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The Federal Shutdown

The Federal Shutdown

Children’s programs, freebies for furloughed feds in the news on shutdown’s third day.

The Bid to Convince Barack Obama to Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline May Be Causing a Split Between the Alberta and Federal Governments. Chantal, Andrew and Bruce Discuss the Politics of Carbon Emissions and the Environment.

The Bid to Convince Barack Obama to Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline May Be Causing a Split Between the Alberta and Federal Governments. Chantal, Andrew and Bruce Discuss the Politics of Carbon Emissions and the Environment.

The Liberal leadership contest enters its home stretch Saturday with a Toronto event the party is calling its National Showcase. So far ticket sales have been slow – perhaps because the leader won’t be chosen until a week later.
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Barack Obama Tax Return Calculator

barack obama tax return calculator

FASCISM: Tax System Of, By, & For Mega Corporations Against Small Business And People

Overcoming the coming mega-crisis

"Gold is preparing for new highs? More hot radical errors say yes.

Wednesday may have been a very important day in gold. Gold broke earlier in the day, but then the metal invested more higher than Tuesday's closing high. For technicians, this amounts to a foreign investment.

The Wednesday close to the gold to the level June 30 and some $ 73 higher than the July 27th low.

At that time, almost merry band only what I have to call the "errors Radical gold gathered around the flag bill LeMetropole Murphy Cafe.

He said Murphy says: "While the physical market is up, it's just a matter of time before the gold and silver back and make new highs. "

Murphy's prediction seems be happening. "

"Gold is prepared?
Peter Brimelow, 8/19/10

"Sale handling the daily London gold PM Fix was unable to suppress the gold price since April 2009, when China announced it had secretly built up a largest gold reserves in the last five years, GATA council member Adrian Douglas today released a statistical study. Since then, Douglas is, each dumping more and more gold in London by central banks and banking agents gold has been having less effect on the price of gold. Concludes that the second "London Gold Pool "- a secret, unlike the first – a collapse is imminent identical to the fall of the first measure of physical gold demand exceeds the capacity or market's desire to provide metal installers needed. Douglas study entitled "Failure of the Second London Gold Pool" and you can find on the site Internet GATA are here: "

"Adrian Douglas: The impending failure of the second pool London Gold
Posted by cpowell, GATA, 8/18/10

"The Fed should and it is likely that the change in tone for the fall and the fire of the press "

"Time to print,"
R. Laing, Barrons, 07/08/1910

"Yes, going to get worse, much worse … Bill Gross says this is the" new normal. Forget returns 10%. Think of a 5% ". … The economist Larry Kotlikoff, author of the coming storm of generations, warns:" Be realistic The U.S. is bankrupt or expense .. help the country tax or pay bills "… The economist Peter Morici says:" Unemployment is stuck near 10%. Deflation next. Stock collapse threat. The Federal Reserve and Barack Obama are out of bullets. . Close to zero federal funds rate, the central bank purchases a deficit of $ 1,600,000,000,000 have failed to revive the economy "… Simon Johnson, co-author of 13 bankers, says:" We came close to another Great Depression the next time we might not be so lucky. "Why? Due to Wall Street well into the next bubble / bust cycle -". Cycle fate " the "

"Attention, Bear Market, 2010: 11 'sell'. Only 6 'purchase'
New normalcy: the nation into bankruptcy. Deflation. Zeros. Junk. No work. Depression
Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch, 8/17/10

"Development of contractions in the third quarter in housing and real (inflation adjusted) retail sales, liquidations likely inventory in the third quarter, probably continued deterioration in the trade deficit, and slowing, though still positive, the proposed growth for industrial production in the third quarter have begun to suggest a renewed quarterly contraction in GDP for the current quarter. As the government plays the numbers, as is promoted as a double-dip recession. As the shadow of Statistics Government is in its alternative economic indicators, the fact that depression is a step back, as marked by a decline in December 2009 an annual real growth estimate of SGS-Ongoing M3. "

"Signs of continuing to build for the fourth quarter of GDP contraction session
Comment number 317, July housing starts, production and PPI "
John Williams' Shadow Government Statistics, 8/17/10

A momentous event in the World Economy and Finance was made only few days, but unfortunately, while many investors realized, many do not fully appreciate its importance.

That event was the public announcement by private for-profit) of the Fed (which could get economic benefits (through quantitative easing) of debt. (There is also evidence significant that the Federal Reserve has engaged in secret for many months QE. See our recent article: "Benefits of the threat QE" (08/12/1910) in the 'Articles by Deepcaster "Cache Deepcaster web page.)

In its simplest terms, means the creation of more Fed monetization of dollars Fiat nowhere to buy the debt.

But printing more money, inevitably (but not necessarily immediately) reduces the purchasing power of U.S. dollars. This means that inflation and, probably, eventually hyperinflation, are inevitable.

Therefore, the intermediate and long-term negative consequences of the present and future QE are profound.

But there are actions you can take to benefit and protection.

We therefore designed the following negative consequences and the challenges and constructive guidelines:

  1. Federal Reserve (Central Bank and others) monetization is very detrimental to savers and retirees and foresight protectors and retirees.

