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Ahmed Rehab: Miss USA Scrutiny Indicates Weird Obsession with Islam
Just one day after Rima Fakih, an Arab-American Lebanese Muslim from Michigan, won the Miss USA pageant, her faith took center stage, and sure enough, some found a way to “link” her to terrorism.
Fuck Fox “News” 66: Defending Right Wing Violence

The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs

The Grouchy Historian: An Old-Time Lefty Defends Our Constitution Against Right-Wing Hypocrites and Nutjobs


In the tradition of Al Franken and Michael Moore, Ed Asner—a.k.a. Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler Moore Show—reclaims the Constitution from the right-wingers who think that they and only they know how to interpret it.Ed Asner, a self-proclaimed dauntless Democrat from the old days, figured that if the right-wing wackos are wrong about voter fraud, Obama’s death panels, and climate change, they…

Reagan’s Conservative Politics

reagan's conservative politics

Boom!: Voices of the Sixties

In 1962, I had the job of a journalist from entry level to an Omaha television station. I negotiated for a salary hundred dollars a week, because I do not feel able to say doctor Meredith's father I was making less. Meredith, who had a high school history, could not find work because, as one personnel director after another said, "You're a young bride. If you hire, you will be pregnant soon and want maternity leave. "

In retrospect the political and cultural climate in the early Sixties seems both a time of innocence and as a sweltering summer day always in the Midwest: an unsettling calm before a storm over Vietnam, which was not yet an American war. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. confronts racism in the South and make a good part of the exhibition of Huntley-Brinkley Report on NBC and CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, the two major network news every fifteen minutes long.

In the fall of 1963, first, then CBS, shortly after, NBC expanded the story's signature half hour. Reflecting the importance of the expansion, Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley were granted lengthy exclusive interviews with President Kennedy. ABC would not be a player in the majors again until 1970, when Roone Arledge brought to ABC News for Energy and the programming approach, he had asked ABC Sports. Kennedy, U.S. first truly telegenic president, was a master of the medium, while recognizing its power to reach the living rooms of America from coast to coast.

During our time Omaha, John F. Kennedy was not a local favorite. deeply conservative culture of the city has remained immune to the charms of Kennedy and his arguments for social change, such as civil rights and the introduction medical care subsidized by the government for the elderly. I'm sure many of my conservative friends at the time thought it was a card stop being a member Communist Party because it regularly defended the need for racial equality enforced and Medicare.

One of the most popular players to go through Omaha in those days was a familiar figure from my childhood, when children in the small towns of the Great Plains spent Saturday afternoons in movie watching movie westerns. Ronald Reagan looked just like he did on the big screen. It was sort of a child who did well, starting as a radio star next door in Iowa and move to Hollywood, before to become television as host of General Electric Theater.

Omaha Reagan's appearances were part of its agreement with GE, which allowed him to be a preacher old circuit riding, the warning against the evils of big government and communism, while praising the virtues of big business and the free market. It was a few inches of a star, impeccably dressed and cared for. But those of us who shared his Midwestern roots were a little surprised that even though he was completely cordial, not hot. This part of his personality remains an enigma even to his closest friends and advisers throughout his career success of the historic policy.

In Omaha the only time I lit my presence was when I realized that it was contact lenses and I asked about them. He was very excited when he described how they were a new soft model, not the disks that can irritate the eyes. He even wrote the name of his California optometrist so Meredith could order a pair for her. (Later, when he became president, I often thought: "It is not only a great politician, is a seller of contact lenses whore.")

President Kennedy also passed through Omaha, but only for a brief stop at the Strategic Air Command headquarters there. In those days, SAC is instantly recognized acronym because the terrorists was – some of which we have seen, because they were always in the air ready to intervene if the attack – was a component central U.S. cold-war military strategy.

More memorable for me was a visit to sack the president's brother Robert F. Attorney General Kennedy. The young Kennedy was a strong contrast with the president, who had been smiling and chatty with the local press and even more impressive in person than on television. Unlike the president, who was always meticulously and elegantly dressed, the attorney general was wearing a rumpled suit and blue shirt collar was buttoned frayed. He was visibly impatient, and his mood did not improve when I asked for a reaction in the Alabama governor George Wallace, that JFK resign the presidency because his position on school integration. Bobby Blue Ice looks at me and said, as if I was to blame for the declaration of the governor, "I have no comment on anything Governor Wallace has to say. "

I was serving in the newsroom a few weeks later, when the United Press International wire service machine began to ring bells in your newsletter. I walked more relaxed and began to read a series of sentences to break so broken by the page:

Three shots at President Kennedy's motorcade in downtown Dallas. . . Flash – Kennedy seriously wounded, perhaps fatally shot for a murderer. . . President John F. Kennedy died at approximately 13:00 (CST).

