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‘Black People’ Problems are Personal Choices & Obama’s Fault, Says O’Reilly

‘Black People’ Problems are Personal Choices & Obama’s Fault, Says O’Reilly

“Bill O’Reilly opened his show Monday night by examining President Obama’s Friday afternoon speech on race and the Trayvon Martin case. O’Reilly began by say…

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams – Obama Gets Personal Addressing Grads

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams – Obama Gets Personal Addressing Grads

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams At his commencement address at Morehouse College, President Barack Obama tied Dr. Martin Luther King’s journey to his own struggles, NBC’s Lester Holt reports.
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U.S. President Barack Obama has made poignant and personal comments regarding the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, CBC’s David Common reports

U.S. President Barack Obama has made poignant and personal comments regarding the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, CBC’s David Common reports

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday called the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin a tragedy and said the boy’s parents are right to expect Americans will be looking at the incident “with the seriousness it deserves.”

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Politics Auckland University

politics auckland university

Auckland University

Tupuna Awa: People and Politics of the Waikato River

Tupuna Awa: People and Politics of the Waikato River


‘We have always owned the water . . . we have never ceded our mana over the river to anyone’, King Tuheitia Paki asserted in 2012. Prime Minister John Key disagreed: ‘King Tuheitia’s claim that Maori have always owned New Zealand’s water is just plain wrong’. So who does own the water in New Zealand – if anyone – and why does it matter? Offering some human context around that fraught…

2011 Taxes Due

2011 taxes due
2011 Taxes Due, Extensions, IRA

SELWESKI: Federal taxes on pensions are in place that pushes Snyder Senior Citizens Tax perplexed state and angry about Governor Rick Snyder plan to tax pensions are being hit with a double-whammy, as federal taxes on pensions quietly surged since January 1.
Where is my tax refund filed with the freedom January 22, 2011?

wonder if there's something wrong! My refund date was February 4 .. now changed to 22 February due to delays in processing without error code.received state taxes .. any letter from the IRS in mail.WHAT Where COULD BE LOL is my REFUND!

From what I gathered, many people are getting this same period and the message is taking his exams for a test shot further. If everything is as it should be, I would not worry about it. You will receive your money soon.

Taxes 2011 Due

taxes 2011 due
Tax Tsunami 2011 –

Property taxes to increase
Most Allen County homeowners will see their property taxes increase this year between 1percent and 13percent when tax bills are mailed next week, county Auditor Tera Klutz said.
taxes 2011 due
What is the current fiscal year due to the end of January 2011 self?

Sorry if this is a very naive question, but the self- owed to HMRC in late January 2011 – when the long years ago and that please? Thanks!

fiscal year April 6, 2009 to April 05 2010. self-assessment should be online by end January 2011

When Are 2011 Taxes Due

when are 2011 taxes due
Long Term & Short Term Capital Gains Tax Rate 2010, 2011

Letters: Social Security is solvent; Vermont has ‘zero value on life’
A few weeks ago a “news” column appeared in this newspaper which stated the “fact” that Social Security was failing, broke, bankrupt, due to the program paying out more than it was taking in. This was a serious misrepresentation of the condition of the program’s finances.
when are 2011 taxes due
How retirement lump sum (of financial hardship) to the assessment of tax payments?

I have access to $ 10,000 of my retirement, due to financial difficulties and I know they are going to tax me 21.5%, but that's what I wonder … 1) Do I have to declare to Centrelink (your power to pay my accounts), 2) taken as taxable Centrelink, and 3) when I do my taxes next July 2011, Will I be able to get some of that new tax (or going to go into the amount of taxes I have to pay?) Hope this makes sense.

no .. Centrelink does not care. is a lump sum payment. no income. u can tell .. but u can receive a good deal of money before they care about. ($ 300,000 ish I think). I have 2000 my super low economic difficulties … remained 21.5% of taxes. I was told not to return. i filed my taxes this year … and I have again the total amount remained. (430 ish) … i am hoping and praying I can get a payment t / day of my super. keep $ 49 020 from $ 228 000 for the tax. 21.5%. in etax … before i click submit for this year … I made a "one wishes … including 49,020 years … and I get back about 15 000 of this money. (That's about 30% of the tax that keeps the back) … I'm not sure if based on anything I have going … I'm in now dsp Centrelink. worked for half the year.

Barack Obama Tax Refunds

barack obama tax refunds
Wall Street: $33 billion in tax refunds

U.S. House cuts $ 61 billion of expenditure, expenditure cuts off historic businesses approved by the House U.S. officials have raised hopes for a government shutdown and ramped up public relations Blame Game.
I had $ 2,414.00 in income tax deducted from my paycheck?

When I submitted my tax return was $ 3,554.00 back in a refund check (with the earned income credit). So how Barack Obama lower my taxes? I am part of 95% say that lower taxes because, as my income does not exceed $ 250,000.00

You paid $ 2,414 to $ 3,554 received already received more than Nobody paid in taxes can reduce someone who isn't paying taxes because you did not pay a refund for the full amount and then some of Obama talking about people who receive nothing or very little later or those who have to pay more taxes on top of what they glean during the year.

Barack Obama Tax Deductions

barack obama tax deductions
barack obama tax deductions

What Obama means for my taxes?

With the current financial crisis and a new Director-General prepares to take the oath of office within 76 days, many of us are wondering what our new president will affect our taxes.