    As you move the monetization the purchasing power of money (and other currencies Fiat) drops. What would have been enough for retirement and a decent standard of living is no longer enough. The value (measured in terms of purchasing power) of the decline in savings.

  2. Insert the "saved" equity funds is not the solution either.

    Stocks in general have had ZERO recognition in the last decade and, in fact, 30% (see below) will decrease if the actual inflation is considered, actions are now in a bull market, but rather in a bear market. It is very likely that the Bear market equities will continue and worsen for many reasons, including the quotes above reflect this.

  3. And the bonuses are not the solution either, with the record low yields and / or debt sovereign default threats.
  4. The six months of U.S. Trade deficit increased by 35% compared with a year ago, so it is still being the world's largest economy. In fact, neither the U.S. or the euro area, are really the recovery. And while some emerging markets are marginally recovery their fortunes are linked to their main customers, the U.S. and the Eurozone.
  5. Corporations have $ 1.8 billion in cash, but this is offset by $ 7.2 billion in the corporate sector (non-financial) Bank debt.
  6. Although the private for-profit (ie owned by mega-bank shareholders) of the Fed has reduced rates for banks to almost zero, banks are doing very little lending to small and medium enterprises companies – the engines of engagement.

    And U.S. State, regional and local banks are allowed not to an alarming rate – more than 200 have already failed in 2010. Main Street, including the U.S. Middle class has been enhanced recently to bailouts and stimuli.

    Since the mega-banks were saved in the 2008 to 2009 with U.S. taxpayer funds that are being given a permanent boost to your balances and profits by receiving virtually no capital cost of the Fed, which must be loans.

    Solutions: In progress, and any additional assistance, Federal Reserve Treasury / United States should be conditioned a "Cram-through" mandatory, such as capital to be provided 95% of it out. "" As you take our virtually "free" If the majority of voters to dump the incumbents in the November elections, the main street and including the middle class can have a chance of economic salvation.

  7. The reality is that the private sector in the U.S. and the euro area is deleveraging.

    This debt settlement reduces aggregate demand, unleashing business to reduce costs and the present (for some) and prospective (to many) The business earnings reductions.

    These realities / business prospects discourage hiring, and encourage the dismissals, which increases unemployment.

    Increasing Unemployment in reduced demand, resulting in further business contractions. Thus, the negative economic cycle is exacerbated, which feeds on itself.

    In addition, two important realities create opportunities resulting negative.

    Negative Fact # 1: For all these reasons (and others) the International Economy at best remain stagnant for many months. The most likely shrink further depression more widely recognized.

    The negative reality # 2: Major UN and central banks will continue, and increasingly are flooding their economies with Fiat money. The QE will reduce the value (purchasing power) of the U.S. dollar, Euro and other major currencies Fiat.

    Therefore, actual inflation (8.57% Already! in the U.S. by will increase to much higher levels.

    Result: Hyperinflation


Deepcaster has long been, and remains, an advocate of gold and silver, metals Monetary Finally, are our # 1 and # 2 picks as the best strength of the assets for the benefit and protection.

In fact, it has two open Deepcaster 'Buy' Recommendations on a particular form of these metals. And as regular readers know, Deepcaster has remained open for weeks "Buy" despite Positions current and future gold and silver suppression efforts for the price * of the Fed-led Cartel of Central Banks.

* We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of overt and covert interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Banks and Financial Institutions favored reading, Special Alert Deepcaster December 2009 containing an overview of the speech entitled "Forecasts and December 2009 Special Alert: Taking Advantage of darkness The Cartel of interventions – III "and Deepcaster July 2010 Letter entitled" Profiting from a weakening Poster; Buy Reco; Forecasts: gold, silver, stocks, crude oil, U.S. and U.S. Dollar T-Notes and T-Bonds "in" Alerts Cache and Cache 'last card' on the website of Deepcaster. Also consider the substantial evidence collected gold by AntiTrust Action Committee , including testimony before the CFTC, for information on the handling of precious metals prices. Virtually all the evidence for intervention has been obtained from publicly available records. Deepcaster's profitable recommendations displayed on the website Deepcaster have been facilitated by attention to these "Interventionals." Care provided Deepcaster Interventionals recommending five short positions before the fall of 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.

Category # 3 is a high performance on the securities that meet certain criteria. If you choose those with high yields (ie above inflation) and appreciation potential (or at least resistant to the depreciation) has the opportunity to gain real benefit Notwithstanding significant ongoing real inflation of consumer prices, the current bear market stocks and the declining economy. Deepcaster has recently recommended five high yielding in response to their criteria, four of which were recently recommended that its performance was 15.6%, 26%, 18.5% and 10.6%. To see these four including the last Deepcaster of High Performance Recommendations, go to Deepcaster website and click on 'High Yield Portfolio' cache.

Recommendations to clarify the context for our albums, we will address the challenge of stagflation to watch the Real Economic statistics. calculated the actual numbers for the U.S. how they were calculated in 1980 and 1990, before the systematic distortion of data and operations began in earnest.