John F. Kennedy, the man who thought he could define the political ideal for the rest of my days, disappeared suddenly in the senseless violence of a moment. In many ways, could not know then, the gunshots in Dealey Plaza has triggered a series of historic changes: the quagmire of Vietnam that led to the downfall of Lyndon Johnson as president, the death of Robert Kennedy in pursuit of the Presidency, and again the presidency and the disgrace of Richard Nixon.

In this beautiful autumn morning in late November, however, my immediate concern was to ensure that history in the air. I threw myself on the new edition of our lunch, and as I was running to the press room, one of the enemies of the Kennedy station said: "What happens? "

I said, "Kennedy was Shot."

He said: "It's time that someone is the son of a bitch."

Bearing into account the nuances of the gauze of memory people, the invocations of Camelot and JFK as our nation's prince, which may surprise most Americans young people know that President Kennedy was not universally loved.

Now Kennedy was gone, and this man was happy. I ran towards him, but another partner threw me away.

© 2007 Tom Brokaw's book Boom! Tom Brokaw Published by Random House, November 2007, $ 28.95US / $ 34.95CAN; 978-1-4000-6457-1

About the Author
Tom Brokaw is the author of four bestsellers: The Greatest Generation The Greatest Generation Speaks, a scrapbook, and a long way from home. From 1976-1981, she anchored today on NBC. He was the only anchor and editor of NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw from 1983 to 2004.

About the Author

President Reagan’s Remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference – 3/1/85

Left Wing Politics Republican

left wing politics republican

MSNBC The Hidden Government Media Outlet – Investigation into the politics of media, the 4th rail of government

MSNBC The Hidden Government Media Outlet – Investigation into the politics of media, the 4th rail of government.

It’s simple right?  Control the media, control the world. If you say something enough it will soon be true. News is what we tell you it is. We have all heard these basic thoughts in grade school history when talking about the Nazis and 3rd Reich and we all know that nothing like the propaganda master mind of Gerbils could ever come to viewing in today’s America right? 

However when viewing MSNBC, owned by the corporate mammoth GE, I get a creepy feeling running down my spine.  What simply seems to be a hard Leftist propaganda source when first viewing MSNBC, we soon realize it’s a mouth piece for positive reinforcement for the government which has simply been masked under the guise of news.

Why, one may ask? The answer is simple my friends, it’s power, and once one has power one seeks to keep power.  The democrats have been exceedingly skillful in leveraging the media to hold power.  Driven by their almost vice like grip on MSNBC they have also gained cable news channels where they can project any version of news they choose. 

While it’s unclear of GE’s full role in this matter we suspect they stand to make billions and billions from the democratic payback and back channel deals.  What is clear is there is a deal of sorts as no news outlet could be in such object agreement with everything the government says as if its gospel.  Furthermore, they demonize or belittle anyone who opposes the government using their status as news to defuse and undermine anyone who dares oppose the government thought that has been issued.

However, unless the republicans and independents are able to the control the news sources as well as the Democrats have been able to, there will be no balance of power. Control the media, control the power.  Control the media, control the population.  Control the media and you control the truth.  Granted you may have to bribe GE in some way, but I am sure they do not care who is in power.  They will support you as long as they get paid in some way.

About the Author

“Many time we find or selves with nothing to do but speak out and raise our voices in the hope that it shall be heard. “

Sean Hannity investigates Left Wing Political organizations – Part 1 of 2

Balanced Politics Immigration

balanced politics immigration
Mainstream media bias?