The Obama campaign's promise Elected Chairman of individuals, is that families earning less than $ 250 000 have not pay federal taxes. However, for families earning over $ 250,000, the tax changes proposed direct federal including:

  • The increase in tax rates on ordinary income – Turning the first two slices of the income tax to 36% and 39.6%, and the return of the personal exemption and deduction cuts detailed below 1990 levels.
  • Capital gains – Implement a new capital gains rate 20% higher.
  • The Dividends – excluding dividend income and set a new maximum rate of 20%.

Other issues of importance to individuals:

  • Alternative minimum tax. He proposed extending the 2007 Review and indexing AMT exemption for inflation.
  • Marriage penalty. It has been suggested to support making marriage penalty relief permanent.
  • Social Security taxes. We have proposed a payroll tax 4% (2% and 2% of the employees of the employer) in people with higher incomes.
  • Wealth tax. 'S proposal is that the exemption of property should be set at $ 3.5 million (7 million per couple) with a tax rate of 45%.

During his campaign, President-elect Obama also discussed many tax breaks and credits for middle class families. The availability of their proposals could be eliminated based on phase-out income for many taxpayers, but it has already been discussed many items including:

  • Make a tax credit for costs of work-refundable $ 500 for workers or $ 1,000 for working couples.
  • A deposit of $ 4000 American Opportunity Tax Credit to cover 100% of first $ 4,000 of qualified tuition.
  • Eliminating income tax for seniors earning less than $ 50,000 per year.
  • An increase the availability of the Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • The increase in tax benefits for child care.
  • Expanded tax credits for clean vehicles.

His proposals campaign business in corporate taxes as revenue collectors mentioned:

  • Clarify the doctrine of economic substance and reported an increase in capital gains to close the gap tax;
  • The repeal of rules for special expenses, benefits foreign tax credit and deductions for production of oil and gas;
  • Taxing carried interest income, and address the tax treatment of CEO compensation, and
  • Work with Congress to enact legislation giving the Treasury and other tools the IRS to prevent the use of international tax havens to evade tax undue or tax evasion.

President Elect Obama has also made the following promises about growth Small business creation and jobs in the United States:

  • Eliminate Taxes on capital gains for entrepreneurs and investors in small companies – Barack Obama has pledged to eliminate all tax on investment Small businesses and start-up.
  • Reducing corporate tax rates for businesses that create jobs in America – he promised to lower corporate tax rate for companies that expand or start operations in the U.S. to be financed by additional taxes on businesses that keep their foreign income.
  • Health Small Business Tax Credit – To help small businesses compete promised new health care 50 percent refundable credit a tax on employee premiums paid by employers.
  • Conduct R & D tax credit permanent – He pledged to do research and development tax credit permanent so that businesses can count on her to make decisions invest in domestic currency R + D over periods of several years.

The above represent positions tax announced by President-elect Barack Obama in his campaign. However, tax changes that actually occur during his term will depend on many factors, including management of our economy and taxes approved by Congress. So please, now take the advice of potential trends tax. However, if the above positions to you regarding your specific tax situation, transaction or considering a change, please contact your tax adviser and we will gladly LBMC work with you to resolve your problem.

Visit Page LBMC Tax Services website or contact us directly.

Is this an example of the kind of "change" that Obama supporters want?

The leaders of the presidential commission proposed a 3800000000000 dollar deficit reduction plan would reduce Social Security and Medicare, reducing tax rates and eliminate income tax exemptions including the mortgage interest deduction. The co-chairs appointed by the president Barack Obama has proposed to cut social security spending to increase retirement age to 68 years in 2050 and about 69 to about 2075. The plan also slow the rate at which benefits grow. The savings would come between 2012 and 2020. Ending Tax Deductions for mortgage interest, increase the retirement age, cuts to social security and Medicaid? Is this the change you want?

If Obama is the Obama supporters want – for better or for worse. The deficit Commission appears to have adopted the mistaken notion that taxes and revenues are a zero sum game – higher taxes produce more revenue, more often when the opposite is true. For example, surely no one that the proposal of the Commission for eliminate mortgage interest deduction would hurt the impact of housing (and possibly financial) market? Equally important, how this committee taken seriously if Obamacare sanctions, which not only is extremely unpopular with the American people but also largely equation charging the federal government budget? Many praise the commission "courage" in the proposal to reduce the federal deficit growing from 3.8 million in 2020 to an estimated growth of 7.7 trillion dollars. It's like an alcoholic with a pledge to reduce their consumption of two bottles of whiskey a day. Obama, who launched (and battery) of the commission as a strategy to Alinskyite Once the tables of Republicans on the issue of costs must be laughing all the way to the bank in the state. Did you know that three years ago – 2007 – deficit federal budget was only $ 161 000 000 000? So why do we welcome as prudent managers of our money grandchildren planning deficit of half a trillion dollars as the eye can see? Besides, no one can honestly believe that these projections are realistic reduction. One thing you can count is that government projections of the costs are still underestimated. o_O

Palin Warns New Mexico Voters About Taxes

Barack Obama Tax Return Copy

barack obama tax return copy

GOP Tea Party to both respond to Obama speech Barack Obama has been blamed for plunging the country into more debt in the Republican response to address, but distinct Tea Party message refers to divisions of the party.

Why Pres And Mrs. Obama file a paper return instead of filing electronically?

The President and Mrs. Barack and Michelle Obama had 65 pages (state and federal) of a hard copy paper documents, for their 2010 taxes (see -obama-2010-complete-return.pdf to confirm this.) Why not e-filing?

It was a complex return. They may have the required forms were not available for submission electronics.