Official numbers vs. real numbers (for

U.S. Annual consumer price inflation reported August 13, 2010
1.24% / 8.57% (annualized in July 2010 Rate)

U.S. unemployment reported August 6, 2010
9.5% / 21.7%

Annual U.S. GDP Growth / Decline reported July 30, 2010

3.17% / -1.25%

U.S. M3 reported August 14, 2010 (July, a / a)
No Official Report / – 5.38%

As gold and silver, as noted several months ago, * The cartel Ability of Precious Metals rise in prices has been considerably weakened by recent Revelation catalyzed by GATA, Deepcaster, and others, such as large repositories Gold has little real physical metal that they say.

This has, fortunately, led to greater demand for delivery and possession of physical gold and silver.

Deepcaster considers that the period from August to September as critical to the cartel. To see Deepcaster forecasts as to whether the sign can be reversed the hitherto relentlessly before Gold and Silver, see our latest forecast in "Alerts Cache" on Deepcaster website.

Middle and long term, gold and silver are the best bets in the world will increase dramatically in terms of all fiat currencies.

Board In fact, GATA member Adrian Douglas makes a convincing case that the (Second) London Gold (price increase) the pool is probably not imminent, prompting gold and silver to fresh highs in the Near Term.

In any event, Gold and Silver are the best assets of individual wealth protection and benefit to overcome the coming mega-crisis.

Highly respected The financial columnist, Peter Brimelow says it all:

"Wednesday can get to being a very important day in gold."

Barack Obama Tax Break

barack obama tax break
Marjor Garrett reports on Obama’s tax credit problem

Obama targets high gas prices
WASHINGTON — With gas prices climbing and little relief in sight, President Barack Obama is scrambling to get ahead of the latest potential obstacle to his re-election bid, even as Republicans are making plans to exploit the issue.No one seems more …
barack obama tax break
I thought Obama hated tax breaks for big oil?

In 2005, Barack Obama joined with President Bush to pass the Energy Bill Cheney-Bush Giving the oil companies $ 2.8 billion in taxpayer money: Barack Obama voted for energy bill 2005. (HR 6, CQ Vote # 152: Motion approved 92-4: R 53-1, D 38-3, I 1-0, 6/23/05, Obama voted Yes, HR 6, CQ Vote # 158: Adopted 85-12: R 49 -5, D 35-7, I 1-0, 6/28/05, Obama voted Yes, HR 6, CQ Vote # 213: Adopted 74-26: R 49-6, D 25 to 19, I 0-1, 7/29/05, Obama voted Yes) The Energy Bill 2005 includes $ 2.8 billion in subsidies for oil and natural gas. "The conference agreement provides for 14.6 billion U.S. dollars in tax cuts and credits between 2005 and 2015, including: – $ 2.8 billion for fossil fuel production … "(Toni Johnson," CQ Bill Analysis: HR 6, Congressional Quarterly's "CQ Bill Analysis,", Accessed 7/14/08) John McCain voted against the energy bill of 2005. (Http: / /

Obama is a liar.

Barack Obama Tax Break Calculator

barack obama tax break calculator
Obama defends Wikileaks and opposes internet censorship (not)

View Cameron – Fascist Britain 2011


By Stanley Collymore

The last successful revolution England had been under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell and was overwhelmingly popular revolt against the bases which was an absolute monarch hopelessly out of touch with his subjects and that the abuse of power was such, taking into account that could literally do whatever I wanted, which ultimately got up the nose, not only of English common and women oppressed, but their MPs as well, and the view that it was enough that rebelled against him, beat him and chopped his head to public acclaim.

Like every tyrant Charles others before and subsequently had his followers, those who benefited enormously from the corrupt system in place, had vested interests to protect and not give a damn about anyone else or anything else for that matter, apart themselves, their own clique and the best way that could best manipulate the system for financial gain and political. The Frenchman was even better in his revolution one, rounding up, trying in the courts of public people "and then handing out summary justice to them and their families who were convicted, a large purge the parasites that had fed the toil, misery and hopelessness of the masses intimidated, and since the vast majority of the first belonged the upper crust of society, which essentially took out an ethnic cleansing of the French aristocracy.

David Cameron, who likes to boast that he is a descendant of William the Conqueror: the villain of Normandy, whose immediate ancestors were really the Scandinavians, who were expelled from that region by Vikings considered too brutal for living among them and cast them out, forcing them to seek refuge in France, a similar situation to be expelled from the Ku Klux Klan or the Nation Party of apartheid in South Africa for being very racist towards blacks, or the Nazi party for being too anti-Jewish, is along with his cabinet, a toff whose DNA is not only full of a historical trend toward barbarism endemic in all its forms, but also predisposes to David Cameron and its ilk inside filthy rich: the 22 cabinet members Cameron all of them without exception, are multi-millionaires, wealth is largely inherited, to instinctive contempt, robust and absolute contempt for those who consider beneath them, which in practical terms means that most of the British public.