Is this enough evidence through the media? Yesterday, someone asked why cons to consider the media mainstream bias. I thought the immigration bill today would be the perfect example. I think 80% oppose this bill, including me, but look at how the means of implementation. Yahoo News (Rueters) Headline Senate hands Bush immigration defeat CNN Headline main draft the Senate immigration bill suffers crushing defeat MSNBC Legislation Headline falls 14 votes short, despite the Great Bush insists support the demonstration. / principles of AOL (I think it was AP) headline read Bush delivered a major defeat on immigration. Fair and balanced Fox News Comprehensive Immigration Act occurs Error crucial test vote in the Senate, 2933,287143,00. Html It's all in the spin they put it.

It means nothing if not rotate. 🙂 It was the Kennedy / McCain "immigration bill until he has conquered me! LOL

The Immigration Debate: SuperNews!


REVEL for Politics in America, 2014 Elections and Updates Edition -- Access Card (10th Edition)

REVEL for Politics in America, 2014 Elections and Updates Edition — Access Card (10th Edition)


REVEL™ for Politics in America introduces students to the political struggles that drive democracy, examining the participants, the stakes, the processes, and the institutional arenas that comprise the power game of American politics. Using Harold Lasswell’s classic definition of politics — “who gets what, when, and how” — as their unifying framework, authors Thomas Dye and Ronald Keit…

