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Obama Information Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on Cognitive Infiltration of Conspiracy Groups

Obama Information Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on Cognitive Infiltration of Conspiracy Groups

In a rare public appearance, The Obama Administration’s Information Czar Cass Sunstein gave a lecture at the NYU Law School in NYC yesterday, prompting Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange to attend. Watch as Luke confronts Sunstein multiple times on an academic paper he co-authored back in 2008 entitled “Conspiracy Theories” in which he called for cognitive infiltration of conspiracy groups by the government. You can download the paper for free here: SALON article that appears in video: *UPDATE* Infowars Article on Confrontation: http;//

Jfk Deep Politics Quarterly

Jfk Deep Politics Quarterly

Blind JFK Researcher – Walt Brown – JFK Deep Politics Quarterly – kennedy assassination research

Jfk Deep Politics Quarterly

Urban Politics Theories

urban politics theories
Does this sound like a calendar of Nice? Please advise?

Urban Medieaval Political Philosophy philosophy of the ancient and medieval law Political Theory

Philosophy of Law will be fabulous. Urban policy seems very interesting … it will take much of sociology is not to be good. Ancieta / medieval political theory can be a bit tedious … Medieval Philosophy and will be very difficult to read (the text being read are very dense), but if you have no problem with that, you will find interesting.

13H Refutes CCHR: IOD (Chapter 8) Psychiatric Drugs (1/2)

Theories of Urban Politics

Theories of Urban Politics


Fully expanded and updated, the Second Edition of the successful Theories of Urban Politics provides the reader with a comprehensive introduction to and evaluation of the theoretical approaches to urban governance. Restructured into four new parts – power, governance, citizens, challenges – the Second Edition reflects developments in the field over the last decade, with newly commissioned chapters…

Theories of Urban Politics

Theories of Urban Politics


Providing a comprehensive overview of the main theories which structure debate on urban politics, the internationally respected contributors to this textbook provide a clear and coherent account which is organized around four major questions. The first part looks at issues of power and examines both traditional and recent theories of power in cities. The nature of public bureaucracy and those officials that have a leadership role within city government are discussed in the second part. The third part examines the ways that citizens are involved in the process of urban politics. The final part seeks to place urban politics in terms of the social economic environment and the complex architecture of government in which it has

World Order Politics

world order politics
What Bush is trying to do in world politics?

What Bush is trying to accomplish in the Middle East? Does the prospect of future new world order only Christian communities?

I propose that the rule this world coming to an end, and therefore the struggle has taken to show the world that still are very strong. It happened in the Roman Empire, then Naplolonic, the British era …. History repeats itself, and so on.

New World Order, Illuminati, Politics & Entertainment-Know Your Enemy Pt. 3: Dumbing Us Down

World Order

World Order


“Dazzling and instructive . . . [a] magisterial new book.” —Walter Isaacson, Time Henry Kissinger offers in World Order a deep meditation on the roots of international harmony and global disorder. Drawing on his experience as one of the foremost statesmen of the modern era—advising presidents, traveling the world, observing and shaping the central foreign policy events of recent decades…

Moral Order/World Order

Moral Order/World Order


Moral Order/World Order argues for the centrality of normative theory in the study of international relations. Two themes develop, each reflecting opposing pairs: fact/value, is/ought, description/prescription, feasibility/desirability. The first theme concerns the epistemological framework provided by a normative account. The second theme concerns the political conditions of knowledge which determine the role of different theories, indicating the need for adaptation of traditional normative scholarship, overcoming the separation of ethics from politics which has so far limited its role.

Barack Obama Conspiracy Theories

barack obama conspiracy theories
barack obama conspiracy theories

Bp Oil Spill The Truth

bp oil spill the truth
bp oil spill the truth

After several months of the BP oil tanker disaster, the public seems to have numbed by the disaster that the flow of oil into the ocean. In this respect, What is the economic impact of this disaster than the economy as a whole and only meaning to his life.

In that time, the indicators economic oriented in the direction of a "double dip" recession. A recession is typically defined as two negative quarters GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This could be our second recession in since 2007. Chaos and catastrophe of the oil spill is just to produce fuel more negativity in the market.

Clearly, the immediate economic impact of this disaster costs affect the economy Gulf in many ways. Fishing industry, housing markets, local businesses and employment will be drastically reduced and that the effects this disaster unfold, some of the savings in this area can not return to normal at all, for many years. Unfortunately, economic impact may exceed the environmental impact of a factor of ten or a hundred

What this means for disaster oil and gas markets? Why gas prices have not increased, although in many cases, rumors of reduced production immediately increased the price of oil and gas? This is just another case of market manipulation and soon the carpet will be pulled below an already economically "Low" general public with higher prices for gas. This is part of a "macro" set of complicated circumstances to cover in this article.

Because of this disaster, there are several things to keep on top of that disaster marked the beginning of some changes which affect the "Average Joe" now and in the immediate future.

