowest surplus reached for the first time in decades. America also enjoyed more peace during his tenure and had the lowest inflation for 30 years.

He openly campaigned against drug trafficking, arms sales and the fire of racial discrimination. Received two tenures as president.

10. Barack Obama: The 44th and current president of the United States of America, it is the first African American to rule the United States. Born Hawaii 4 August 1961 and became the first president to leave the continental United States. He sworn in as 44th U.S. president January 20, 2009.

He wrote a total of 890 bills and co-sponsored in 1096 as a senator, and attempts to promote reform of the health sector as Chair, with its law on health care reform is one of the main achievements to date. Much was expected of him.
Nobel Laureate peace, which many believe does not really deserve to win.

Are there any other president would have felt in this list? Should we think deserves not be on the list? You are free to express your opinion.

President Barack Obama’s Endgame: A Look At The National Debt