Conservative Definition Politics

conservative definition politics

Conservatives what I said Black

What I said black conservatives is not all Dwight Hobbes Minnesota Guys Tom Law and Policy at the library I'm Reading Black and Right: The Bold Voice of Black Conservatives in America. Kevin, a friendly understanding, is over, saw the title, looks at me funny and said, "I know you is not a conservative. "Measure your words, I reply," man of research, during a concert. "" Oh. "Relieved lip extends jokes and joke a little goes his way. To me, the achievement, so, my integrity was questioned. My legitimacy, so to speak, as a black in good faith. This brother with whom I have been very well for several years was willing to judge in a certain light, and therefore, the lower your opinion. To my knowledge, there is still wonder If a Klansman heart beats under my skin. Kevin looked away, I wonder how the real McCoy – honest to goodness black conservatives – it feels when considering out of control. What it means to be stigmatized thusly? Despite the historic importance of people like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice – in some ways because of it – African Americans not supposed to admit to being conservative. Especially not after the arrival of the liberal head of President Obama. Someone says something in black against affirmative action, example, during a cocktail of politically correct white people and see the wrinkles on the nose as if someone threw a fart. The answer is not so strong among the privileged, the dominant black, but not exactly put your best foot forward. Kevin is not an aberration. We usually see our black conservatives as members of the wrong career, instead of support the struggle for social equality, unfortunately it sabotage. It is a not entirely difficult to understand the answer. Our challenge, after all, are a hell of a lot top right or left blank. This is not all that many decades ago that our standard of living has included Education viable, useful employment and the freedom to be lynched by the whim of a white person. We want to be aware that small gains can be move from the confidence of our children, stop being grateful for small favors, in the near future, to an America where children learn about racism and history instead of play firsthand. Moreover, blacks are according to our conservative is likely to see them as comrades in arms against the debilitating social programs, dependence on the charity that retains much of we too busy leading the white layer of good will to go on strike and, by themselves, do something our damn it to transcend the second-class citizens. Note: You get clowns Republican United States, as the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, who had never seen acts as a mirror and seems so convinced that white is a miracle that he never asked to become a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but we're not talking about this kind of idiocy here. We are talking about a group of African-Americans who want to what is good for African-Americans simply do not agree with another group of African Americans in particular how to do to get it. Black conservative are generally not known for wanting to burn at the stake liberal blacks. The same I can not say otherwise. More than a few of us, of course, despise institutionalized oppression explores, vehemently disparaging the conservative color. Many of us stood to reason when we see one of us as a threat to social progress. Or to be too critical black folk for not doing enough for his party on social progress. Some are downright narrow-minded, revenge, shouting that we do not want to ear. Jesse Peterson, curator and head of a new destination Brother (BOND), was in Los Angeles, addressing a group of liberal ministers black and Wheeler-dealer community in the church. He did not was singing the mantra in the popular sense that all evil in the lives of average black people blame white people hate. Which, apparently, was the tone of the day. "Why what is ", had the audacity to ask," that all speakers have mentioned here as people are white, but nobody talked about the decline of morality in many black communities? "Given the drugs, homicide, robbery and prostitution are rooted in many black neighborhoods to be a fact of life, the question was reasonable. Moreover, the dilemma, he cited not only involves hitting thugs gangs and other criminals making news, but victims who do not in the public and black communities as resolutely locked as possible. Countless women, for example, who was raped by fathers, uncles, brothers and family friends grow to become prostitutes away your pain with smoking crack. It includes children regularly beaten to within an inch of their lives innocent if they survive to adulthood, can not wait to find someone to turn around and beat the crap out of a regular – if domestic violence, abuse or intimidation fair what they can get away with abuse. Blacks everywhere know damn good and well that happens. Blacks everywhere are also equipped with air only – Laundry junk dirty in public in sweeping the tormented life of carpet if we do not look as bad for white people who already do. The group has been dealing with Peterson, however, responded with a lot of changes in their seats before the Minister, the behavior of the final sentence was applied pot shots, sarcastic, denouncing Jesse Peterson an instigator "disorder" in collusion with the enemies of God against the good of black America. This mirrors the ostrich act gesture was all it needed. sentence Minister replicas inspired rapture Peterson Amen Corner has been ridiculed, but all driven from their environment. Sadly, it is a fact. You can not tell people a black thing, damn they do not want to hear. They just do not listen. Revered icon Jesse Jackson landed his neck in hot water, it is recognized, in 1993, "No There is nothing more painful for me at this stage of my life walking down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white are relieved. "No no no attackers white, but again, people everywhere know black Jackson had been honest. And by doing exactly the direction correct. Sentenced to perpetuate a stereotype – to say nothing of its accuracy – the queue and never hides Jackson opened his mouth on the subject again. What this figure at international level recognized can be quickly reduced to silence is a profound testimony to the power of censorship in black America. Never forget that, corroborating his statement, streets our exploration of urban black offenders: recognizing the root of evil in our communities is secondary to saving face. If you can not say anything about blacks Nice, says nothing at all or are a race traitor. Even if you are the brother of Jesse. If Jackson can get blown up and gagged What hope is there for mere mortals to express freely? There is a saying among blacks, "Free your mind and your ass will follow." How the hell do you free your mind to realistically assess what ails black community when we should be slower than anyone to participate reactionary thought, sitting on your ass and complain about the slightest dissent. We defend dissidents to express their hearts and minds instead of living to our ideas of what should be. Does not always work, however. There are some among us who do not give a damn about obtain permission from the citizens who are willing to be politically correct. Those who go against the current hard here in Minnesota, praised bastion of thought liberal. Not surprised at all that around a dozen people have called this view, only four with three agreeing to be interviewed recalled. And one of them was as suspect, reported the conversation unnecessarily. Attorney Kenneth Udoibok firm Smith & Udoibok Minneapolis, says the AP categorically: "Because I marry many conservative ideas do not make me an Uncle Tom. "For example, not a fan of affirmative action and believes that instead of living by that of laws, the idea is to make the work of existing ones. It is also an advocate of civil rights. "Human civilians and [the Conservatives are] compatible. The civil rights, in itself, is conservative. conservatism limit government intrusion into our lives. For civil We also intend our rights should not be surprised by the government or any other party. "How can you protect civil rights while opposing affirmative action? If the ideal is equality of legal protection, [he defeats] this idea, suitable for partitioning. If we admit slavery was wrong, if the goal of society is to continue in the opposite direction, it would be immoral to validate acts defined in terms of race. "None of this means Udoibok hop republican movement that grinds black lives under its wheels." Republicans' lack of recognition that consciousness of race is important in this country, denying the influence of race, is shortsighted. "Black conservatives, the presumption on the contrary, not everyone thinks alike. "I do not agree with the members of Peter Bell [Council Twin Cities and nationally for the] American Experience strident argument that race has no significant value for both conservatives and liberals. I disagree Warren Grantham [former executive director of the League] Education Minnesota school vouchers. Cree a new system of checks bad public school, and I [see also] probably the first educational tool, raising the black underclass. "Says Peter Bell," Race is the number our country an open question. The important question is "What is an appropriate response to the government and society? Can we have the race as factor in government policy? I doubt. I do not know how to calibrate that, as a component of government policy in a way where the cure is not worse than the disease. "Grantham ran a Merry-go-round of the recording ultimately available to respond to comments or account Udoibok itself at all. What I can say: This is a test to be conservative is not having the courage to go on the disc. You can not realistically talk about black communities, not to mention the police. God knows that our communities that occupy more of them. In 1999, Minneapolis police hit the street with CODEFOR, an initiative has been extended to black neighborhoods, ruling on crimes, even minor law like Jaywalking, detritus wander, and so on. The idea was to go with a mass that everyone has said, of the bully harmless the grass cycling drug traffickers. No need to discuss something, clean up the streets. If you have any business being on the avenue – Incoming and from work, things like – Which tend to her as usual, perhaps with a little more careful not to cross into the light. If you have nothing to do there, no one saw you again soon. However, it was customary barking and braying self-proclaimed saviors – so-called activist and spokesperson for the Community, Public figures are the main Al Sharpton of Minneapolis and St. Paul, earning life due to complaints about racism, both real and imagined. Bell's position in the dispute was not what people wanted to hear, in particular. Development "A major obstacle to African American communities is the presence of crime. The difficulty is that black communities have more people involved in activities criminal. We analyze the role we play. "See MN State Rep. Richard Jefferson, a Democrat and supporter of the evidence of black progress, does not share the point of Bell shared view. His feelings, he found, are not entirely dissimilar. Jefferson said: "It is certainly likely been abused. The discussion is how to [CODEFOR] has been implemented. The investigation of crime in high crime areas is not necessarily a bad Ting. If you do not have to worry about anyone else that whites commit crimes against me, I should not close the door. Until we as a community, we say the black on black crime is something we deal we do not have the kind of neighborhoods [] we want. "Witnessing a new politically incorrect attitude and point of view of Janice McKinney, a contractor has a specific problem with affirmative action. How can not help but wonder, can someone who is black and a woman opposition to affirmative action? McKinney says flatly: "My sex and race does not dictate who I am." She says being teased as a sign of two to one. "State Farm Insurance courted me recently. They were happy when I graduated as an apprentice agent of my own most of the franchise. To my knowledge, do not use, all others, including the demands are met to obtain a license 1000 prospects for progress in the process. I went to the next level with an insufficient number of tracks. It was like having a store without inventory. Six months later I had a hard time to meet sales quotas. Then enter "Janice, you can not do the job." Everything flows from that I have not had that solid foundation, he moved to long simply to satisfy their needs. I think that is the case in so many cases where people have been hired without the necessary qualifications. Or have gone before have met the criteria. Company said: "You see? We told them they can not do." I do not pretend to have the answer, but [] is a good second best was manipulated, corrupted by the agenda and did much damage. "McKinney, intelligent, articulate, friendly and attractive, it could, thanks to its conservative vision, Sale of happier society. "I am saved. I have difficulty maintaining and [friends]. Do not even have a circle of his friends because of my views. We want people to not see us blank in the same light, but puts us on the other: "My sister, how can feeling Should I be honest with myself." No black conservatives sold? No sheep black liberals bleating faithfully "We Shall Overcome" Democratic Party as the effect of unnecessary pastors, social progress call, laugh behind the backs of African Americans "And if we can help, you will not."? McKinney exploited shamelessly opportunistic shows how you can easily drive a well-intentioned to serve purposes insidious. She also sees public support as a social monstrosity, in short, well-being [] assistance to the victims of their own creators. " Bell also found – regardless of social research "I left when I identified myself as a conservative." Some blacks are simply more willing to carry through the nose. After years of costly, tax-funded, half-ass actions that prevent poor blacks miserable paralyzed by income, employment prohibiting and preventing the men to support the family of women and children in the lists of relief, followed by Democrats decisively pulling the rug under people's feet to the ground where the financial capacity. Some programs have been reduced, limiting, for example, welfare queens "pumping capacity babies and feel about their asses, watch TV and stuffing their faces at taxpayer expense. Some programs have been eliminated hard, as in disability checks issued by the government to crack addicts instead of treating chemical dependency, he saw a golden opportunity to get high and pay someone why. Democrats knew damn well and the heart of America do not bleed half as bad as its portfolio and, aware that public opinion grew less and less charitable act until the Republicans historically opposed to the documentation, beaten to the punch. The principle of traction echoes its own weight in an adagio pragmatic, secular in black South goes, "Root hog or die." This is the creed small rebel self-sufficiency through generations of Americans who have persevered against the worst Afri9can racism, building from less than nothing. However, black conservatives who insist that communities are black black crime and we advocate out of our ties are reported as traitors. Just to be different. This is for blacks to make our own that we have done to us. About the Author