That's why they have no empathy, whether natural or artificial, with those, however, feel they have a divine right to rule, while at while arbitrarily controlling all aspects of life of these peoples. Moreover, they do not, like his equally insensitive, tact and barbarous ancestors, see a contraction in terms of these two completely opposite and contrary situations. And it was David Cameron and his co-thick skin around during the French Revolution is a foregone conclusion what would have happened to them. But if it is unreasonable to imagine that in 2011 these looters today of our wealth and misfortune of others worldwide, and the looters of our dignity and the future will be made public spanking, tied up like turkeys for the Christmas slaughter, dragged through the streets of London to the cries of crowds cheering and execution venues in their famous and very horribly horribly gutted and parts of his body thrown to the dogs sweep, while their heads are used to adorn prominent places as a deterrent and a visible and tangible reminder too brief to potential political reprobates what could reasonably hope will be their fate if they ever tried to put their interests greedy, selfish and corrupt before the general welfare of Mr. and hope burns Mrs Joe Public, and the miracle forever, but rarely so, happen.

On Saturday March 26, 2011 more than half a million British right throughout the country and all walks of life, other than the filthy rich, descended on London for the neo-con, Zionist government, fascist conservatives David Cameron and his obsequious power-obsessed members of the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) – an association similar to that of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky with the Lib-Democrats much in the kneeling position as Monica era – know that the average Briton is not ready now to see their country savagely by the rupture of the austerity measures called: deliberate and drastic economic slowdown in other words, so that in essence is what they are, they need to devastate people live, throwing millions more in the pile increasing manure debilitating unemployment, full extent and even dismantle the public sector in which many people depend for their jobs and livelihoods, and its replacement by private sector companies and the businesses run by managers and CEOs hard driven only by the profit motive and its tenacious adherence and poor reputation inflexible and dogmatic philosophy of neo-con, capitalist liberalism I'm alright Jack so fu-k yourself, where everything from the perceived money and above all huge profits can be made, no matter how immoral or harmful to the psyche of citizens, self-confidence or general welfare measures, knowing are instantly become a primary objective and binding economic adventurers to get nasty and flocks of unscrupulous viewers to hope with seriousness and enthusiasm of the great demand for financial carnage.

And there is no more obvious example of this than the British National Health Service (NHS): a gem and long-standing British institutions that is overwhelmingly supported by the vast majority of the British public who love and revere the same extent, whose cardinal philosophy that originated in the first place and has been there since its inception is to provide comprehensive health care free from the entry point for all in need of various services of the NHS.

This is, of course, paid through affordable legal contributions that all British taxpayers made from their wages or salary and is deducted at source with its income tax and in a manner that is fair, transparent and in no way a burden or oppressive. The advantage of this great being that when someone, regardless of class, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, social origin or economic, personal wealth, poverty, or even political ideology and loyalty, is sick and needs medical attention, regardless of the nature of the condition or urgency or routine that is, he or she is not subject to the continued concern and gross immorality of their access to treatment depends only on their ability to pay, which is quite common in United States, where more than 35 million people – nearly two thirds of the entire UK population – who lack adequate health care or get any attention health for all they are either in a poverty trap recurrent or can not afford the exorbitant prices extorted by hospitals and the medical profession there are not health from the perspective of the Hippocratic oath, but consciously regard to their unique positions as a generous license to raise money, and charges the same for the sick and dying, naked speculation by any definition of that word I think any objective person agrees.

It is a philosophy stinking mad that David Cameron and his team of cabinet slimeballs outside partners, venal wholeheartedly support and now they are in power would like nothing better in the circumstances to see the beloved and venerable NHS become involuntarily the will of the British public and the determination not to be, a facsimile the reprehensible system of profit driven elitist laughably passes for health care in the United States of America. But as for these Wikileaks has shamefully David Cameron revealed drag and members of his cabinet did not have reservations, or dignity to the case in brown-face, pushing the head of good grade 21 year of his age U.S. Al Capones, particularly when the bottom line (I think there's a pun in that somewhere, you do not agree, right Honourable William Hague?) Is unimpeded benefits.

So the widespread fragmentation of the NHS continues apace with vital frontline medical, nursing and other valuable support staff got rid of expediting the health service and save money is dishonest claims, but are easily becomes transparent when instead of those who have been dismissed, we see a lot of thickness in excess and very incompetent financial managers who have no medical qualifications or any previous experience of working in a health care environment and not have the faintest idea what any trigger finger or a diabetic coma, let alone how they should be treated, along with members agency staff such as nurses, all supplied by private sector companies and businesses to a much greater cost to the NHS was once the case, hired to run the program in the context of accumulated insult after injury, because without exception these private companies and companies in the forefront of this backward and regressive campaign to destroy the NHS are either closely linked with David Cameron himself, his cabinet minsters, their families and friends, and hierarchy Conservative Party, are mainly in the composition of America, and contracts are given wide billions of pounds that had to compete.

