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Barack Obama’s Complete 2013 Inauguration Speech

Barack Obama’s Complete 2013 Inauguration Speech

President Obama’s 2013 inauguration speech. Watch more videos at Follow on Twitter:

Low Information Voters Show Their Stuff and Completely Make Up Stuff About Inauguration

Low Information Voters Show Their Stuff and Completely Make Up Stuff About Inauguration

Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter down on the street to ask New Yorkers how they enjoyed the Inauguration – a week before the inauguration. 81% of these idiots in New York voted for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama 2013 Presidential Inauguration – Complete

Barack Obama 2013 Presidential Inauguration – Complete

The 2013 inauguration of President Barack Obama. Watch more videos at Follow on Twitter:

Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration

barack obama presidential inauguration
barack obama presidential inauguration

So how do you know presidential history? Presidents of the United States may be well known in history, but what about info Presidential? Here are ten questions and answers info on American presidents …

Who was the first president to take a first step ceremony in a baseball game? The honor goes to our 27th president, William Howard Taft. He started the tradition in the first game Home 1910 for the Washington Senators.

Who is the only president to serve two consecutive terms, right? It would be Grover Cleveland who was president at the time 22 and 24. His two terms were separated by President Benjamin Harrison, 23.

And speaking Benjamin Harrison, the family trait that distinguishes all the other presidents? Benjamin Harrison was the only president whose grandfather was also president. There were two types of father and son presidents, however. John Adams and John Quincy Adams were father and son, as George HW Bush and George W. Bush.

Who was our only bachelor president? USA 15 º President James Buchanan never married. Her niece was the first lady during his administration.

Which president was the most short-term in the office? ninth president, William Henry Harrison, lasted a month in the office. In its opening day, delivered a long speech on the climate cold, windy. He caught a bad cold, which later developed into pneumonia, which led to his death.

Who was the president more on the day of his inauguration of Ronald Reagan? was 70 when he took the oath of office in January, 1981.

However, I was the youngest president when he took office? Theodore Roosevelt was only 42 years old when he became president in 1901 after the death of William McKinley.

Which two presidents died on the same day? In interesting twist of fate, two founding fathers died July 4, 1826, fifty years to the day of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams, 90, and Thomas Jefferson, 83, died hours after another. The two men were friends and share a unique bond of being former presidents.

It is said that the words of John Adams were sent "Jefferson still survives." However, unbeknownst to him, Jefferson had died a few in Virginia hours earlier.

Which president is credited with inventing the popular slang term "OK"? Martin Van Buren, eighth president, was Kinderhook, New York. His nickname was "Old Kinderhook" Van Buren and led to the signing of letters and notes with a simple click "OK." Finally, the term is transformed into its current meaning.

And finally, he was the greatest president? Lyndon Johnson was a tower of six feet four. The shortest? James Madison, who was exactly a foot shorter Johnson.

President Obama Signs Tax Cuts and Unemployment Insurance Legislation

Barack Obama Inauguration Day Schedule

barack obama inauguration day schedule
barack obama inauguration day schedule

Live TV News – The most exciting news

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Hearing set by default in the case of Obama's eligibility?

the judge asked confirmation that the second president of the reported cases. A California judge has scheduled a hearing July 13 in a case challenging the eligibility Barack Obama for President in which plaintiffs' counsel, Orly Taitz, said the commander is in default. "I have a very clear case" Taitz said. "I left the ball drop. Do not understand this case has filed Jan. 20, opening day. view and pageid = 101889 The above links are for those who doubt. Remember, he who laughs last laughs. Snopes laser was played by two people alone in a basement too. See blonde fierce behind Obama's eligibility requirements. spit on: Surviving the Soviet Union against the President of every American citizen

The media finds these things ... when his polls go to about 25%. That's when the sharks begin indirect. At this when it will really start to show that fustration.Just today.