Twin Cities Daily Planet articles archived at Dwight Hobbes has written for ESSENCE, Reader’s Digest, Washington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, City Pages, Mpls/St. Paul, MN Law & Politics, Pulse of the Twin Cities, Twin Cities Daily Planet, Women & Word, San Diego Union-Tribune and Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (where he contributes the commentary column Something I Said). He’s spoken his mind over National Public Radio, Minnesota Public Radio, Blog Talk Radio’s UNOBSTRUCTED and KMOJ in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Was regularly featured as guest commentator on NewsNight Minnesota (KTCA-Minneapolis/St. Paul) and Spectator (Minneapolis Television Network). His monthly column “Hobbes In The House” in MN Spokesman Recorder speaks to domestic abuse and rape. His plays are Shelter – produced at Mixed Blood Theatre by Pangea World Theater, Dues – produced by Mixed Blood Theatre, University of Southern Illinois in Point of Revue, selected for Bedlam Theatre’s 10-Minute Play Festival and published by Playscripts, Inc. You Can’t Always Sometimes Never Tell – produced by Theater Center Philadelphia, Long Island University, reading at The Kennedy Center and published in the anthology CENTER STAGE, In the Midst – produced by Long Island University, starring Samuel E. Wright. Hobbes spoke on the panel “Farewell To August Wilson” at the Guthrie Theater, broadcast on Conversations With Al McFarlane (KFAI, KMOJ). Singer-songwriter Dwight Hobbes recorded the single “Atlanta Children” (BeatBad Records) and gigged 10 years in the Long Island/NYC area, including The Other End, Kenny’s Castaways and My Fathers Place. He fronted the Boston blues band Midlight. In Minneapolis, Hobbes opened for David Daniels at First Street Entry, James Curry at Terminal Bar, sat in with Yohannes Tona, Alicia Wiley at Sol Testimony’s Soul Jam, The New Congress at Babalu, Willie Murphy at the Viking Bar and Wain McFarlane & Jahz at Lucille’s Kitchen. Dwight Hobbes still drops in at the occasional open mic around town.