Meanwhile, health care becomes increasingly worrying a postcode lottery for those living in the richest areas of the UK being the best in terms of health treatment, shorter hospital waiting lists and emergency response services to their disease while on the other side of the person higher average becomes more vulnerable as they pushed more calculatedly further down the food chain that supposedly is for others to take, but it is a lie however, for finite resources more readily available to those who can benefit most from this cruel act, which is really saying that the life of the elderly, unless they belong to those who are immensely wealthy, are basically useless and therefore completely dispensable.

Nauseating as this approach is that older people in Britain, many of whom have made valuable and countless sacrifices of their country especially in times of need, but unfortunately now are in their twilight treated this way totally unnecessary and unpleasant for those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, and can do more than look nowt with envy at the way their German counterparts and even the right to pension veterans of the Waffen SS Baltic States, which boasted that countries were able to do what even the Germans did not succeed and exterminate all Jews and to celebrate this has a national paid by the obelisk in their respective capitals to commemorate their wonderful achievement, are beautifully treated, they know instinctively that everything is part of a broader campaign to marginalize dogmatic most powerless while empowering the privileged minority.

Class remains a major problem in Britain and especially so in England, and instead of doing mass its best to combine their resources and use these to demolish the building and rotten hell that characterizes this very system and underpins many of his supporters inequitable and unfortunately mainly from the working classes called – ironically, a significant number of them unemployed and have not worked for more than two generations – Feel as seen from the point of view, an impartial observer of this obsession and no stranger to participate, to be part of it and even try to climb the greasy pole of the advantage is not based on meritocracy, but sad and pathetic that rivalry.

Maggie Thatcher, very cleverly, recognized this when he stated that he no such thing as a society then cynically legislated Councils would have to check your council house stock (social housing for those not familiar with the British system) at discount prices at any sitting tenant who wanted to buy the house he or she was renting from the council, the council could also be forced to give loans to do this, but in no case could the advice to use the money obtained from selling these houses to build more social housing and you do not have to be a genius to figure out what Margaret Thatcher had in mind when he embarked on this policy in particular. It was not because he thought much if anything at all about some of the people who appeared to be helpful. By contrast, for all that Mrs. Thatcher saw as political fodder, avid instant convert becomes capitalist and far from the socialists who are perceived to be and all whose support went to his Labour Party rival.

Instantly there was a mad rush of tenants who use this poisoned chalice in the form of purchase of housing that the councils had to spend huge sums of money in the renovation before they actually could sell. Sounds good? No, I was not! For Mrs. Thatcher knew perfectly well that these people had little or no experience in all tax and even economic sense and in a few years at most would be forced to pay out of these houses in the private market and make a loss. And while provided this is precisely what happened with many of these self-inflicted victims homeless because their homes were seized, forcing them to go tips were very enthusiastic and so reckless and stupid to get rid of their owners shelters, often the bread and breakfast, as councils concerned now had a very depleted housing stock and their houses were sold irreversible now in the hands of mortgage companies and investors in the private sector, type Maggie of people.

Docklands, in East London is a classic example of this context Thatcher. A desperately poor, abandoned and a huge area overwhelmingly council house tenants had actively encouraged home buying advice and did so in mass, but within a few years, largely due to incompetence financial, were forced to sell their properties or they had seized, then it is no surprise the investor sharks moved in. This area near Central London is now one of the most luxurious and highly desirable to live in the capital or a piece of the action, with features that easily fetch multi-million pound price tags, and not the former council tenants, all of whom had fallen selfishly their loyalty to the Labour Party and became in instant Tories so, as perceived then good ole Maggie had done for them, allowing theoretically own their housing but are now scattered to the winds of darkness, who have benefited, in any form or shape of this generosity.

Margaret Thatcher also castrated the union movement in Britain, the work done by his student Tony Blair and now more carried out by David Cameron. Universal free education has been very limited in Britain with the U.S. system largely put in place. Free tertiary education, Margaret Thatcher, Blair, Anthony and David Cameron made use of students and enjoyed the University of Oxford, regardless of how well their parents were or could have allowed a cough for higher education is no more, although the National Party Scottish (SNP) and the current Scottish government has insisted tenaciously and has won this particular argument with the British government that its citizens are studying in universities Scotland are not subject to the imposition of having to pay tuition fees. As a result, and as anyone with eyes can clearly see that it is no longer a case of the ability to get one in college who had to be the case, but very greatly to the capacity to pay. As a result of this increased estimated British universities, as Oxford and Cambridge have been formed, with a term of football, a league of their own, and excellence remains the security in these academic institutions. However, many other colleges and universities, as well as commonly exists in many public schools is a deliberate and concerted political brutalization curriculum and educational standards it seems that no one has failed, and the students that despite all this still goes to college may face enormous debts of over £ 60,000 of law hanging around your neck when you leave.

It is understandable that many prospective students, including poor families too bright and middle class, to avoid the possibility of considering, even to enter higher education, and is one reason why there are so many troubled students currently in UK who are protesting, demonstrating and brutally even riots in the streets of Britain to show their discontent with the status quo as it exists, a situation that will only get worse. But it need not be the case, and a close look at Barbados show why. Barbados, with a population of 260, 000, once the most valuable from the former colonies of England and whose wealth funded the English Industrial Revolution has a longstanding, universal, free of charge from the point of care input from health class and education systems and has been evaluated by the UNICEF, which has a literacy rate of 100% accompanied by only a small group from other countries, unfortunately neither Britain with a literacy rate lower in the seventies or the U.S. is on this list.

