Universal Health Care Democratic Debate 01-21-08

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards explain their proposals for Universal Health Care at the January 21st, 2008 South Carolina Democratic Debates.


  1. Obamas plan falls short. It is a full compromise for the republicans and the health care corporations and a burden on us. We (Liberals Progressives) wanted single payer just like medicare for all. Do you know how life insurance works? The mass amounts of healthy people paying into it offsets the death payouts. All insurance works this way at a profit. The healthy paying into it off sets the unhealthy. It works in every other country doing it.

  2. Um, I’m sure American’s wouldn’t mind the same system if they could experience it for themselves, rather than look at all the negatives. The positives outweigh the negatives for the majority. People won’t even go to hospital, because of the costs of an American hospital, where it is free upon entry at a UK hospital.

  3. Occupy Banner! Peter, a former New York taxi cab driver, has made it big in the health care industry. Now making $1,300.00 an HOUR managing his NON-PROFIT health care corporation, Peter can easily buy a new car for CASH after working only 12 hours. An American dream comes true! How do your wages compare? Data is based on compensation figures that are public information. Internal Revenue Service, tax year 2009, DLN# 93493316013240. Employer ID 45-0233470

  4. All Talk, No Action

    This video should be shown on every television network. We need to remind the American people what a deceiver obama really is. How can we make this happen? This video is a must see.

    All Talk, No Action

  5. Um, I’m sure the NHS is popular in the UK, because most in the UK don’t know that America actually has it better. Most probably assume that it is the best they can get.

    In America, you won’t find conservatives criticizing social security and medicaree very often because they are popular, even though they are in crumbles financiallly…

  6. Search for ‘NHS better than American healthcare’ in the Telegraph (a right-wing newspaper) and tell me the NHS is in “crumbles”.

    I am proud to live in a country where people can access healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. America needs to lose it’s fear of anything vaguely ‘socialist’ as it is far from perfect across many areas.

  7. Well, it may seem “immoral” to you. But, I would rather live in an immoral system with up to date technology and quick access to top notch cancer care than a “moral system” with waiting times and out of date technology. I think it is immoral to have only 44.8% of men survive cancer… (when it is much higher in a country that does medicine very differently, even if you think it is immoral)

  8. It is not in “crumbles”, and although not perfect, the NHS is vastly superior to your unethical healthcare system. Americans boast about living in the ‘land of the free’. Land of the ‘held hostage by medical corporations’ sound more realistic.

  9. Those statistics are all the most recent ones. The 60% of Doctors saying that people suffer from long waits from Diagnostic tests was from the Commonwealth Fund in 2007. The other statistic about cancer survival is from Lancet Oncology in 2007.

  10. The UK Health Care System is in crumbles. 60% of UK doctors say that people suffer long waiting times for Diagnostic tests. Cancer survival rates are far higher in America than they are in the UK. For example, American men have a 66.3% survival rate for all cancers. In England, the number is 44.8%. A stark difference…

    Single Payer Health Care Systems are like the old Soviet… everything is free, but there are chronic shortages, outdated technology, and long waiting times…

  11. You’re just throwing anything in the mix and making a hell of a mess. Stick to the main point and you’ll come across clearly. You see no reason why people who need medical care and can’t afford the premiums should get treatment on par with those that can afford the premiums. The UK where I was born & Canada where I’ve lived have medical coverage for all but their systems are completely different. See my point yet? The US system would be unique to them.

  12. Instead of telling me what u think I mean- why not just tell us what u mean cos so far you’re just quoting a disproved theorist or quoting Glenn Beck et al whether you know it or not it. Every business I’ve ever worked in or owned had to be planned down to the smallest point, banks like that, business plans are really important. Go run a small business and then your comments may carry some weight.

  13. Instead of quoting Glenn Beck et al why not tell us what your understanding is of the public healthcare proposals- ‘cos your “facts” make NO sense and it’s obvious you are either confused or purposely misrepresenting the facts and why would you do that? It’s time to spill the beans dab and just say what we suspect that you just hate the idea of one penny of “your money” going anywhere but to pay off your credit card & yet still expect your trash to be picked up and cops on call.

  14. Okay, you made a statement that really doesn’t make any sense- what exactly do you mean by Socialized Medicine? 

  15. that’s so true but enough of the electorate can’t see the wood for the trees- meaning they listening to a lot of gossipy propaganda from the right-winger and don’t seem to be able to work out exactly why the politicians are against a proposal that would benefit the poorest in their society – it’s the corporate payouts that the pols receive that buy their votes. Americans like to comment on corruption in other countries but most are unable to see it right under their noses.

  16. Coming from the UK, I disagree with you but I fully respect your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to debate this issue, you’re one of the few on Youtube who replies intelligently.

  17. I just don’t personally agree that a basic human right such as accessible free healthcare should be marketised. However, I respect your opinion and thanks for taking the time to debate this issue with me. You’re one of the few Youtubers who reply intelligently to comments.

  18. Americans have to decide for themselves what healthcare system they want – it is impertinant of me to lecture you on what is ‘right’. However, from my experience as a British citizen, our system saves lives and makes the UK healthier than other countries.

  19. I appreciate that in America some of your government run hospitals may be of a poor standard but this is not the case in the UK. Our system is not perfect, granted, but I am proud to live in a country where people do not die because they cannot afford basic care. Americans often state that they live in the ‘land of the free’. Land of the ‘held hostage by medical corporations’ sound more realistic. You need to get over your irrational fear of anything that appears vaguely ‘socialist.

  20. The fact of the matter is, our entire economy is not centralised as was the USSR, so your argument about the Soviet Union doesn’t count. The UK is in debt but out government’s deficit reduction package is cutting public expenditure – the NHS is safeguarded however, because our government place people’s lives first. Americans still fail to grasp that the medical companies only aim is to make profit and not to provide accessible medical care for all.

  21. America needs universal healthcare. Wake up and realise that the NHS is, although not perfect, a much fairer and better system.

  22. The USA’s health care system is a joke. Third World nations have better health care. The question everyone asks is how to pay for it? Cut military spending, do away with the tax breaks for the rich and stop giving HMOs free reign. Regulate the health care industry now. These bastards owe the US people a lot of $ due to their shady pratices.

  23. US health system is ranked in the bottom 7 of all industrialized countries: Google it.Rush says nationalized Health care’s Nazism. So Australia is Hitlerville for its Medicare system? Rush has demented logic.I’ve lived in Australia most of my life & it works.My autistic son would ‘t be the bright well adjusted boy he’s today without it.As all people join it’s cheaper & you get more than private.You can still go get private luxury extras if you want.Don’t fear what you don’t know.

  24. Eventually Obama had to include Hillary’s mandate on his plan, other than that he really delivered what he promised. I checked different debates on healthcare and there was nothing ever said about the public option, so the guy pretty much delivered what he wanted, with one element from Hillary’s plan.

  25. Ameritards, in general, are one of the most undisciplined when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. I see so many people every day who are basically immobile, the sole reason appears to be they are FATBUCKETS. Also the amount of people in this country who abuse drugs/alcohol/food, has to be one of the highest in the world. Maybe the government should encourage insurance companies to give BIG discounts to their insured clients, for meeting certain health markers (weight, bp, nonsmoker,etc).

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