Liberal vs. Conservative vs. Libertarian vs. Socialist

Partisan Politics Define

partisan politics define
Matthew Anderson: Third Party, the Party to dethrone supporter of Gov. Charlie Crist and Sen. Bob Bennett's challenge is to open a window the policy of the other and flex the muscle in the medium term.
Paltalk News – McCain Campaign Failures

American Enterprise Institute Politics

american enterprise institute politics

The Iraq war was once

War in Iraq, an opportunity for new generation

discover the U.S. approach to the political principles

Once upon a time, during the Middle Ages in the Middle East, where tyrants, military dictatorship and a regime of party were the norm in countries such as Egypt, Iraq and Israel / Palestine, in a moment the sun of democracy had not yet risen to the common people living in poverty, lived a great and wise man who believed that one day "Freedom" and "democracy" does not exclude the land. This man named George W. Bush, the dragon slayer, with the help of his advisers largest shareholders restored confidence in the future of the dollar and the God who resides in Wall Street … or the legend may be a different ending?

In November 2003, George W. Bush gave a speech met one of the most influential neocons in Washington, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). In his speech, Bush told the audience:

"Our commitment to democracy is [also] to the test in the Middle East, which is my goal today and should be a priority of American policy for decades to come. In many Middle Eastern countries – countries of great strategic importance – democracy has not yet taken root. And the questions arise: Are the peoples of the Middle East somehow beyond the reach of liberty? Millions of men and women and children condemned by history or culture to live in despotism? Are they alone never to know freedom and never have a choice in the matter? For my part, I do not. I believe every person has the ability and right to be free. "

Is this true? Can we believe Bush when he says he believes that everyone has the right to be free? Hardly be believed when the Iraq election was fraudulent, and that does not mean forgetting the elections in the United States. How can we believe him when civil liberties are being attacked the United States, when it refuses to withdraw U.S. troops in Iraq and let Iraqis run their own affairs democratically?