Similarly, along with Cuba, Barbados is a country with one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, while Cuba's health service is legendary, and like its counterpart of Barbados in the Caribbean also exports doctors and other medical personnel. Britain, meanwhile, is said to be the world's fourth largest economy, and not Sanctions have never had to deal with which Cuba has been the subject of remorse and totally unfair for decades by the United States, Britain and their allies Western, however, despite all that Britain's performance in these two areas mentioned in the Tories, Labour and now the Con-Democrats has been lamentable and getting worse.

In all spheres of public life in Britain dramatically cutting blades are in operation, and pressed hard, financially hard up Brits are increasing, said they must tighten their belts even more by economic czars appointed by David Cameron advisory, from his personal clique of heel and not only see the banks and other financial institutions that created the mess we are in the taxpayers and the rest of us were forced against their will bailout still indecently award huge bonuses – the CEO of Barclays Bank, for example, recently received a bonus of £ 6,000,000 law – but we also discovered that these tsars named Cameron, filthy rich multi-millionaires each of them actually pay no taxes of any kind, either personal or corporate.

Why? Very simple! His business, despite operating locally in the UK are registered in tax havens overseas tax and usually listed in the name of a close relative, usually the wife or husband legally, if not always practice it, life there, and of course these tax evaders can afford to hire any number of lawyers and tax consultants who specialize in tax evasion and are more than willing to advise on this and, of course, make sure your taxes are zero.

However, those who are or who receive state unemployment benefits or hope to do so are subject to government control the toughest Cameron and invasion of privacy imaginable to get what they are legally entitled to receive but rarely in its entirety. It is claimed by David Cameron, which is done to stop benefit fraud, citing the media a few but highly publicized cases of cheating benefit, but these media do not have much interest in exposing the largest body of tax evaders billion annually cost the United Kingdom of pounds in lost revenue. But what can you expect what the media is largely controlled by a rabid tax, libertarian neo-con, Australian arch Zionist and avoiding the same quite easily prostituted their native-born Australian citizen to be British after America provided to promote their own purposes, and did the same when the rake is hateful in the face of it cynically dumped his Australian wife white (some say it was at this from the beginning, I do not know and frankly do not care) to marry a much younger version Chinese (shades of Prince Charles, if the rumor is true, his marriage to Diana with Camilla, but the love of his life always in the background) to prove their credentials in Asia and win the media and other lucrative contracts in China, what he did.

So what we're seeing now in Britain are juxtaposed with the most extravagant in which David Cameron has this country involved in another war for oil bastard has to do with Libya's humanitarian concerns, but much to do with David Cameron, trying to save his ass and his government, as he cynically attempts to divert attention from the intense hostility that is being felt across the country to him and what he knows, will undoubtedly be a long summer of discontent for him, how are you popular protests and demonstrations intensify and grow larger.

Britain under David Cameron, and clearly not under his predecessors Maggie Thatcher, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and that even with its nuclear capability and blackmail has no moral authority or credibility throughout the world, comparable to its ally United States of America has become a fascist organization be given the supreme right to invade other people's land, kill their civilians, show no remorse for having characteristic is dismissed as collateral damage brutal slaughter, and all of this to shore up the lone goal, but mutually have left to defend their objectives Zionist imperialist at all costs.

The United States and militarily aggressive, with Britain in the similar role of a night porter club, with the support of Pol Pot mass murderer who slaughtered almost half the population of their country, but communist Vietnam took to defeat and eliminate it, and reprehensible given the trajectory of the United States and Britain if anyone put any credence to the words of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or even David Cameron, who United States and Britain in Libya to protect the lives of Libyans, whose entire population is much smaller and in any stretch of the imagination in the same danger the Cambodian Pol Pot, with the active assistance of the United States, subject to the wholesale genocide? Give me a break, please!

Barack Obama Tax Breaks

barack obama tax breaks
Obama’s Tax-Break Plan Seen As No Quick Cure

Obama leaves Southland after trio of fundraisers
LOS ANGELES – President Barack Obama left the Southland today, bound for Washington, D.C., after an approximately 18 1/2-hour visit where he spoke at three political fundraisers benefiting his re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
barack obama tax breaks
What promises, Barack Obama, the first break, will be to reduce taxes or support Israel?

I think Obama will cut ties with Israel (Military and financial) within the first 6-12 months of his presidency. He's sure to leave a U.S. embassy there, but so what. I think you will find a reason to raise taxes almost immediately … if you can. You can use the newly elected Democratic "supermajority" in the House and Senate promote new tax increases, and then "bow" to the public. Or will Obama cut off funds for U.S. military before? Either way, Obama is going to break many many campaign promises.