1. Add the price of oil and gas and listen to the speech on procurement issues and government regulations in late 2010 to early 2011. I predict that gas prices will increase by $ 3.50, $ 4.50, and the falling dollar and the recession will accelerate the discussion of the administration to respect the laws and cap exchange and new policies to reform the oil in the mid to late 2011. Take advantage of low fuel prices now, and plan to increase prices in the fall / winter.

2. If you live in the southern states affected by the disaster, now see how you can afford the income if a filtering effect occurs, causing problems for many other companies you work. This means taking stock of their current situation and learn to be highly autonomous in the case of a double dip in your region amplified. Look for alternative sources of income, and a long- term transfer if necessary.

3. The spill is the creation of negative consumer confidence in the market. This strikes the first blow to retailers. If you're in the market for shopping of any kind, the next 3-6 months, showed great deals on electronic goods Consumer and vehicles. Cash is King and the struggle of those who have a turnover lower, it will begin offering good sales. This is your chance to get a lot!

4. The market action goes wild running up and down. Do not consider this investment advice, but a falling market is bound to make offerings of shares large established firms. This will be a good time to buy? It is now clear that the supply is artificially inflated and will be until there is a correction of truth. It is difficult to predict, but look to 2011 for some serious Wall Street to demonstrate the problems. Remember, the economy continues to struggle, Wall Street executives and privileged indeed been a year record in 2009!

Truth behind the Massive Gulf BP Oil Spill Disaster by Fossil Energy

Bp Oil Spill Conspiracy

bp oil spill conspiracy
bp oil spill conspiracy

Attorney and lemonade: Actually there is no such thing as bad PR

Bp Oil Spill Theory

bp oil spill theory

Shale gas: hope for our energy future

Bp Oil Spill North Korea

bp oil spill north korea
bp oil spill north korea

Today's Offer: BP responsible for the actions of Gulf oil spill

Bp Oil Spill Criminal

bp oil spill criminal

For many Americans one of the most disturbing of the recession "Great" is the inability to know exactly when it really started. Americans are a people who wanted to combine the dates, people and documents of major events, and some key indicators were available, that is, until now.

The recession "Great" began in the third of July 2007 "… a date which will live in infamy"

To date, the most important document related to the disappearance of the U.S. economy – SEC Release No. 34-55970 – was in force. The reason why the Securities and Exchange Commission has chosen the eve of the holiday, July 4, which fell on a Wednesday, amid a week when many Americans are on vacation and financial institutions closed, is not a coincidence.

For several months before that date, the SEC, the Federal Reserve, major banks and investment houses realized that, despite a ban on trade in short, the financial system was flooded such positions, so that nobody knew, not even in terms of general, large and what the impact would be if a large proportion of short positions have been finding their way towards change.

In addition, financial actors I did not know the largest since 1929, if the amount of private debt has was equal to the gross national product of the United States. The combination of debt, derivatives transactions and Short had sent the financial system out of control.

Those who know tried to accomplish two things this week, firstly, to respond to the extent of short positions and derivatives markets more widespread. And secondly, to preserve their own financial situation, their fortune.

Someone had to tell the president. Y history to be presented to the president was appalling. The suite can be said to paraphrase Lenin. Lenin said that once you take control the first thing you need to do is change the law to do whatever you have to take control.

Mr. President, the conversation would disappeared, we must reduce our obligations. To do this, we need to adjust the value of all stocks and bonds to a level where traders can not bill short. But Mr. President will do something not done since 1929, meaning that we have to legalize the trade brief. Otherwise it is evident that not applying the rules that have been ours to respect, and whose disclosure could expose us to charges of criminal negligence.

Even if we make the exchange of 13,000 to a level of about 6.5 trillion dollars is still below the minimum required support active. We want you to understand, Mr. President, we must reduce our obligations to their retirement savings, devaluing by 20, 30 or 40%. But this is not enough money to offset the extent that our obligations exceed our assets.

To what extent is this crisis, Mr. President, nearly 1,000 banks and investment houses are affected or infected if you want, including all key players.

Finally, Mr. President, we might be able to avoid another Great Depression, but in the long recession and sustainable is now inevitable, with unemployment inevitable in the millions, millions and millions of foreclosures …

If there is a glimmer of hope, Mr President, lies in the fact that we have to decide who wins and who folds, and is essentially the same.

And, the SEC, the Federal Reserve, the major banks and investment houses went to work trying desperately to break the economic chaos that they themselves had chased all the people America experienced its fourth holiday in July aware of the impending demise of the economic innocence.

The massive exposure positions short and the liquidity crisis that accompanies it is blamed for the Wall Street crash of 1929.

President Hoover ordered the sellers discovered. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover threatened to investigate investors short, not only to activate the depression, but for his role in the extension maintain control of the banking infrastructure. Our current director of the FBI might need to consider not only the operators for short select the Great Recession, but for his role in prolonging it.

Financial Regulation of Short Sales have been conducted in the U.S. 1929 and lasted until July 3, 2007, when they were abducted by the SEC No. 34-55970 launch.

LaMont Eric Gregory for Senate U.S. – Ohio –

In a republic knowledge is the only true guarantee of freedom

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