Exhaust of reality

For years, the American people had a "wait and see" to see if what their leaders said the war was true. It is expected that evidence of a connection to 9 / 11, caches of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), weapons of mass destruction to mobile laboratories, the plans for weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction hidden in Syria, Iraqi sovereignty will be granted by "democratic" elections to be held at the Iraqi troops to be trained in adequate numbers to allow U.S. to begin to withdraw, etc. In the end, had no connection with 9 / 11, weapons of mass destruction no, and no timetable for withdrawal. "Democracy" and "freedom" is the extent to which Saddam's regime. Of Indeed, for millions of Iraqis, things are worse today than three years ago. At least they had electricity and water, and not have to worry about being blown up by suicide bombers in the local market.

"It is wrong that we do"

"In an exclusive interview repentant Vietnam War, Robert McNamara, the architect breaks his silence on Iraq: The United States said, make the same mistakes again.

"But we were wrong, terribly wrong. We owe it to future generations to explain why. "With these words, written nine years ago, Robert McNamara began extraordinary final stage of his career – Dedicated to chronic delusions errors and misconceptions which makes him the chief architect and promoter of the war's largest Vietnam.

Decided to break his silence on Iraq when he called me the other day in his Washington office. I told him his exhaustive list of lists of lessons history of Vietnam were in danger of being ignored. He agreed, and said he was deeply frustrated history repeats itself. "We're misusing our influence," said in a choked voice that has lost none of its commitment to rapid fire. "It is simply untrue that we do. It is morally reprehensible, it is politically incorrect, is economically wrong. "

U.S. Army and the war in Iraq

The threat posed by terrorism is real, but we other threats that can not be ignored. We must be prepared to face all threats. The future of U.S. military is in danger. The U.S. military and their families are out of breath. Many say the Army is broken. Some of our soldiers are on their third deployment. Recruitment has been reduced, although our military has lowered their standards. defense budgets are reduced. Staff costs have skyrocketed, especially in health care. Choices must be made. We can not allow promises we made to our military families in services, in terms of health care, to be negotiated outside. procurement programs that ensure our military dominance can not be negotiated away. We must be prepared. The war in Iraq has caused huge gaps in our databases in the United States
"George Washington said: "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace." We must rebuild our military. Our deficit is growing out of control. The Director of Congressional Budget Office recently admitted he was "terrified" about the budget deficit in coming decades. This is the first prolonged war we have fought with three years of tax cuts, without full mobilization of American industry and without the project. This war will not load has been shared equally to the military and their families bear the burden. Our military has accomplished its mission and done its duty. Our military captured Saddam Hussein, captured or killed and his closest collaborators. But the war continues to intensify. Deaths and injuries are more. "

War in Iraq "more expensive than Vietnam"

"The monthly cost the U.S. war in Iraq now exceeds the average monthly cost of war Vietnam, a report by anti-war groups in both, he said. The report put costs in Iraq to $ 500 million (£ 278m) a month in Vietnam, adjusted for inflation. This makes the war in Iraq the most expensive in the U.S. past 60 years, they say. The report of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) called the quagmire of Iraq estimated the cost of military operations in Iraq with $ 5.6 billion (£ 3.1 billion) every month. In comparison, the eight-year campaign in Vietnam cost on average 5.1 billion U.S. dollars (£ 2.8 billion) per month. "

2006 Bush Budget:

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the deficit for fiscal year 2006 should be $ 296,000,000,000. This does not include war costs in Iraq, while in the simulation, the deficit rose by 105 billion dollars, the cost of the additional appropriations for Iraq and Afghanistan, the operations for the year 2005, for a total estimated deficit of 401 million dollars. These costs and the associated deficits can be adjusted in the simulation based on forecasts of the likely cost continue the war or whether to reduce or stop these operations.

The simulation also allows the government to pay their contributions in 2001 and 2003 reductions taxes or cut or cancel an increase in revenue or increase taxes to create huge discounts. It also allows the management to increase or reduce costs tax, also known as tax deductions, credits or loopholes.

"In presenting his proposed budget for the administration, President Bush has shown the true face of his "compassionate conservatism" – the guns before butter. Mr. Bush and his allies in both parties are ready to eviscerate a series of programs, Medicaid health services for the nation of passenger service, AMTRAK. As these programs are the least paid and most overworked sector of the working class in the "first world" are cut, the hawks in the Pentagon want even more the generosity of the Congress for new ships and missiles and bloody occupation in Iraq. While defense spending will reach new highs, big Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent actually become permanent, while the level of payroll tax paid by workers remains at its highest rate. "President Bush's compassionate conservative" sounded truth when it was called "Imperialism of compassion" instead.