Barack Obama in Inauguration Day - OATH

Barack Obama Inauguration Ball

barack obama inauguration ball
barack obama inauguration ball

Korto Momolu in Jewelry

Zoos reflux delicate red beans and gold dresses elegant, complex loop Tiffany necklaces are in the context of the monastery dresses discreet and subtle signs of the vibrant purple flower-prints, correcting color of wheat tip below the muted tones and lines structured stylist Korto Momolu clothing.

But Momolu, mahogany skin, fan favorite Liberian-born of the fifth season of "Project Runway is" becoming an application designer Indemand world and one of several fans everywhere still seems elusive.

Next week, increasing fame Momolu a backseat to Barack Obama tiffany bracelets unprecedented openness, as She and millions of others, make the pilgrimage to Washington, DC, for a historic transition of power from the United States more. But in the days before the election Obama preparing to present their collection at the International Ball, a gala full of celebrities and factions trendiest neighborhood and beyond.

"I'm sure I have the dresses, I'm having a more informal type of luxury clothing, is more informal, and a mixture he said. "Some have my traditional African as I usually do, then there will be rings Tiffany and handbags. "Momolu also provides what it calls a" classic "style of dance to open the first lady be Michelle Obama.

"Michelle looks like she is very simple, it's really annoying. She is a woman with curves. I have a very simple design that complements your shape and really only some of my pieces of jewelry with beads from Africa and some other accounts work, just to show some of her husband's property. "

After instillation of the presidential crisis and its own debut CD to the international dance Momolu continue to prepare a traditional garment of Liberia Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia leader after the president called on his services. Demand, however, was bitter for Momolu that, after living in Liberia, devastated by war and a child, again for the first time in more a decade.

"This is an incredible opportunity for [Johnson-Sirleaf] to even think of me. Is generally more traditional Africa traditional, what we call "country". I have not been home in 15 years and to be invited by the president of my country, Because of this show … The word has spread throughout the country, I have a great support. "

Momolu, mother, wife and a resident of Arkansas has also been confirmed as the featured designer in paris "Copy the runway" fashion show, which will forward them designs eclectic crowd of spectators in front of fashion, particularly young African-Americans who seek to form their own place in the inconstancy of competitive industry.

His advice for those who want to enter the fashion industry: "Finding outlets can improve their skills … Join other decisions shows, that's how I started in the area of Little Rock, "said Momolu. "Still not their game and never stay in one place. I'm still growing and remember nothing happens overnight."

Barack Obama Inaugural Ball: Interview w/ Les Nubians

Barack Obama Inauguration Speech Live

barack obama inauguration speech live
barack obama inauguration speech live

The New Era of Responsibility

I have been to the Promised Land….. Such an amazing phrase stated by Dr. Martin Luther King years ago in articulating his grand dream.  I can echo that phrase after attending the presidential inauguration in January – an inauguration that was more about the people than some might think.

As a young Canadian girl attending junior high school in the southern US, I was privileged to hear Dr. King speak that dream to us.  I “saw” the dream as he did and made a personal commitment in my life to help actualize that dream and I am eternally grateful to friends and colleagues who made it possible for me to be in DC as President Barack Obama took his oath – to physically be in the presence of the actualization of Dr. King’s dream.

Yes, Barack Obama, a face of those underrepresented historically, took his seat.  And, yes, his speech set a new tone.  Some have written their perspective of people embracing a leader who rose out of the crises in the US.  What I experienced in that day and days after was not a reaction to crises, but an embracing of creativity. The promise land I experienced on January 20, 2009, was more than one man, it was millions of people taking human dignity, basic goodness, and tapping into potential to a whole new level.

What did the Promised Land I experience look like?  People were in extraordinarily good spirits and random acts of kindness were everywhere.  Crowds on the Metro and people in the crowd on E and 10th Ave. going through security to get to Pennsylvania Avenue were clapping, cheering, laughing, chanting, praying and eager to strike up conversation with anyone.  Helping hands were everywhere and when people called out where they had traveled from, everyone would cheer.  Were there glitches – yes – large crowds, slow security and yet no glitch could dim the sheer exuberance and exhilaration of the day.