He has already flip flop Israel. As we all know polosi and Obama has been screaming about the money than necessary to keep our military security. Obama has been from day one spoke of them out of Iraq first have a certain time after the time to say no then have some time later without time limit. now I'm confused so he decided that he would. But all I know that this trio, Polosi, Reed and Obama is very dangerous because they have any idea how to run a country. the extent of the taxes which are not sure that it will reduce taxes on the first was 250,000 200,000 to below 150,000, it was after talking of 42 to 000. So I'm confused about that too. I'm so confused on your platform. From now I have not heard anything that was a certainty of what he has in mind for our country. I know that I feel safe with him.

Barack Obama Tax Laws

barack obama tax laws

barack obama tax laws
Obama visits Facebook calls for end to debt dispute, President Barack Obama, cross-country trip on a plan to sell his deficit reduction, said today that the nation's finances are "unsustainable."
President Obama Signs Tax Law – McConnell Biden

Barack Obama Taxes Tax Rates

barack obama taxes tax rates
Eric Cantor Talks Tax Rates & Meeting With President Obama On NBC’s “Today Show”

persistent efforts by the President of the rate of tax on President Barack Obama should adopt the idea of tax reform- proposed by the Committee of the deficit, he appointed last year. Do this and you will probably discover that when things go bad, many Republicans accept a tax system that brings more income.
Why is the plan of 'Obama' tax actually just another liberal welfare program? ?

Obama's tax plan Barack is the opposite of supply-side economics. He proposes to raise marginal rates of almost all federal taxes. It also proposes a number of credits tax that taxpayers can receive if they engage in different activities specified by the government. Moreover, tax credits mostly go to who pay little or nothing in federal taxes. His trick is to make the tax credits "refundable." Therefore, if the tax credit is $ 1.000, but the taxpayer otherwise only pay $ 200 in taxes, the government issues the taxpayer a check for $ 800. If the taxpayer pays nothing in federal taxes, the government would pay the combined $ 1,000. this article can be above the heads of some of the liberals here, but its source is reliable, not from the website of the Obama propaganda

he's just buying votes, that's all there is that he will not tell that taxing the rich business will you, the business tax will you. so you will have morethan 1000 to pay all increases to be launched you. The sad thing is that the taxation of the rich and business affects more than the working class, but also affects people who have no jobs, it is a "true" tax all of American politics and the Obama people are too dumb to understand. Notice 80% of Obama's base are People under 25 who have never been in a presidential term as the road. I have 49, I know what happens when you tax business. No matter how much I Obama gives a credit tx, 100% of the United States pay taxes for business when the rise. so really, it could give 95% of "work" Americans a tax cut, but 100% of all Americans will pay this tax is imposed on the rich and business

Barack Obama Tax Increase Calculator

barack obama tax increase calculator
8/4/09: White House Press Briefing

Massachusetts: Health Care Utopia?

I recently attended a conference organized by the Federalist Society titled Boston: Health Reform: Is Massachusetts, to model a panacea for the country? Ironically, the conference was presented in the Kennedy Room of the Omni Parker House Hotel. There much the speakers disagreed on, but decided that was what surprised me. According to the technical data available, because it is subsidized by the government federal, Massachusetts model has proven to be available to our state. The plan has been successful in expanding coverage to some 97.3% of residents which gives us the lowest rate of uninsured in the country. The most contentious issue was the constitutionality of forcing people over the age of 18 to buy health insurance or pay a fine. The Commerce Clause was also discussed at some length.

Timothy Murphy, Beacon Health Strategies, made a presentation made this proud member of the Tea Party. He said the state law, despite allowing greater transparency of the costs of health care, has done nothing to lower rates. the rates of health care throughout the state continue to rise about 10% annually. State Plan, said, "We have the mandate of bad guy." He believes that the plan has led the government to be in the "business harassment and price controls." As a business owner, Murphy believes in a consumer driven market rather than employers to negotiate directly with insurance companies. Employers do not like dealing with insurance, and find it a distraction from their main function.

Nancy Turnbull of the Harvard School of Public Health, disagrees. She said: "People can not choose their own coverage. They can not decide not wish substance abuse or mental health coverage today and then change my mind tomorrow. "Oh, really why not? People in general have to wait until open enrollment to make changes to their plans, but why can not change their minds? As for men who want to deny coverage Maternity, which actually accused them of trying to deny its role in the parenting process. You can not do this. Turnbull believes that people want health choices easier "because I do not understand. "I do not know about you, but I'm tired of being told I'm not smart enough to make my own decisions. Turnbull also blamed "the state monopolies that control the market." In my humble opinion, this is the best argument for making health insurance more competitive. Why can not buy insurance in other states? Anyone?

The audience in Kennedy Hall was mostly by lawyers and health professionals. For a topic as controversial, I would say that the audience were very quiet. When Tim Murphy spoke, I had to sit on my hands to clap together spontaneously. Sometimes I had to remind myself that this was not a Tea Party Rally. Murphy spoke passionately about the overreaching of federal health law. He said it would "follow suit in Massachusetts, but on steroids. "The state bill is only 70 pages, while the colossal towers federal bill by almost 2,700. Nancy Turnbull that supports increased government regulation, seemed to have no problem with that. Were derived aloud ", 70 pages, multiplied by 50 states … "That comment was followed by some real boos from the crowd. In their calculations, we are saving about 800 pages. Nancy, we will not give Congress the ideas.