Draft Budget of the Administration to create an estimated annual deficit of 229 one billion U.S. dollars in 2010, without the costs of the occupation of Iraq or Social Security "reforms" included. The Congressional Budget Office expects that the budget Bush would total 2.58 billion deficit for the ten-year period ended in 2015, again without the costs of the occupation or the privatization of including Social Security. This mass defect is the result of unprecedented military spending and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. This deficit, and cuts proposed all weigh heavily on the shoulders of the American working class, now not only the production of wealth of the nation, but also must pay by capitalist wars against our class brothers and sisters around the world. "

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When police in any country to investigate a crime, the first question, tend to make is, who benefits from crime? In the interest committed? Who was the motivation? whose objectives were achieved? The same question can be put in the invasion and occupation of Iraq, which became a crime of enormous proportions and proliferate.

The current tensions and conflicts may well fuel a new wave of terrorism, especially if the U.S. not in the heads of powerful, international support to help establish a "just" peace agreement on the Middle East. It can also lead to changes in the destabilization of regimes in other Arab countries, instead of family dynasties with anti-American Islamic fundamentalism in countries like Saudi Arabia. But the current dispute is unlikely to lead to the destruction United Nations, nor the collapse of the European Union or the sterilization of American power – quite the contrary.

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(Part 1/4) Dick Cheney’s Bush-Era National Security Speech at AEI (American Enterprise Institute)

Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America


Finalist for the 2017 National Book Award“[A] vibrant intellectual history of the radical right . . .” – The Atlantic   “This sixty-year campaign to make libertarianism mainstream and eventually take the government itself is at the heart of Democracy in Chains. . . . If you’re worried about what all this means for America’s future, you should be” – NPR   An explosive exposé of the r…

Conservative Republican Politics

conservative republican politics
What is the best way to get into politics?

I am a Republican-Conservative (politics) and am interested in entering politics. I do not want to be governor or something, but I live in a city of the capital. Is there anything I can do to volunteer or make an appearance in the political arena? I have no no political experience, and I'm not qualified for a term of charge. I want to make a difference and that my voice is heard.

Little by little.

Why I’m A Conservative Republican

Conservative Politics Podcast

conservative politics podcast

Conservative Politics Podcast

Number 2 asks to increase in most Ohio Van Wert, Ohio – The fate of the rest of Columbus casino in the hands of voters like Don Davis, a conservative soon, because of concerns about the business of the capital.
Alex Jones on neo-conservative podcast Shire Network News

Ron Paul 2012 Ad Slams Santorum As “Fake”

Ron Paul Ad Slams Santorum As “Fake”

A new Ron Paul 2012 campaign ad has been released at this time that takes direct aim at GOP rival Rick Santorum’s voting record.

Entitled merely “Fake”, the 30 second spot tends to make the case that it’s a myth that Santorum is in any way a fiscal conservative.

The concise ad crams in the facts that Santorum voted to raise the federal debt ceiling 5 instances, voted to double the size with the Department of Education via No Child Left Behind, and voted for Medicare Element D – the greatest entitlement expansion considering that the ’60s.

The ad also highlights the reality that Santorum voted to send foreign aid to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and also endorsed sending billions in tax dollars to the corrupt regime in Egypt.

Lastly, the ad makes the point that Santorum also voted to give the abortion provider Planned Parenthood millions of dollars in funding.

“Our new ad ‘Fake’ consists of just a snippet of evidence against Rick Santorum getting a fiscal conservative, but for the reason that these examples are so damning it makes the case convincingly,” mentioned Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

“Santorum touts his ‘conservative record’ all too usually. It is time that his real record tends to make its way into the national conversation we’re getting about which Republican presidential candidate may be the authentic, constant conservative. That man is Ron Paul.” Benton added.

The new ad is scheduled to air on broadcast and television in Michigan as part from the Ron Paul campaign’s significant ad blitz set to hit subsequent month’s ‘Super Tuesday’ states.

Ron Paul Ad – Rick Santorum a Conservative?