People related to each other in unity – in packed crowds we worked together to unite friends who got separated even if it meant putting them ahead of ourselves.  We treated each other with humor – with faith in human kind.  Everywhere was the graciousness of a smile; people moving together to get us on the subway; sharing of humor – a laugh; a glance of hope and acknowledgement; a helping hand to step over something.  Millions chose to tap into the peaceful transition of power happening on that day — so many people choosing to see themselves in that moment.

How does that continue – how do we move towards that Promised Land?  This is the new era of responsibility: should I choose, I have a responsibility to keep the dream alive!

That day I experienced my dream of a kinder, unified world – I keep that dream alive in my thoughts, imagination, words and actions – on a moment to moment basis.  I keep that dream alive by being outrageous enough to share my account of the day’s activities with you, by continuing to speak of that dream and seeing the exploration of peaceful transition of power – what that means to all of us – and above all actively dreaming it – not believing it when I see it, but seeing it until I fully believe it.

Early in my time working in human rights, I was sitting with a young African Canadian friend, the daughter of colleagues, and as we were playing a game, she told me that she wished her hand was white.  Today, I say — Not in my dream – that will not happen in my world – in my dream the creativity, unique brilliance and beauty that every child comes into this world with the courage and conviction to live is cherished and cultivated.

I see a world where we, as individuals, choose to articulate and live our dreams; A world where we honor and cultivate the dreams of others.  A world where we arrive and live our “unique differences.”  A world where we imagine, think, speak and act out of love for ourselves and others.  A truly collaborative world – we tune into the bigger, grander scheme of things – whatever we choose to call the God of our understanding – and choose to cultivate the brilliance in ourselves and others.

Each of us has the responsibility – if we so choose – to perpetuate and expand the energy of hope and optimism that was unleashed by Dr. King, followed by all those who chose to share and live that grand dream into being.  That hope and optimism was further actualized by all who acted to bring the “face of difference” in Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States.  The energy of “potential” does not reside in the energy of one man, as he suggests, it needs to be lived by individuals.   The invitation is to “show up” leading from our unique perspectives and talents – living our own “difference”.  It doesn’t cost anything to dream the dream, to be hopeful, to tell the new story – the amount of effort to get there is so small.

I have been working with leaders in the private and public sector and over the past few years I witness an exploration of shifting of power.  A commitment to work towards the blending of science and indigenous and community knowledge – truly collaborative organizational cultures – sustainable environments.  I am called to support leaders to lead in alignment – rebuilding trust in government, respect in teams, building vibrant and healthy organizational cultures and lives that work powerfully and effectively inside those cultures.

Our responsibility now is to dream whatever our improved version of life might be.  To dream it, contemplate it, share it, and catch up with its future potential experience.  To dream it and be certain we will live it.

Barack Obama Inauguration Timeline

barack obama inauguration timeline

Would Obama challenge the recommendation of the commander of military forces in Iraq?

And if so, under what conditions? Obama has zero knowledge of the situation in Iraq on the ground. Would Obama for their journey as postal services as a basis for decision making? The commander of U.S. forces in Iraq is not the idea of buying more and more popular a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops. General David Petraeus, the commander of Iraq, said in an interview with McClatchy that the situation in Iraq is too volatile to "project, and then processing plant a flag on a given date. "With violence in their lower levels of the war, politicians in both the U.S. and Iraq are more and more behind the idea of a timetable for departure. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was the first, suggesting that there would be combat troops home within 16 months Opening Day idea gave a major boost during his trip abroad Last week, when Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has expressed his support for this general schedule. Http: / /

Without a doubt!

Good Riddance or Good Luck, George W. Bush?