Turnbull cites the tired liberal mantra about "other countries with lower costs and better quality health care." Anybody Please tell me where these utopias are health? It is almost impossible to compare the quality of health care between countries can not even agree on the criteria for data collection. For example, when comparing infant mortality rates, some countries do not have the death unless the children are at least 24 hours life. Therefore, if another country has child deaths from the moment of birth, the country is perceived as a higher mortality rate (ie the U.S.). Also, if I have cancer, I have a 20% higher chance of survival then if I lived in England or Canada. Call me crazy, but I think I'm well to pay more than those odds.

Murphy uses an excellent example of free market self-regulation when he spoke of his own experience with eye surgery with Lasik. Since Lasik is not covered by insurance, he decided to undergo this procedure to investigate the most experienced doctors. By educating yourself with the relevant facts that he was able to make an informed decision. He said he was surprised by what the price has dropped since the surgery had first become popular. Murphy said this was "the best example of a procedure in which the quality and the price went down." Wow! Capitalism does not work!

There was much discussion on the constitutionality of the federal government into the business of health care. The approach was the most controversial Commerce Clause, which grants the government the authority to regulate interstate commerce. In United States v. Lopez (1995), the Supreme Court ruled that the Commerce Clause only may be used by Congress to regulate human activity that is truly commercial and has not been traditionally regulated by states. In a September 2009 article in the WSJ, Andrew Napolitano said:

"Applying these principles to the proposal President Barack Obama's health care clear that his plan is unconstitutional at its core. The practice of medicine consists in providing intimate services to the human body. In almost all cases, the provision medical services produced in one place and not move across state borders. You go to a doctor not to participate in a trade, as the Editors of the Constitution means, but to improve health. And the practice of medicine, as well as the safety of the public schools, has been regulated by the states during the last century. "

Presenter David Rivkin, Esq. Washington, DC seemed to agree with the massive overreaching federal government. According to Rivkin, "every decision you make has an economic footprint – what you eat, if you exercise, and even if childbearing" That means the government must control all behavior, in a word.? "No".

One theme that was absent from the debate tort reform. I guess with all the lawyers in the room nobody wanted to touch the subject. The conference ended with a presentation by Wendy Mariner Boston University School of Public Health. She said it was not a problem with the Constitution if the bill received federal funds "a tax rather than a mandate" (note the giant sucking sound.) She said: "God made sure to spread the cost." I guess my Bible is out of date.

2011 Taxes Health Care

2011 taxes health care
2011 taxes health care

Summary The health care reform bill

After what seems an eternity, Congress finally approved a draft health reform. Obama's major goals for the first part of its mandate seems within reach. The question is, however, what is in this project legislation? What real changes people experience as a result of this dispute? Are we really better? Or are these all political parties with little real impact? Read on for a summary of amendments to the bill of health from the new health reform.

most – The most important thing to realize is that the reform is gradual change does not come into play when President Obama signs the bill (which should held Tuesday, March 23, 2009). The amendments allow the next decade. These are the main changes and their impacts.

* Small businesses a tax credit to help health insurance for employees.

* Children can not be excluded from providers of health insurance because the pre-existing conditions.

* To ensure the exchange of health newcomers in line in 2014, currently uninsured adults with pre-existing conditions can purchase subsidized health coverage.

* Companies can use temporary "program reinsurance for medical benefits from 55 to 64 years of retirees.

* The diagnosis of New disease no reason to lose health insurance coverage. In addition, insurers will no longer be able to cover your life for health benefits and their ability to limit annual coverage will be limited.

* Currently, there is a loophole for drug prescriptions between about $ 2,700 and $ 6,200 worth of medicine. The reform bill proposes a $ 250 reimbursement to Medicare beneficiaries who fall into this gap and expects to close the gap.

* The age at which children be able to use their health coverage for parents is raised to 26 the last 19 years or a college diploma.

* Services sunless tanning UV light will see a 10% tax on their services from July 1, 2009.

In the year 2011:
* Big drug companies are taxed, also based on market share.

* General surgeons and primary care physicians to see a 10% increase in bonus payments.

* Medicare Advantage payments are frozen at 2010 levels and, finally, are more in line with traditional Medicare payments.

* States with a new program to provide home care for poor patients who would otherwise require a hospital visit.

* Employees will be able to see the value their health benefits in their W-2 forms.

* An annual wellness free personalized analysis and you will be prevention plan available free to all future Medicare beneficiaries. Any additional health care new plans to provide these services and care Preventive causing little or no cost for Medicare patients.

What are the main concerns of the British common person in 2011?

Basically, I ask, what are the main concerns of people living in Britain today? What they fear, change, in accordance with, etc in your society? (For example: some Americans are concerned about health care reform, taxes, etc)

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State of Union Address 2011 (Full) Part 7 – President Obama Innovation