The 2012 Presidential Election Fraud Already Begins!!!

The 2012 Presidential Election Fraud Already Begins!!!


Ben Swann does a reality check on voting machines involving Hart Intercivic, HIG Capital and what that means for the 2012 Presidential election in Ohio. Ben also explains that several HIG directors are former employees of Bain & Co. where Mitt Romney was CEO of the company before leaving in 1984 to found Bain Capital .

Four HIG Capital executives and supporters include:

Tony TamerPresidential 2012 Election Fraud Begins
John Balduc
Douglas Berman
Brian D. Schwartz

The “Project Everest Report says: “The researchers concluded that virtually every ballot, vote, election result, and audit log is ‘forgeable or otherwise manipulable by an attacker with even brief access to the voting systems.'”

Mark Dice points out the already existence of voter fraud happening in Ohio, North Carolina and Nevada with voters pointing out that there votes are being changed from Mitt Romney to Obama.  Mark also talks about the 2000 elections and the voting fraud that was proven then.

Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.Org does an interview on the Alex Jones show also pointing out the election fraud that has been going on for years and the ties into the Romney family investment into these voting machines.

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